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20 Hidden Beaches In Bali To Get Away From The Tourist Crowds

Hidden beaches in Bali play a vital role in what makes this place a breathtaking traveler’s destination. No matter any location you and your family opt to visit on this picturesque island, you will be hosted by milk-white sands, tropical-treat weather, and aquamarine waters. From long stretches of volcanoes to golden sandy coasts and from dolphin trips to snorkeling, Bali has it all! However, most beaches are super-crowded because more than 3 million people visit Bali every year!

If you already booked your flight to Bali and want to discover some places where you can get away from the busy, crowded beaches and enjoy the pristine beauty of this island while staying in one of those amazing villas you saw on Instagram, keep reading; we compiled a list of the best hidden beaches in Bali for a peaceful getaway!

Lovina Beach

kuta beah sunset

Temoekoe is a coastal village in North Bali that hides one of the most peaceful, secret beaches on the island; Lovina Beach. Here volcanic sand is black. The beach has a very distinguishing black volcanic sand but there aren’t a lot of tourist facilities (nor tourists) around. And this is perfect for people that want to get off the beaten track in Bali. Seeing the sunset above this black-sand beach surely is a one-of-a-kind experience and if you’re lucky enough, you can even see some dolphins near the shore.

Pantai Kelating

pantai kelating

Being located only a thirty minutes drive away from the iconic Tanah Lot temple, it’s a real surprise that Pantai Kelating is one of the best hidden beaches in Bali. Personally, it’s my favorite beach in Bali when it comes to long walks. When the tide is low enough, if you walk far enough, you can discover some of Bali’s secret bays (at least that’s what I like to call them). This surface remains underwater throughout most of the day but when the tide is low, you can get some amazing views of Tanah Lot, especially during sunset.

Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach

Located on the quieter side of Bali, Jimbaran isn’t as maintained as some of the most popular beaches in Bali. However, it’s safe, clean, blissfully unfrequented, and a great option for families looking for some peace and quiet. If you’re looking for a place to escape the crowds of Kuta and Seminyak, Jimbaran is always a safe choice. The beach has beautiful white sands and crystal-clear, blue waters, and the waves aren’t too high, making this beach one of the best swimming spots in Bali.

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach

A quiet, small, and sandy beach in Pecatu village on the southwest corner of Bali, Balangan Beach is best known as a surfers’ haven. Swimming is not recommended, unless you’re experienced, because of the high tides and strong currents. However, if you want to go home with some amazing, Instagrammable pictures from Bali, definitely consider visiting Balangan; the seemingly endless stretch of white sand filled with rocks elevating against the high waves makes Balangan one of the most photogenic hidden beaches in Bali.

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Geger Beach

Geger Beach

Geger Beach might be one of those places that you saw pictures of online and wondered where they are but could never quite get your finger on it.  The beach is famous for its green-blue waters and one-kilometer-long stretch of the whitest, softest sands you can find in Bali. It’s one of those beaches that’s open to the public but yet secluded. The way to this beach is via a tiny footpath hidden by the surrounding tall plants, which is perhaps the main reason why a lot of tourists don’t know about it (yet).

Bias Tugel

bias tugal beach

Locals call Bias Tugel Pantai Kecil (little beach) and it’s one of their favorite places when they want to get away from the crowded, touristy beaches. Bias Tugel is comfortably tucked away under the famous Padang Bali but the only way to reach this small beach is a 500-meter-trek on a rocky, hidden path. This short trek is the main reason why most tourists don’t discover this beach but the adventurists that do decide to see what’s at the other end of this trek are in for a real reward; on the other side, you can find blue turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and coconuts trees, and only a few other curious souls around.

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amed hidden gems in bali

Amed is a tiny, coastal village located around two hours away from Bali’s airport that’s famous for its black (volcanic) sand beaches. However, its remote location is a reason enough to keep most tourists away. Hence, the beaches in Amed are mostly filled with fishermen and fishboats and a more traditional way of life is preserved.

Because of this, there aren’t as many tourist facilities as one might expect. However, if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, you’ll absolutely love Amed. The prettiest beaches in the Amed Bay are Jemeluk and Lipah but the whole coastline is just amazing and will give you a new, more peaceful, and less touristy side of Bali. While you’re around, also check out…

Tulamben Beach

tulamben beach

Tulamben has as calm and as azure waters as most beaches in Amed, and it’s also a great diving spot. What makes Tulamben better though, is the fact that it’s even less frequented than Amed. The beach is rocky, so if you’re looking for a sandy beach, you’re better off somewhere else. However, if you want to get away from the busy crowded beaches, only a few places on the island can compare to Tulamben Beach.

