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India Travel Hacks

assi ghat

I spent one year in India, mostly living in Delhi, but I also traveled around a lot. And traveling is the world’s greatest teacher. I spent a year in a completely different environment from anything I ever saw before. I went through thick and thin and I grew a lot as a person and India turned out to be a great teacher. Are you planning a trip to India soon? Well, you’re in the right place! I spent a year living in India, going through thick and thin. That means you’ll find a lot of helpful India travel hacks & tricks here.

Basic Information About India

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India is home to 1.3 billion people, making it the world’s second-most populated country. 

Official Language

The official languages are Hindi and English but there are 22 state languages and hundreds of different local languages.

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India’s official currency is the Indian Rupee (currency code INR). One Euro/USD is equal to roughly 82-75 INR. 


With a territory of 3,287,263 square kilometers, India is the 7th largest country in the world. India shares its borders with Pakistan in the west , China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh in the east and with Sri Lanka in the south.

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India has an extraordinary variety of climatic regions and the nation’s climate is strongly influenced by the Himalayas and the Thar Desert, ranging from tropical in the south to temperate and alpine in the Himalayan north, where elevated regions receive sustained winter snowfall. 

Economy & Budget

India is a developing country with a mixed economy. Backpackers can survive with around $15-20 per day, while mid-range travelers spend between $40 and $60 per day on average.

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New Delhi is the capital city of India with a total population of 21.7 million .

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