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19 Most Haunted Places In San Francisco That Will Give You The Creeps

In the vibrant heart of San Francisco, where trolley bells chime and the iconic Golden Gate stands tall, there exists an enigmatic allure often whispered about—the most haunted places in San Francisco that may scare you (or at least, give you the creeps). Beyond the city’s famed hills and historic piers, there’s a mosaic of ghostly tales winding through dimly lit alleyways, grandiose mansions, and secluded park corners. With a storied past spanning the Gold Rush to the tumultuous earthquake of 1906, San Francisco has cultivated a spectral side as riveting as its postcard views. For those intrepid souls with an ear for the ethereal, the city’s phantoms are ever eager to share their undying tales.

The Mystique of San Francisco’s Past

san francisco hills

With its fog-kissed bridges and streets echoing the tales of beatnik poets, there’s an undeniable air of enchantment that winds through the city’s streets. But beyond the tram rides and Golden Gate sunsets lies a layer of the city often whispered, rarely shouted. You see, for every hipster café serving avant-garde espresso, there seems to be a shadowy corner, a house, a theater with stories that send a tingle down the spine.

The city’s history isn’t just gold rushes and tech booms; it’s a tapestry interwoven with tales of the ethereal, of spirits who decided to make the Bay their forever home (or did they?). So, if you’re into dark tourism, sit back and relax and join us on a journey to discover the most haunted places in San Francisco.

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Tours For Exploring Haunted Places In San Francisco

If you’re looking for a fun tour of San Francisco’s haunted locations, check out this historic ghost tour or this ghost haunting walking tour. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of pub crawls, you’ll like this Ghosts, Boos, and booze tour. Lastly, if you just like exploring places on your own this audio tour of haunted places in San Francisco will be a great option for you.

19 Most Haunted Places In San Francisco

Now that we covered some basics, without further ado, let’s get to the most important part of this article- the most haunted places in San Francisco.

Alcatraz Island

alcatraz island

We’re starting this list of the most haunted places in San Francisco with Alcatraz (which is also one of the best things to do for solo travelers in SF). Even the name, whispered softly, stirs an eerie echo. Set in the midst of San Francisco’s ever-shifting waters, this rock emerges more as a relic of ghostly tales than a mere island. It’s not just the relentless waves that crash against its stoic walls but decades of stories, of inmates whose spirits perhaps never received the memo of their release.

Roaming its cold, echoing corridors isn’t just an afternoon’s stroll. No, my friend, it’s a dance with history, a tête-à-tête with tales that can send the bravest into a jittery jitterbug. And, as the evening fog curls its fingers around this former penitentiary, one can’t help but wonder: is that a guard’s shadowy figure in the watchtower or simply a trick of the twilight?

The Queen Anne Hotel

The Queen Anne Hotel

No, it’s not just another regal name from a fairy tale book; it’s San Francisco’s own slice of old-world charm with a generous side of whispered secrets. Picture this: a grand, sprawling Victorian-era mansion nestled among the city’s urban beats, almost as if time stopped for a quick cappuccino and forgot to move again.

But before you lose yourself to the majestic chandeliers and plush carpets, there’s a slight… how do I put it? A peculiar guest you might bump into. Miss Mary Lake, the hotel’s original mistress, is said to roam its halls, forever attached to Room 410. Don’t fret, though. She’s more the ‘tuck you in’ kind of spirit than the ‘hide-under-your-bed’ specter.

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The Whittier Mansion

The Whittier Mansion

Now here’s a place that isn’t just a San Francisco residence but an opulent narrative in bricks and mortar. Standing tall, an architectural marvel of its time, you’d think it’s just another address flashing its vintage charm amidst the city’s modern hum. But, lean in closer, my friend. This is not just any tale of ornate chandeliers and artful cornices.

Whittier Mansion has whispers—whispers of a bygone era, of decadent parties, and, if rumors are to be believed, of a few permanent guests who refuse to check out. William Franklin Whittier, the original master of the house, may have left the world of the living, but some say he’s quite the lively spirit in the mansion’s vast corridors.

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The Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel

This list of the most haunted places in San Francisco couldn’t be complete without the Palace Hotel. At the heart of San Francisco, this isn’t just a mere stopover for weary travelers but a grand stage where history plays out its most riveting acts. From Presidents to rockstars, its opulent rooms have cradled stories that newspapers only dreamt of printing.

Yet, amidst the clinking of champagne glasses and the rustle of ballroom gowns, there lingers a silent guest – the specter of President Warren G. Harding, who took his final breath within these very walls. While the official account speaks of natural causes, whispered corridors murmur of mysteries unsolved…

The Curran Theatre

The Curran Theatre

Amidst the urban tapestry of San Francisco, this isn’t merely a stage where actors emote, but a realm where the city’s pulse beats with drama, rhythm, and an extra touch of the ethereal. Positioned just off Union Square, it might seem, at first glance, like another stop in a city dotted with iconic places. But lean in, and you’ll find that its vintage walls hum with stories that surpass any script. While the actors take their bows and the audience applauds, there’s a timeless performer who’s never left. A young usher from days gone by, who, rumor has it, still roams the aisles, perhaps ensuring you’ve found your seat or just lost in her own encore.

