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How to visit London on a budget?

No trip to the United Kingdom is complete without visiting its capital London. Whether you’re visiting England for a week, a month or even a year, London will likely be your first or one of the main stops. Here, you can see some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Buckingham Palace (the home of the Queen of England), Big Ben, and a whole host of other famous attractions in this incredible city. Not only is it a great place to visit in its own right, but it’s also the perfect base for exploring the rest of the British Isles. However, there’s a catch.

With a long list of interesting things to do, London is one of the world’s most visited but also most expensive cities, and it can be eye-wateringly expensive when planning a visit here. But it doesn’t have to be! In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how to visit London on a budget.

Hopefully, these money-saving tips will make it easier for you to plan your trip and really make the most of the British capital! There are also lots of affordable vacation rentals in London which will be mentioned below for you to relax after every adventure on your vacation.

Oyster Card/Tap on Tap off Source

oyster card

The London Underground has been running since the mid-19th century and it’s one of the oldest and most reliable public transport systems in the world. And aboveground, you’ve got those iconic red buses! Both of these are excellent ways to get around the city and see all the attractions on your itinerary. However, don’t make this mistake that many tourists do! Buying a day or week pass can be very pricey, and it’s likely you won’t use its value. Instead, get yourself an Oyster card. You can use it on the Tube, buses, and trains, and it’s available from any underground station. Sometimes, this halves your spend and it’s got a daily cap. If all that’s not enough, it helps you skip the queues too!

Cycle around the sights

london bicycles

The underground may be famous and iconic, but it’s not like you can see a lot from deep down under the British capital. Prefer to take things at a more leisurely pace and discover the city yourself? How about taking a bike? The Santander Bike scheme (also known as Boris Bikes, from his time at London Mayor), allows locals and travellers to navigate their way across London from as little as £2. On a summer’s day, there’s nothing better than cycling through London’s many parks or along the gorgeous canals, before stopping off for a well-earned pint!

Visit the free museums

london museum

London has some of the best museums in the world – they’re absolutely world class. And what’s even better? So many are free! The Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, and the Victoria and Albert are all open 7 days a week, and they’re completely free! You can see dinosaurs in the Natural History, and incredible art in the V & A. There are many more free attractions in London too – walk along the Thames to get a look at the London Eye and the iconic Big Ben. On the South Bank, you’ve also got the Tate Modern, one of the leading art museums in the UK. And you guessed it, it’s free!

Window Shopping

lovat lane

London is one of the best shopping cities in the world. It’s got everything from designer boutiques and famous department stores to bargain-basement souvenir stores. Harrods is one of the most iconic luxury stores in the world, while Fortnum and Mason sell the most indulgent food and drink. Both of these are frightfully expensive, but it costs nothing to window shop! And taking a look around these stores is a must – they’re an attraction in themselves! Of course, when you want to pick up souvenirs, it’s best to get them slightly out of the main tourist areas by the way. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying a fortune!

Eat out at markets

borough market

Just like shopping, London is an incredible place for eating out too. There are 70 restaurants with Michelin star restaurants, but they’re probably a little out of the reach of your average budget traveler. Instead, it’s a good idea to search out variety. Several markets serve food from across the world – one of the best can be found on a Sunday in Brick Lane. With food from all corners of the globe, you can sample Japanese gyoza, African curries, and South American Arepas, while still having change from a £10 note! And we can’t mention markets without a journey to Camden – it’s the biggest market in town and it’s open every day. Yup, that’s right, you don’t have to visit London for Christmas to see picturesque street markets. As well as delicious street food, you can get lots of other goods at reduced prices! 

Hunt for budget accommodation


London might be a 24-hour city, but most people need to take a break and bed down for a while. Central London is awash with five-star hotels, and the prices will make your eyes water! Thankfully, there are lots of alternatives. First of all, hostels. There are 6 hostels in the center of London run by the Youth Hostelling Association, and countless more private-run establishments which offer both dorms and private rooms. If hostels aren’t your favorite thing, then head a little out of the city center to zone 2 or 3 – easy to access on public transport. There, you can find Vrbo properties at reasonable prices – either private homestays with locals, or your own entire flat.

