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17 Scary Haunted Places In Atlanta For A Spooky Experience

Atlanta is a vibrant metropolitan city with a very diverse tourist offer; as corny as it may sound, the city truly has it all, from an exquisite culinary scene and historic attractions to lush surrounding nature and off-the-beaten-track places in Atlanta. But in this article, we’ll focus on something else; we’ll cover the most popular haunted places in Atlanta for a scary experience and tell you everything you need to know before visiting.

Sounds interesting? Let’s dig in…

Helpful Tips For Exploring The Haunted Places In Atlanta

1.    Research the History: Before you visit any haunted location in Atlanta, take some time to research its history. Knowing the stories and legends associated with each site will enhance your experience.

2.    Visit at the Right Time: Many haunted places have specific times when they are said to be most active. Plan your visits accordingly to increase your chances of experiencing something spooky.

3.    Respect the Sites: Remember that many haunted locations are historical sites or private property. Always be respectful and follow any guidelines set by the site.

4.    Stay Safe: Exploring haunted places can be thrilling, but safety should always come first. Travel in groups and let someone know where you’re going.

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Bulloch Hall

Bulloch Hall

Bulloch Hall is a historic antebellum home in Roswell, built in 1839 famous for being one of Atlanta’s premier haunted hotspots. The house is infamous for its spectral residents, who apparently didn’t get the memo that the party’s over. The main star of the ghostly show is the daughter of the house’s original owners. Legend has it, she loved this home so much that she decided to stick around. Forever. Visitors and staff have reported seeing her wandering the halls, dressed in her 1800s best, probably wondering why everyone’s wearing jeans.

Rhodes Hall

Rhodes Hall atlanta

Rhodes Hall, often referred to as ‘The Castle on Peachtree’, is another gem in Atlanta’s haunted crown. The mansion was built in 1904 and it’s one of the most prominent Gothic architectural marvels of Atlanta. The main spectral resident is said to be the original owner, who seems to be sticking around to make sure his beloved home is taken care of. Visitors and staff have reported seeing his ghostly figure wandering the halls, probably critiquing the modern décor.

Barrington Hall

Barrington Hall

This list of haunted places in Atlanta couldn’t be complete without Barrington Hall, a stately home in Roswell built in the 1840s that has the kind of old-world charm that could either be in a historical romance or a spooky ghost story. The most famous ghostly resident is said to be the original lady of the house. She’s been spotted doing what any spectral lady of leisure would do – wandering the gardens and occasionally peeking out of the windows. It’s like she’s keeping an eye on things, making sure the tourists are behaving but that’s not all; visitors have also reported hearing the sounds of children playing – in an empty house.

The Ellis Hotel

The Ellis Hotel haunted places in atlanta

Venturing into the Ellis Hotel in Atlanta is like stepping into a scene from a mystery novel, where you half expect a ghostly butler to take your coat. The hotel, which has seen its share of history, reportedly has a few ghostly guests who’ve checked in but never really checked out. It’s the kind of place where you might start believing in room service from the other side.

The most talked-about spectral occurrence is from a tragic fire that happened when it was the Winecoff Hotel. Guests and staff have reported smelling smoke when there’s no fire, hearing disembodied voices, and even seeing apparitions in the hallways. It’s like some of the victims of that fire decided to stick around, maybe because the afterlife has a no-smoking policy. The elevator seems to have a mind of its own, stopping on floors with no one waiting. It’s either a technical glitch or a ghostly passenger who can’t remember their room number.

The Highland Inn

The Highland Inn atlanta

Nestled in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood, The Highland is a charming historic inn and one of (supposedly) the most haunted places in Atlanta. The tales from this inn include mysterious footsteps in empty hallways, doors that close on their own, and even the occasional sighting of apparitions. One of the most talked-about specters is a woman who appears in the hallways, often described as looking confused, as if she’s lost her room key or maybe just pondering the mysteries of the afterlife. And then there are the unexplained noises – those bumps in the night that make you pull the covers a little tighter.

Former Village Inn Bed & Breakfast

Having a previous life as a Civil War hospital, this is one of the oldest historic inns in Atlanta. The talk of the town (or the ghost-hunting community, to be precise) is about the spectral residents who apparently decided to extend their stay indefinitely. There have been reports of ghostly figures seen wandering the halls, probably reminiscing about their vacation days. Having in mind its history, it’s likely that a lot of people died here during the world but visitors have also reported a few encounters with ghostly figures and a lot of unexplained noises throughout the years.

Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

This list of haunted places in Atlanta couldn’t be complete without the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse, a staple of Atlanta’s cultural scene since the 1980s that has developed a reputation for being a hotspot of paranormal activity. The ghostly repertoire here includes mysterious footsteps when the stage is empty, lights flickering for no apparent reason (ghosts apparently love to play with light switches), and the eerie feeling of being watched when you’re alone in the audience. It’s like being in an immersive theater experience, but you didn’t sign up for the ‘ghost audience’ feature.

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Masquerade Nightclub

masquerade haunted places in atlanta

The Masquerade is like if ‘Night at the Museum’ was set in a club but with ghosts instead of historical figures. Originally a mill in the 1890s, this building has been through a lot, including fires and reconstruction, making its walls a repository of history and, apparently, ghostly residents. The air here is charged with more than just electric beats. Staff and club-goers alike have reported strange occurrences that can’t just be blamed on the DJ’s smoke machine. 

