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Georgia Travel Hacks

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Georgia is probably the most unique country I’ve seen in my life. The most impressive part about Georgia is that they managed to preserve their identity despite the strong influence from their mighty neighbors, Russia and Turkey. Georgia isn’t quite European, nor is it Asian. That’s why I say Georgia is a country like no other. Are you planning to visit Georgia soon? Check out our articles Georgia travel hacks to get some helpful information and suggestions before you visit.

Basic Information About Georgia

planning a trip to georgia


Georgia is home to 3.7 million people. 86% of the total population consists of ethnic Georgians. The main minority ethnic groups are Azerbaijanis, Armenians and others. 

Official Language

The official language is Georgian, one of the few languages that does not belong to any group.

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Georgia’s official currency is the Georgian lari (currency code GEL). One Euro/USD is equal to roughly 3.4-3 GEL.


With a territory of 69,70 square kilometers, Georgia is the 121st largest country in the world. Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region. Situated at the juncture of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it borders Black Sea to the west by the,Russia to the north, by Turkey and Armenia to the south, Azerbaijan and to the east.

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Georgia has a humid subtropical climate which is influences from the west and continental influences from the east. Georgia has four different seasons Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter.

Economy & Budget

Georgia is an upper-middle income country with a mixed economy. Backpackers can survive with around $30 per day, while mid-range travelers spend between $50 and $70 per day on average.

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Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia with total population of 1 million.

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