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15 Things To Do In Sotogrande For A Perfect Vacation

In a small and special corner of the Campo de Gibraltar region, this quiet tourist hotspot emerges. The place has been privileged with anonymity, important sporting events, and some excellent tourist offers that provides visitors and inhabitants with an environment that is full of peace and tranquility. From beautiful beaches and amazing nature to whale-watching, horse riding, and other luxurious activities, this small Spanish coastal town has a lot to offer. If you’re planning to visit soon, keep reading; here are the best things to do in Sotogrande.


Sotogrande is a part of the San Roque municipality and its famous for its golden sand beaches and crystalline waters. Sotogrande has approximately 3,000 permanent inhabitants, but during the holiday season, the population easily exceeds 12,000 people. Most of these people are repeat visitors who appreciate the luxurious yet discrete nature of Sotogrande.

Torreguadiaro Beach

sotogrande beach

We start of this list of things to do in Sotogrande with one of the most visited beaches in town. Torreguadiaro Beach is famous in all corners of Spain for its spectacular views and the fine, golden sand mixed with tiny pebbles, which has earned this beach the nickname Playa de las Conchas (beach of the shells). The beach is around 60 meters wide and has a wide range of entertainment options for visitors.

Alcaidesa Beach

Alcaidesa Beach

Unlike Torreguadiaro, Alcaidesa Beach lies somewhat off the beaten track. This gorgeous beach stands out above all others as it offers one of the most natural and rustic environments in the region. It is one of the cleanest beaches and also has a special section reserved for nudist visitors.

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Cala Sardina Beach

Cala Sardina Beach

Speaking of exciting things to do in Sotogrande, we just have to mention Cala Sardinia. Despite the increased waives of tourists throughout the year, Cala Sardinia is one of the few (still) truly-pristine beaches in the area. It has fine dark sand and is considered one of the most isolated beaches in Sotogrande and Southern Spain. The beach’s isolation is probably the main reason it’s known among locals beach as Playa El Cabrero (Goatherd Beach).

Sotogrande Beach

Sotogrande Beach

If you’re looking for a beach where you can take a long walk, rest and enjoy the spectacular view, Sotogrande Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches you can come around in this part of Spain. Since it’s one of the most popular beaches in the region, there are a lot of private masseurs around and you can get a good relaxing massage while soaking in the sun for a very good price.

Roman Baths

roman bath sotogrande

If you ever get tired of Sotogrande’s gorgeous beaches, you can always get away from the crowds and go relax in the city’s ancient Roman bath. Just 13 kilometers away from Sotogrande’s center, you’ll find Banos de la Hedionda; a divine Roman bath hidden in the forest between Sotogrande and Malaga. The bath is located in a white building near a forest stream. The roman bath experience complements Sotogrande’s beach perfectly and it’s bound to make your vacation even better.

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Natural Park Of The Acorns

natural park acorns

If you want to go on a day trip and get away from Sotogrande’s scorching summer heat, definitely consider visiting the Natural Park of the Acorns. It can be reached in around 40 minutes driving from Sotogrande. This natural park spreads across more than 170,000 hectares and it’s known as the ‘virgin forest of Europe due to its untouched nature. If you like outdoor activities, you’ll come around a lot of hiking trails around and it’s also a great, peaceful destination for camping enthusiasts.


Sotogrande Polo

Personally, I’m not a polo fan but if you’re in town, you should check out the Santa Maria Polo Club. It’s one of the most important, and most prestigious polo clubs in the whole world. The club was founded in the 1960s but has since grown in reputation and it’s been attracting thousands of polo enthusiasts for years. I know this might sound strange to you (at least if you’re like me) but a lot of people come to Sotogrande with their main goal being to attend the prestigious annual competitions held in Santa Maria Polo Club.

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Castillo De Castellar De La Frontera

Castillo De Castellar De La Frontera

Castillo de Castellar de la Frontera is a fortified historic village that dates back to the 13th century. So, if you’re a history lover, this is one of the most exciting things to do in Sotogrande. You can take a walk along the cobbled streets of Oldtown Castellar and discover some of the oldest Andalusian traditions. Castellar’s strategic location also means you’ll get an amazing view of the local towns of Casares, Gaucin, Sierra de Bermeja, and even the Rock of Gibraltar.

Food Options In Sotogrande

Sotogrande food

Despite the activities and things to do that Sotogrande offers to visitors, it also has a very vibrant food scene. A lot of people visit the coastal town because of the distinctive dishes that are part of the local cuisine. There are a lot of great food options in Sotogrande, whether you’re looking for local, continental, or even Asian food. If you’re like me and want to taste local food while traveling, definitely try:

  • Some tapas from the local street food vendor;
  • Seafood dishes like tataki tuna, fish stew, and Galician oyster from Cerveceria Mara;
  • Beef cuts manicured in green turf at Ayala Polo Club;
  • The best local traditional delicacies at La Cabaña;
  • Amazing local soups at La Terraza de Teo;
  • The best pasta in the region at Inboca;
  • Local street food delicacies at Torreguadiaro.