Visit the parks

kew garden lonodn

Last but not least, let’s talk about the city’s green spaces. London has more than 3,000 parks which cover almost 1/5 of the city – that’s more than all the roads and railways combined! It’s a great way to escape from the bright lights and hustle and bustle of the city. You can really disconnect for a little while! Head to Hampstead Heath to see parakeets and muntjac deer or catch a performance at Regent’s Parks’ open-air theatre. St James’ Park is right by Buckingham Palace and it’s always a treat seeing the local pelicans, which were brought here during the 17th century. With the park being free of charge, you can definitely stretch your budget to an ice cream or a refreshing drink!

Free Walking Tours

london walking

Most cities have free walking tours, and that’s great. However, London really goes above and beyond! There are ghost tours, Jack the Ripper Tours, royal tours, Harry Potter tours, and street art/graffiti tours. And the best bit? They’re all free! You’re sure to find a free walking tour to suit you as you visit London on a budget! And that’s not the only free thing you can find in London. There are a lot of free things to do for all age groups from senior citizens to families traveling with a baby.

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And while we’re at it – more free stuff! 

london change of guards

There really is no end to what you can do to visit London on a budget. We’ve already covered free walking tours, parks, and free museums. But if you’re really committed to visit London on a budget, here are just a couple more free options for you!

  • Ride the singing elevator at the Royal Festival Hall
  • Watch the Changing of the Guard
  • Recreate the famous Beatles’ album cover at Abbey Road
  • Explore the Olympic Park
  • Check out the Kyoto Japanese Garden in Holland Park
  • Hear poetry and challenging speakers at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park

How to find cheap flights or trains to London

visit london on a budget train

If you’re travelling from another part of the UK, you won’t need to fly to London. The easiest way to get around is by train. However, trains in the UK can be eye-wateringly expensive! The best way to keep the cost of your tickets down is by checking out the Trainline or Red Spotted Hanky. Train prices in the UK are much cheaper if you purchase in advance, so don’t leave it to the last minute. You’ll absolutely have to visit London on a budget as all your money will have gone on your tickets!

And what not to do when you visit London on a budget

carnaby street

Last of all, when visiting London on a budget there are a few things to know so you don’t needlessly throw money away. Although it’s known for food and offers cuisines from every corner of the globe, don’t eat out for EVERY meal. That’ll get really expensive! Instead, cook in your hostel kitchen or in your vacation rental. Also – make sure you get your tickets in advance if you are going to visit paid attractions. Being turned away won’t affect your budget, but it might put a dampener on your trip! And remember, you can get passes which will save you time and money when booking paid attractions.

Helpful resources to visit London on a budget


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So, now that you know how to visit London on a budget, you probably feel a bit better about your upcoming trip.

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visit london on a budget
visit london on a budget
london on a budget


Tuesday 3rd of March 2020

I have no idea that the Natural History Museum is free. That's great to pair with the Science Museum. The free walking tours are also wonderful. That alone will take at least 2 days I guess. Great deal from London.

Passport Symphony

Wednesday 4th of March 2020



Monday 2nd of March 2020

London is an expensive city so it's great to know these budget tips! I love cycling so seeing London on the bike would be ideal for me. Also, I'd definitely love to join free tours, especially the Harry Potter ones. I love visiting museums as well, and the free ones capture my attention.

Passport Symphony

Monday 2nd of March 2020

Thanks, glad you liked it.


Monday 2nd of March 2020

London has always been on my bucket list but never got a chance to visit this beautiful place. I have always heard of it being very expensive city but never knew there are so many free / in-expensive things to do there. Thanks for sharing this blog as it is very helpful for first timers like me

Passport Symphony

Monday 2nd of March 2020

Great to hear that, Aareeba.

Adele Gee

Sunday 1st of March 2020

This comes as very timely advice since we will visit London next month. Great highlights about free things to do. I personally love the museums, I will often do that on rainy days. What a great distraction and free too! One thing you are right for sure, the accommodations are pricey, especially in central London. The efficient tube system is the saving grace to be able to stay further out to save some pounds. So the Oyster card is a great tip.

Passport Symphony

Sunday 1st of March 2020

Great to hear that Adele. Hope you have a great time in London.


Saturday 29th of February 2020

Travelling to london can be expensive and some aspects are a bit pricey i can say for sure as I live here and hear that often from visitors. Using the underground and buses can save you money for sure vs using taxis. If you want a more healthy option then the bicycle hire is a good option as well. A lot of the museums in London are free to go so you can visit these and save money as well. Overall some top tips on how to save money on your trip to london.

Passport Symphony

Sunday 1st of March 2020

Great to hear that, Amar. Especially since you live in London.