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Iceland Travel Hacks

Iceland travel tips

Iceland might not have legendary historic sights, temples, statues or abbeys. Sometimes, Iceland doesn’t even have sunlight. But whatever Iceland lacks, it makes up for it with an abundance of steep-sided fjords, breathtaking glaciers, moonlight lava fields, and of course, northern lights. Are you planning to visit Iceland soon? Check out our Iceland articles to get some helpful Iceland travel hacks and suggestions (from a local) before your trip.

Basic Information About Iceland

reykjavik things to know before visiting Iceland


Iceland is home to 364,260 people. Around 89% of the total population consists of ethnic Icelandic . The main minority ethnic groups are Polish and Lithuanian.

Official Language

The official language is Icelandic. 

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Iceland’s official currency is the Icelandic króna (currency code ISK). One Euro/USD is equal to roughly 156-142 ISK. 


With a territory of 102,775 square kilometers, Iceland is the 17th largest country  in Europe.  Iceland is an Island country located at the junction of North and Arctic Ocean, it is closer to the continental Europe than to North America, and even more closure to Greenland, yet it is consider a part of Europe because of culture, history and political reasons.

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iceland landscape


Iceland has a subarctic climate with with four different seasons. The winters (December-March) regularly have temperatures between 0°C to -14°C while the summers are mild with the average temperature ranging between 10 and 25 °C.

Economy & Budget

Iceland is a developed country and one of the most richest country in the world. The average monthly income is 490,000 ISK per month (3.138 Euros), making Iceland  a relatively expensive country to travel. Backpackers can survive with around $65-75 per day, while mid-range travelers spend between $100 and $120 per day on average.

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things to know before visiting Iceland


Reykjavik is by far the largest municipality in Iceland and as well the capital city of the country.

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