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20 Best Halloween Destinations in The World

As Halloween is approaching, you might be wondering what are some of the world’s best destinations to spend this unique holiday. So, whether Halloween is one of your favorite holidays or you’re just a fan of quirky, dark tourism destinations, in this post, you’ll find some of the best Halloween destinations in the world. We cover places that have a rich Halloween tradition, host popular Halloween festivals, and places that are just spooky which makes them a great fit for a Halloween vacation (if you’re brave enough, that is).

Salem, Massachusetts

salem best halloween destinations in the world

Speaking of the best Halloween destinations in the world, we just can’t forget about Salem. During the entire month of October, the whole city is in “Halloween mode” and the whole place is riddled with “haunted events” throughout the month. There are parades, costume competitions, Halloween cruises, a lot of ghost tours for visitors, and much more. In addition to this, there are also some other interesting sites to visit like the Salem Witch Museum and the House of Seven Gables.  

Spooky locations in Salem

Chambers of Terror

Witch Mansion

Joshua Ward House

Salem Witch Village

The Burying Point

Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery

Halloween tour ideas in Salem

Salem “Hocus Pocus” Movie Locations Walking Tour

Dark stories of Salem

Mysteries and murders of Salem

Salem voodoo, vampires and ghosts tour

Salem witch trials tour

Savannah, Georgia

savannah georgia

In case you didn’t know, Savannah is actually considered to be one of the most haunted cities in the country. There are many things that attract dark tourism enthusiasts to Savannah throughout the year which makes this city a great fit for this list of the best Halloween destinations in the world. There are many walking ghost tours in Savannah that are very popular among visitors with the most popular one probably being the ghost & gravestones trolley tour.

Spooky locations in Savannah

The Factors Walk

Graveface Museum

432 Abercorn

Wright Square

Moon River Brewing

The Marshall House

Halloween tour ideas in Savannah

Creepy crawl night walking tour

Savannah Ghost city, dead of the night tour

Savannah ghost walking tour

Savannah haunted pub crawl

Uncensored zombie night (18+)

Thinking of visiting Georgia? Then you should also check out our list of hidden gems in Atlanta and our ultimate list of haunted places in Atlanta.

Reading, Pennsylvania (Shocktoberfest)

shocktoberfest reading

Aside from being declared the poorest small city of America in 2011, Reading is also famous for hosting one of the most amazing Halloween festivals in the country- the iconic Shocktoberfest. Initially, it started as a single hayride, grew into a large “horror park” that attracts scare-seeking visitors from different parts of the world. Judging by the ratings, this is one of the top-rated horror attractions in the United States. Some of the festival’s main attractions feature a zombie safari tour, a massacre scare zone, laser tag with zombies, and much more!

Spooky locations in Reading

I couldn’t find any destinations in Reading that are supposedly haunted but the Shocktober Festival is a reason enough to visit if you ask me.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans best halloween destinations in the world

New Orleans is supposedly one of the most haunted cities in the US and a perfect candidate for our list of the best Halloween destinations in the US. Spending Halloween in New Orleans is a great idea, not only because of the city’s haunted places, interesting parades, and voodoo magic history (there’s even a whole museum dedicated to this) but also because New Orleans is one of the most charming cities in the country.

Spooky locations in New Orleans

The Mortuary Haunted House

The Haunted Hotel

Beauregard-Keyes House

Nightmare Haunted House

Payne-Strachan House

New Orleans Voodoo Museum

Halloween tour ideas in New Orleans

New Orleans #1 Haunted Ghost, Voodoo, & Vampire Tour

Haunted pub crawl

New Orleans haunted history tour

NOLA Killers and Thrillers tour

Independence, Kansas


Independence is a quirky town in the southeastern part of Kansas. It’s the only town in the US that celebrates Neewollah when everyone else celebrates Halloween (in case you didn’t get it, Neewollah is Halloween spelled backward). The town commemorates Neewollah every year with a vibrant festival that lasts for 10 days. This includes parades, costume contests, music, and a lot of quirky local traditions, including the annual chilli cook-off. If you’re looking to try something new this Halloween, Independence might be a great choice. 

Spooky locations in Independence

Vaile Mansion

Bingham-Waggoner Estate

1859 Jail, Marshal’s Home & Museum

Sleepy Hollow, New York

sleepy hollow best halloween destinations in the world

Located roughly an hour away from New York City, Sleepy Hollow is a vibrant town that sure knows how to celebrate Halloween. Around this time of the year, Sleepy Hollow transforms from a picturesque small town in the Hudson Valley into a vibrant festive city with a lot of Halloween-related activities and events. The most famous celebration in Sleepy Hollow is the Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze where you can see thousands of grinning, scary-looking pumpkins light up in the night. Oh, and did I mention that Sleepy Hollow is home to the legend of the Headless Horseman?