Stow Lake In Golden Gate Park

haunted places in san francisco

Stow Lake, nestled within the embrace of Golden Gate Park, is more than just a tranquil oasis in the bustling heart of San Francisco. Now, don’t get me wrong, by day, it’s all swan boats and picnickers enjoying sandwiches. But as the mist descends and the city’s famous fog wraps its tendrils around the trees, one could argue that the lake takes on a… shall we say, deeper dimension?

Legend murmurs of a ghostly White Lady, a mother forever in search of her lost child. It’s the kind of tale that gives you a slight shiver, even on a sunny day. A reflection not quite right on the water, a whisper amidst the rustling leaves – Stow Lake keeps its secrets well, sharing them only with those curious enough to listen.

Columbarium Of San Francisco

Columbarium Of San Francisco

Speaking of haunted places in San Francisco, we can’t forget about the city’s columbarium. Not just a mere resting place, but an intricate tapestry of stories, memories, and whispered legacies. Tucked away in a quiet Richmond district corner, this neoclassical dome has seen more sunrises and sunsets than any of us can fathom. And yet, it’s not the majestic architecture that draws whispers, but its silent residents.

Among its gleaming niches, tales float of a spectral presence, one adorned in a dapper suit, thought to be a former caretaker. Is he still watching over the place he once tended to with utmost care? Or perhaps he’s simply not ready to leave such an architectural marvel? Whether you’re drawn by the promise of history or the allure of the unknown, a visit here is akin to thumbing through a novel where some pages seem to flutter on their own.

The Sutro Baths Ruins

haunted places in san francisco

The Sutro Baths Ruins, perched dramatically at San Francisco’s cliff-hugged coast, are more than mere crumbling structures forgotten by time. Once a beacon of opulence, where waters danced and high society mingled, these ruins now play host to a different kind of waltz – one of time, tide, and tales whispered by the winds.

It’s said that, amidst the ghostly pools and echoing chambers, you might just sense the faintest hum of a bygone era—a splash out of place, a shadow that moves just a tad out of sync with the setting sun. While tourists come to snap a memory, some leave with more questions than photos. Was that a hint of laughter from decades past? Or the distant strains of an orchestra playing? The Baths, though in ruins, remain very much alive with stories, forever on the brink of sharing their secrets. If you’re willing to listen, of course.

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The Presidio’s Ghostly Soldiers

The Presidio's Ghostly Soldiers

The Presidio, with its sprawling greens and historical gravitas, isn’t just a relic of San Francisco’s military past. Oh no, it’s also the backdrop for tales that’d give even the sternest sergeant a moment’s pause. Between its timeless buildings and winding trails, stories tell of spectral soldiers forever on duty, their uniforms faded but intentions clear.

They’re relics of a time when honor, duty, and perhaps a dash of adventure held the day. As you saunter amidst the Presidio’s ancient trees, you might feel a brisk, phantom salute or the faintest echo of a bugle call. Are they mere tricks of the mind or echoes from epochs past? The Presidio remains tight-lipped, offering up its stories only to those with an ear for the ethereal.

The USS Hornet in Alameda

USS Hornet museum

Venture a tad beyond the famed haunted places in San Francisco, and you’ll find yourself anchored before the formidable silhouette of the USS Hornet in Alameda. Having seen wars and warriors, her decks now play host to shadows that don’t quite match the visiting tourists. Whispered tales speak of phantom sailors, forever on duty, their footsteps resonating through the metallic maze.

Perhaps it’s the weight of history, or maybe, just maybe, a few old souls who’ve found the vastness of the ocean too enchanting to leave. As you explore its grandeur, that uncanny sensation of being watched isn’t just your imagination running wild.

The Hotel Majestic

The Hotel Majestic

A stone’s throw from the well-trodden paths of San Francisco, The Hotel Majestic stands – an architectural gem that’s seen eras come and go, with each leaving a trace, a whisper, a secret. Behind its regal facade lies a tapestry of tales, some delightful, some… a tad mysterious. Whispers float about a lady in Edwardian attire, drifting through hallways, seemingly in search of a time lost or perhaps a rendezvous missed.

As you tuck yourself beneath the plush sheets, don’t be too startled if the faint rustle of an age-old gown or the softest hum of a bygone lullaby wafts through the air. At The Hotel Majestic, the past doesn’t just linger; it waltzes, it dreams, it beckons.

The Sir Francis Drake Hotel

The Sir Francis Drake Hotel

Standing tall, almost guarding the heart of San Francisco, The Sir Francis Drake Hotel is a testament to times gone by—its chandeliers shimmering with both light and tales. Now, you might stroll in, lured by its luxurious facade and impeccable service, but linger a bit, and there’s an undercurrent of stories that not every guest checks out with. The bellmen in their red coats will tell you about the lavish parties of yesteryears, but what about the mysterious lady in red?

