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Philippines Travel Hacks


The Philippines are famous for its divine islands, there’s a lot more to see. From the urban jungle of Manila to beautiful rainforests and nature reserves and exotic, finger-licking good street food, the Philippines is a country where you will never get bored. In this section of our website, we’ll share some important Philippines travel hacks and things you should know before visiting.

Basic Information About the Philippines

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Philippines is home to 100 million people. Around 32.9% and 29.5% of the total population consists of  Visayan and Tagalog . The main minority ethnic groups are Moro, Ilocano and others.

Official Language

The official language is Filipino and English.

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Philippines’s official currency is the Philippines Peso (currency code PHP). One Euro/USD is equal to roughly 53-50 PHP. 


With a territory of 300,000 square kilometers. Philippines is 22nd the largest country Asia. The Philippines is an archipelago, making it the 5th largest island country in the world it has 7,641 islands. the Philippines has maritime borders with China & Japan (the west), Vietnam & Taiwan (the west), Malaysia & Indonesia (the south), and Palau (the east).

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The Philippines has five types of climates: tropical rain forest, tropical monsoon, tropical savanna, humid subtropical and oceanic with two season the wet season and the dry season.

Economy & Budget

Philippines is developing country with a mixed economy. It is the 13th largest economy in Asia. Backpackers can survive with around $30 per day, while mid-range travelers spend between $50 and $70 per day on average.

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Manila is the capital city of the Philippines with a total population of 1.78 million.

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