Spooky locations in Sleepy Hollow

Philipsburg Manor

Old Dutch Reformed Church

Washington Irving’s Home

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Horseman’s Hollow

The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

Washington Irving’s Sunnyside

Williamsburg, Virginia

williamsburg va

Colonial Williamsburg is one of the most charming historic cities in the US but the city also has another unique side that comes out every Halloween. As a city with a rich history, you’ll find many scary stories about Williamsburg, from the first witch hunts to some of the most haunted properties in the country. There are many interesting ghost tours in Williamsburg with the most famous ones being Haunting on DoG Street and The Ghosts Amongst Us.

Spooky locations in Williamsburg

Brick House Tavern

Peyton Randolph House

Howl-O Scream

The Wren Building

Witch Trials

Halloween tour ideas in Williamsburg

Williamsburg ghost tour

Beyond the shadows of Williamsburg

Ghosts, witches, and pirates tour

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga Halloween

Chattanooga is often featured as one of the best Halloween destinations in the world and there’s a good reason for that. The city is mostly known for the Chattanooga Choo Choo but it’s also home to a handful of haunted sites, with the most famous ones being the Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern, the Dread Hollow, and the Winnepespookah. In addition to this, there are also a lot of ghost stories related to Chattanooga, and the city’s dark side is successfully covered in some of the many local ghost tours.

Spooky locations in Chattanooga

The Read House

Chickamauga Battlefield

Hales Bar Dam


Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern

The Dread Hollow

Halloween tour ideas in Chattanooga

Murder & Mayhem- Haunted history walking tour

Chattanooga cemetery ghost hunt

Bloody Bones Smartphone Escape Game of Chattanooga

Isla de la Munecas, Mexico

Isla de la Munecas

All of the cities we covered in this post so far have a Halloween spirit but el Isla de la Munecas gives the word ‘scary a new meaning’. This Mexican island is one of the most haunted islands in the world and its history is rather curious. Back in the 1950s, the only resident of this island was a man named Julian Santana Barrera. One day, he found the body of a little girl at the shore. Supposedly, the girl’s ghost kept haunting Julian, and to please her, he started hanging dolls from every single tree he could find on the island.

There are stories of people who visited the islands claiming that the dolls move and whisper in the night. To make everything even scarier, years after discovering the girl’s body, Julian drowned himself on the same spot where he found the body.

Spooky locations in Isla de la Munecas

I’d say the entire island, are you brave enough to visit it?

Oaxaca, Mexico

oaxaca dia de los muertos

If you want to experience something new this Halloween, why not head to Mexico and celebrate Dia de los Muertos? Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday in which people welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion. This holiday shares the same roots with Halloween but it’s an entirely different holiday with celebrations across Mexico that last for 3 days.

The best place in Mexico to experience Dia de los Muertos is probably Oaxaca, a city known for having the biggest Dia de los Muertos celebration in the world. For this day, the entire city turns into a massive fiesta. However, keep in mind that this is a religious (and important) traditional holiday and should not be treated as a tourist attraction.

Spooky locations in Oaxaca

Post Mortem Chapel


Oaxaca Cemetery

Historic Center of Oaxaca

Halloween tour ideas in Oaxaca

Paths of Mezcal

Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Halloween

Dublin is one of the best places to celebrate Halloween in Europe. After all, let’s not forget that Halloween originated in Ireland. The predecessor of Halloween was an ancient Celtic holiday known as Samhain. Throughout the years, the holiday evolved into Halloween that we know and love today but going back to the roots of a holiday is always a nice experience.

Every year, across Ireland, you’ll find an exciting atmosphere for Halloween, and Dublin hosts one of the liveliest celebrations of this holiday. There are many parties and festivals devoted to Halloween and Irish people sure know how to celebrate (as you already may know).

Spooky locations in Dublin

St Audoen’s Church

Hellfire Club

Malahide Castle

The Shelbourne Hotel

Corkagh Park

Ardgillan Castle

Halloween tour ideas in Dublin

Dublin dark side walking tour

Dublin ghost tour

Halloween in Ireland

Meath, Ireland

meath ireland halloween

Another great Halloween destination in Ireland is the town of Meath, the place where (according to historic sources) Halloween (or Samhain) originally began. The town itself isn’t very spooky and doesn’t have many places you might call haunted but the atmosphere in Meath during Halloween is a reason enough to visit. Meath is also one of the rare cities in Ireland that combines the Halloween celebration with traditional elements of the ancient festival of Samhain. This is arguably the largest Halloween festival in Ireland with an equal balance of scary night events and good old-fashioned festival fun.

Derry, Northern Ireland

derry halloween

Even though technically another country, Northern Ireland is connected to the ancient festival of Samhain as much as Ireland. The most prominent example of this is the city of Derry. Derry is one of the rare cities outside of the US to be dotted as “the best Halloween destination in the world” by USA Today (2015). The locals of Derry are crazy about Halloween and the festivities and celebrations are even crazier. Every year, the festival in Derry is even bigger than the previous year with more international visitors as time passes by. So, if you’re looking for a place to celebrate Halloween outside of the US, Derry is one of the best Halloween destinations in the world.  

Spooky locations in Derry

Springhill House


Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh halloween

Edinburgh is another major European city that hosts fabulous Halloween parties and is home to some of the most haunted places in Europe. In addition to this, Edinburgh is also the capital of Scotland and one of the most beautiful historic cities on the Old Continent. Similar to Irish people, Scottish people also have a history of celebrating Samhain and incorporate traditional elements of this festival into their Halloween celebrations which is another reason to visit Edinburgh during this time of the year.