Ah, she, they say, has never quite left. Perhaps it’s the allure of the grand ballroom or the murmur of the city below that keeps her dancing through the corridors, her presence felt in a fleeting scent or a soft echo of laughter.

Fort Mason

haunted places in san francisco

Beyond the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the bustling streets, perched on San Francisco’s northern coast, Fort Mason stands—its bricks and mortar seemingly soaked in tales of yore. The fort is a mosaic of military might, artistic endeavors, and if you lean in closely, murmurs of the unseen. Stories are traded in hushed tones about figures walking the docks, soldiers perhaps, still waiting for ships from wars long ended. As the fog rolls in, wrapping the fort in its cold embrace, one can’t help but feel the weight of countless untold stories.

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The San Remo Hotel

The San Remo Hotel

Stepping through The San Remo’s entrance is akin to flipping back the pages of a weathered, enchanting novel. Now, while its brickwork and vintage charm might allure you, it’s the ethereal residents that have become the stuff of whispered legends.

From the soft footsteps in vacant hallways to a serenade from unseen lips, San Remo is more than just a hotel; it’s a theater where the past mingles with the present. Each room, they say, holds a tale, waiting for the right ear to listen, the right heart to feel. So, as you nestle into its embrace, keep an ear out. The San Remo, with its secrets and stories, might just share a whispered secret or two.

Pacific Heights Mansions

Pacific Heights Mansions

In the heart of San Francisco, where streets are painted with tales of old and new, the Pacific Heights Mansions stand, each a grand symphony of elegance and era gone by. Walking here is like taking a waltz through time; the grand facades whispering tales of lavish soirées, hidden love notes, and… a dash of the mysterious.

Beyond the ornate gates and immaculate gardens, rumor has it that there are rooms where time stands still, corridors echoing with laughter from yesteryears, and grand ballrooms that may still host a phantom waltz or two. It’s not just the fog that lends these mansions their ethereal aura; it’s the tapestry of tales spun by those who’ve passed through their doors.

Mission Dolores Cemetery

Mission Dolores Cemetery

In the pulsating heart of San Francisco, where the modern meets the age-old, lies the Mission Dolores Cemetery—a hushed sanctuary of stories and silences. As the city bustles beyond its borders, within these sacred grounds, time seems to hold its breath.

Now, this isn’t just any resting place, dear traveler. It’s where the city’s earliest denizens slumber, their tales interwoven with the very soil. Whispered legends float amongst the tombstones—of spectral figures, fleeting shadows under the moon, and murmured prayers that rise in the dead of night. Here, history doesn’t just lie beneath; it lingers in the air, waiting for a patient ear, a kindred spirit.

Atherton Mansion

Atherton Mansion

In a city known for its stories as much as its skyline, the Atherton Mansion stands apart—a grand relic, echoing with whispers from a time draped in opulence and intrigue. Nestled in San Francisco’s elegant embrace, this mansion is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s a repository of tales, both poignant and puzzling.

Visitors often speak of footsteps in moonlit halls, of silken gowns rustling without a breeze, and of quiet sobs breaking the stillness of the night. It’s not merely the tales of old that lend Atherton its haunting charm, but the lingering presence of those who once called it home, now seemingly unwilling to depart its sumptuous confines.

The Moss Beach Distillery

The Moss Beach Distillery

Just a whisper away from San Francisco, where the Pacific murmurs age-old tales to the cliffs, The Moss Beach Distillery sits—a beacon of stories soaked in salt, spirit, and a sprinkle of the supernatural. At first glance, it might beckon as just another charming seaside retreat, a haven to warm your bones against the ocean’s chill.

But linger over a drink, let the evening tide roll in, and you might just encounter the fabled ‘Blue Lady.’ A spectral beauty, they say, who’s chosen to make the distillery her eternal haunt. Maybe it’s the lingering notes of jazz from bygone eras, or a love forever anchored to its rugged shores.

The Old Clunie House in Golden Gate Park

Old Clunie House

Last but not least, we wrap up this guide to the most haunted places in San Francisco with The Old Clunie House, a residence brushed with both time’s patina and the whispers of days gone by.

It’s not just the age-worn bricks or the ivy-clad facade that draws one in, but the tapestry of tales that seem to flutter from every window pane and creaking floorboard. Visitors often speak of a timeless aura, a feeling of being watched by eyes from a bygone era. Can you hear it? The soft strains of a piano, the muted laughter from a long-past soirée. This isn’t just another historic edifice in the heart of San Francisco; it’s a portal, a bridge between yesteryears and today.

Did you like this list of haunted places in San Francisco? Would you dare to visit any of them? Do you know of any other spooky places in San Francisco? Feel free to share your suggestions in the questions below.

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