There are tales of mysterious figures seen flitting through the crowd, which vanishes when you try to get a closer look. One of the eeriest spots is the club’s basement, known as ‘Hell’. People have reported feeling an unexplained chill down there, and it’s not just the air conditioning.

The Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre atlanta

The tales from The Fox Theatre are as dramatic as its shows. There’s the story of a woman who supposedly fell to her death in the 1940s. She’s now known to make her presence felt by gently pushing people in the back, probably critiquing their theater etiquette.

Then there’s the ghost of a Confederate soldier, often seen roaming the balcony. It’s like he got lost on his way to a reenactment and decided to catch a show instead. Visitors and staff have also reported strange occurrences like unexplained footsteps, doors opening and closing on their own, and elevators moving between floors with no one inside. It’s like the theater has its own special effects department run by ghosts.

The Wren’s Nest

The Wren’s Nest

This list of haunted places in Atlanta couldn’t be complete without the Wren’s Nest. The Wren’s Nest is Atlanta’s own historical nugget with a side of spookiness. Originally the home of Joel Chandler Harris, the famous author known for the Uncle Remus stories, it’s now a museum that seems to be a magnet for ghostly tales. Visitors and staff have reported all sorts of eerie happenings. We’re talking mysterious sounds, like footsteps when there’s no one else around, doors creaking open as if inviting you to explore, and the occasional unexplained voice.

The most famous ghostly resident is said to be Harris himself. Some say they’ve seen him, or at least a shadowy figure resembling him, roaming his old study. Maybe he’s checking in on his legacy, or perhaps he’s just looking for a quiet place to write.

Foster Thomason Miller House

Foster Thomason miller house

Located just a bit north of Atlanta, the Foster Thomason Miller House is a house from the 1800s that has seen its fair share of history, and it seems some of its past residents are reluctant to leave. 

Staff and visitors have reported seeing apparitions in period clothing, giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘vintage fashion’. It’s as if the ghosts are stuck in a time warp, still attending the parties of yesteryear. One of the spookiest spots in the house is the upstairs area. People have reported feeling sudden drops in temperature, hearing unexplained footsteps, and even encountering ghostly figures.

Beverly Hills Inn Apartments

Beverly Hills Inn Apartments

This charming historic inn turned apartment complex is known for two things; its beautiful architecture and for being one of the most haunted places in Atlanta. The building was initially built as an Inn in the 1920s but was later turned into a chic apartment complex. Throughout the years, there have been tales of ghostly figures seen wandering the halls, perhaps former guests who enjoyed their stay a bit too much. One of the most eerie experiences guests and residents have reported is the sound of mysterious footsteps and muffled conversations in empty rooms.

Meadow Nook

Meadow Nook

Built in 1856, this is one of the city’s oldest homes, and it seems some of its former residents might be overstaying their welcome, ghost style. There have been whispers of apparitions seen wandering the grounds and hallways. It’s like the spirits are having a perpetual garden party, and the living are the uninvited guests. The most notable spectral sighting is of a Confederate soldier. Maybe he’s still pondering over General Sherman’s tactics, or perhaps he just can’t get over how much Atlanta has changed.

Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery atlanta

Dating back to 1850, the Oakland cemetery is one of the most famous graveyards in Atlanta and the final resting place for many of Atlanta’s historical figures. However, according to local whisper, it seems a few of them aren’t too keen on resting in peace. The cemetery is famous for its beautiful Victorian-style tombs, well-decorated mausoleums, and Gothic ambiance that couldn’t help but make me feel like I was in a classic ghost story. There have been numerous reports of spectral sightings, from shadowy figures lurking among the tombstones to mysterious lights that seem to float through the air with one of the most spine-tingling tales being one of a Union soldier wandering around the cemetery, looking lost. 

Murder Kroger

Murder Kroger

This particular Kroger market, located in Atlanta is infamous for its rather grim history including a series of violent crimes that occurred in and around the premises over the years, most notably a murder that took place in the parking lot in the 1990s. The most spine-chilling aspect? Some shoppers and employees have reported feeling a sense of unease, a chill that can’t be attributed to the freezer section. It’s as if the past refuses to be forgotten and lingers in the air like a persistent fog.

Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia

Opened in 1967, the Six Flags Over Georgia is one of Atlanta’s most popular amusement parks with a slightly dark side. The park’s ghostly lore centers around a few spots, but most notably, the old Crystal Pistol Music Hall. Staff and visitors have reported strange occurrences like lights flickering, props moving on their own, and eerie sounds – the kind that can’t be attributed to the usual park mechanics. And then there’s the story of a little girl ghost, often seen near the carousel. She seems to be having the time of her afterlife, playing around the ride…

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

We conclude this list of haunted places in Atlanta with The Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, one of the most important historic places in the region but also one of the most haunted places in Atlanta. It’s famous for the pivotal role it played during the Civil War battles in 1864 but also for being a hotspot for those looking to encounter the supernatural. Visitors and park rangers have reported all sorts of eerie experiences including the sounds of phantom gunshots and marching, and even the occasional disembodied shout. The most chilling reports come from the area around Cheatham Hill, known as the ‘Dead Angle’, which saw some of the fiercest fightings during the war. 

How did you like our list of haunted places in Atlanta? Do you know of any other such locations? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

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