Spooky locations in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle

Mary King’s Close

The South Bridge Vaults

Greyfriars Kirkyard

The Banshee Labyrinth

Halloween tour ideas in Edinburgh

World-famous underground ghost tour

Fright night tour

Haunted vaults and graveyards tour

Paranormal tour of Edinburgh

London, England

london best halloween destinations in the world

Next, we have London, the capital of the UK and one of the most visited cities in Europe and the world. It’s a city with a bloody past, many haunted sites, spooky backstreets, and memories of one of the world’s most notorious serial killers, Jack The Ripper. In addition to all this, Halloween in London is always accompanied by a vibrant atmosphere, incredible parties, parades, and plenty of mystery and ghost-related attractions.

Spooky locations in London

Hampton Court Palace

Theatre Royal

Bruce Castle

The London Dungeon

Queen’s House

Sutton House and Breaker’s Yard

The Ten Bells

The Spaniards Inn

Halloween tour ideas in London

Jack The Ripper walking tour

Ghastly ghost walk

London infamous murders walking tour

The alleyways and shadows of Old London

Limoges, France


In addition to Limoges porcelain and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, the city of Limoges is also famous for being the best place in France to experience some Halloween magic. In general, Halloween isn’t a big deal in France but Limoges is an exception. The city embraced the Halloween spectacle in the 1990s, organizing its first Halloween celebration in 1996 and the rest is history. Today, this is the biggest celebration of Halloween in France with a plethora of festivities, events, fairs, streets shows, costume and storytelling competitions, and more than 50,000 visitors.

Transylvania, Romania

transylvania best halloween destinations in the world

What kind of list of the best Halloween destinations in the world would this be if we didn’t include Transylvania? Aside from being one of the most scenic regions of Romania, Transylvania is famous for its dark history and the famous legend of Count Dracula that originates from here. In Transylvania, you can find many ancient scary-looking castles, villages that seem to be frozen in time, many fascinating stories, and much more.

Halloween as a holiday isn’t a very big deal in Romania but what better way to celebrate it than through a one-of-a-kind, creepy experience in the “vampire stronghold” of Europe. If you want to spend your Halloween at some of the scariest locations in the world, consider visiting Bran Castle, Rasnov Fortress, Teleki Mansion, and the notorious Hoia Baciu Forest (a supposedly haunted forest where several UFO sightings were spotted according to witnesses).

Spooky locations in Transylvania

Hoia Baciu Forest

Bran Castle

Poemnari Castle

Rasnov Fortress

Bucegi Mountains

Sinca Veche

Gugu Peak

Corvin Castle

Teleki Mansion

Halloween tour ideas in Transylvania

Exploring the haunted Hoia Baciu Forest

2-day Halloween tour of Transylvania

Private 6-day Dracula tour

7-day Halloween trip to Transylvania

Prague, Czech Republic

prague at night

Prague is another great Eastern European city that you should consider for next Halloween. Like most other European countries, Halloween in Prague isn’t celebrated with as much enthusiasm as in the United States but Prague is an up-and-coming Halloween destination with its unique atmosphere, mysterious Old Town, numerous ghost stories, Gothic architecture, and many supposedly haunted sites.  

Spooky locations in Prague

Houska Castle

The Begging Skeleton of the Karolinum

Kinsky Palace

Old Town Square

St. James Church

Josefov (Old Jewish Quarter)

St. Agnes Convent

Mala Strana


Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital

Halloween tour ideas in Prague

Scary Prague walking tour

Prague ghosts and legends tour

Prague witch tour

Night in a haunted hotel- back to Middle Ages

Oravsky Hrad, Slovakia

orava castle

If you’re looking for a less touristy version of Prague or Transylvania for your next Halloween adventure, you may want to consider Slovakia’s Oravsky Hrad. Oravsky Hrad or Orava Castle is a spooky-looking castle built on top of a high rock next to the bank of the Orava River. This castle was used for the shooting of 1922 horror classic Nosferatu, one of the scariest movies of its time and a pioneer in the horror movie niche.

City of the Dead, Russia

Dargavs city of the dead

At a glance, the Ossetian commune of Dargavs looks like a charming village but once you get there, you’ll see that there’s something wrong. Each one of the beautiful houses is actually a tomb for entire Ossetian families. If you take a walk around the village and peek inside the houses, you will easily spot piles of skeletons.

According to local historians, these “tombs” date to a couple of hundred years ago when the village was affected by the plague. Many people died and in desperation some people just stayed in the family crypt waiting for their own death, knowing no one will be around to bury them.

This is where the nickname- City of the Dead comes from. Today, Dargavs is cut off from the rest of Russia located on a three-hour drive from the nearest living settlement. Obviously, Halloween is not celebrated there and tourist infrastructure is poor, but if you want to visit a scary place for Halloween, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Did you ever visit any of these places? How did you like this list of the best Halloween destinations in the world? Do you think there are a few other places we should add to our list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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