Cycling And Mountain Biking

sotogrande cycling

Imagine winding trails that snake through the lush Andalusian countryside with each turn revealing new breathtaking vistas, from the azure embrace of the Mediterranean Sea to the rugged allure of the nearby mountains. And all of you extroverts out there, don’t worry, exploring Sotogrande’s gorgeous landscapes doesn’t have to be a solitary affair; you can instead join the local bicycle club and even make a few new friends along the way.

Tennis And Padel

sotogrande tennis

In addition to being a polo haven, Sotogrande is also a popular tennis/padel destination. At the heart of this racket-loving community is La Reserva Club Sotogrande with state-of-the-art facilities and a tennis academy that caters to all levels. What sets Sotogrande’s tennis and padel scene apart is not just the quality of the courts but the vibrant social life that revolves around them.

Maritime Things To Do In Sotogrande

sotogrande boat

Diving into the maritime delights of Sotogrande offers an array of activities that blend adventure with the serene beauty of the Mediterranean. Real Club Maritimo: At the heart of Sotogrande’s water-based activities is the Real Club Maritimo, a watersport center located in the luxurious Sotogrande Marina. You can also check out the sailing school in Sotogrande (awesome architecture by the way), and even try some watersports like paddleboarding, kayaking, kite surfing and wakeboarding.

Play Golf

golf sotogrande

Playing golf in Sotogrande is an elevated experience that combines the grace of the sport with the natural beauty of Andalucía. Sotogrande is famed for its world-class golf courses, like the Real Club Valderrama which hosts the Ryder Cup and numerous PGA championships, La Reserva Club, and the Almenara Golf Club.

Day Or Weekend Trips

Gibraltar rock

Not only is Sotogrande an exciting summer holiday destination but it’s also a short drive away from some of the most famous resort towns in the region. The city is located in the southern part of Spain and from here, you can easily take day trips to Malaga, Ronda, Nerja, and even Gibraltar. If you decide to take some of these road trips you can even go for…

Whale And Dolphin Watching

sotogrande whales

Finally, we round up this list of things to do in Sotogrande with some whale watching opportunities which is probably a part of your Spain bucket list. Nothing can turn a great vacation into an unforgettable one like an encounter with the largest mammal on our planet. As mentioned above, Sotogrande is only a short drive away from Gibraltar and Tarifa, which happen to be two of the best whale-watching destinations in the region.

Accommodation In Sotogrande


Being the established resort town that it is, Sotogrande has some great luxury resorts but a lot of option for budget travelers as well. There are also some very nice high-quality hostels (great for young solo travelers). Hence, it’s no surprise that you can find accommodation options that fit anyone’s budget; accommodation prices in Sotogrande vary from $25 to $750 per night. If you want to stay at a luxurious hotel without breaking the bank, use this booking discount code to save up to 25%.

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Did you ever visit Sotogrande? Did you like this list of things to do in Sotogrande? Would you say it’s a good summer holiday destination? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Wednesday 17th of February 2021

Torreguadiaro is well known for tapas. I'd like to mention Sotogrande has probably the best golf courses in the country including a Ryder cup host Valderrama gold club

Passport Symphony

Sunday 7th of March 2021

Thank you for your comment, Antoni. I agree, Sotogrande's golf courses are unmatched, I'd say no other city in Spain comes close when it comes to this.


Saturday 17th of August 2019

I must admit this is the first time I hear of Sotogrande and sounds like a true gem! The beaches look lovely, especially Torreguadiaro. What intrigues me most though is the possibility to see whales and dolphins, it's always such a fascinating experience!

Passport Symphony

Monday 19th of August 2019

Thank you, Val, I'm glad you liked it.

Sandy N Vyjay

Thursday 15th of August 2019

Sotogrande seems to be one of the lesser-known treasures of Spain. The beaches are absolutely gorgeous and the Natural Park of Acorns an ocean of greenery. Polo is another thrilling attraction of the place. In short, the place seems perfect for a family getaway.

Passport Symphony

Friday 16th of August 2019

Sotogrande sure is one of the lesser-known treasures of Spain! I hope you get the chance to visit someday, Sandy

Kavita Favelle

Wednesday 14th of August 2019

I had not come across Sotogrande before but looks like a nice choice for a quiet and luxurious resort in Southern Spain. The Sotogrande beach looks utterly gorgeous, though the pebbles might be uncomfortable to walk on? The sandy ones might be more comfortable! I didn't know there were roman baths in this part of Spain, I would definitely visit those, ad the Frontera castle.

Passport Symphony

Friday 16th of August 2019

There sure is a lot to see and do in Sotogrande. As for the pebbles, they're quite tiny and not sharp, so walking on them isn't that uncomfortable :)


Wednesday 14th of August 2019

I've been to Spain but never to Sotogrande! Just goes to show how much more there is to explore! The waters are so blue and beautiful and the fact that you can go whale and dolphin watching is SO cool! I love the Roman baths and would love to visit it! And I'm a huge fan of seafood so all those dishes sound amazing!


Monday 20th of July 2020

It's definitely worth a visit. The beach clubs are second to none (some even better than Marbella's) and Sotogrande port also has a lot of fun things to do.

Passport Symphony

Friday 16th of August 2019

There sure is, Clare! If you liked this, feel free to check out my article about Hidden gems in Spain. I think you'll like that too :)