Pemuteran Beach


Pemuteran is a small village on the Northern coast of Bali where sinuous ribbons and azure unfold on all sides. So, if you’re looking for lazy beaches and good snorkeling spots, Pemuteran is the right choice for you. Pemuteran Beach lies on an extinct volcano crater and the whole village is surrounded by elevating mountains, which also means you can get some amazing views, so don’t forget to bring along your camera. The village is located 4 hours away from Denpasar and most people that come here come on a day trip and the main reason for that is diving;  Pemuteran has an abundance of flourishing coral reefs and marine life.

Nyang Nyang

nyang nyang hidden beaches in bali

Bukit Peninsula has no shortage of spectacular sights; there’s something in store for everyone and even though this is one of the most touristy parts of the island, it also hides one of the best hidden beaches in Bali. Nyang Nyang Beach is located just east of Uluwatu Temple. The only way to reach it is a 30-minute walk that includes around 500 oddly-shaped steps which is probably the main thing that keeps most tourists away.

Similarly to Bias Tugel, this long walk is very rewarding; once you reach Nyang Nyang, you’ll discover empty white beaches, obscure cliffside vegetation, and huge rocks towering over the beach. If you visit, bring your own food and drinks as there aren’t any shops/restaurants around.

If you’re in the area and are looking for an adrenaline rush, you might also want to check out our guide to the hidden canyon of Beju Guwang.

Teluk Brumbun


You know a beach is pristine and isolated when you can see lizards and black monkeys around. That’s the case with Teluk Brumbun; a coral-fringed beach that borders the West Bali National Park that will make you feel like you’re not in Bali anymore (and not in a bad way). It’s definitely worth visiting, especially if you like snorkeling and diving. In fact, Teluk Brumbun is one of the most underrated diving spots in Bali! If you’re a nature lover and don’t mind a beach with 0 tourist facilities and close to 0 tourists, go for it and prepare to discover a new, unfrequented dimension of Bali.

Green Bowl Beach

green bowl beach

When we talk about hidden beaches in Bali, we can’t forget to mention this beach with a rather descriptive name. Green Bowl Beach gets its name from the green algae-covered rocks on the shore, which indeed, make the beach look like a green bowl when looking from far away. It’s the favorite hang-out place for the locals because a lot of tourists don’t know about it yet.

If you can, come here around 4 AM and witness (arguably) the most spectacular sunrises you can see in Bali; shades of purple, gold, and red enlighten the ‘green rocks’ as the sun rises over this hidden paradise, creating one of the most stunning views Bali has to offer. The beach is a bit difficult to find; except for a few hand-written signs near Jalan-Bali Cliff, there aren’t any other signs that might lead you to it.

Jimbaran Panorama Point

jimbaran panorama point hidden beaches in bali

If you’re thinking about a place to take the most epic picture from your upcoming Bali vacation, nothing beats literally jumping into the sunset. Located right next to Tegal Wangi Beach, you’ll find the Jimbaran Panorama Point; a 4-meter-high cliff with an amazing view of the ocean. Even though technically not a beach, this is a great place to visit for cliff divers. Similarly, like few others on this list, Jimbaran is a bit difficult to find. If you want to get here, just follow the unsuspecting, narrow, muddy trail near Tegal Wangi.

Tegal Wangi Beach

tegal wangi hidden beaches in bali

Tegal Wangi is a beautiful beach on the western coast of Bali that has been named after the famous sea temple on the hill north of the beach. When you visit the Tegalwangi temple, you can get an amazing view of the beach and vice versa. This beach is very tiny and can’t fit a lot of people but it’s still unfrequented most of the time. The only way to get to the beach is the rocky limestone-covered steps that lead down to the beach.

Yeh Leh

Yeh Leh Beach

Instead of white sands, Yeh Leh is covered in hundreds of boulders littering the shore. This makes this beach one of the most unusual and unique beaches in Bali. These mysterious boulders have been around for hundreds of years and we still don’t know a lot about their origin. This beach doesn’t have a lot of visitors (yet) but if you want to visit, I suggest you hurry up.

Yeh Leh is becoming more and more popular every day as more gorgeous photos of it appear on the internet. The beach gets more visitors during sunsets but if you want to avoid the crowds, visit for sunrise and see the sun rising above the black boulders, giving the landscape an unusual dark orange shade.

However, if you want to mingle with other tourists, you can still visit some of the most popular Bali beaches. They are just as beautiful as the ones mentioned in this article, just a lot more crowded.

Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach 2

Next on our list of hidden beaches in Bali, we have Suluban Beach. Nestled under a canopy of natural rock formations and accessible only through a limestone cave, Suluban Beach is like Bali’s version of platform 9 ¾, but instead of leading to Hogwarts, it opens up to a surfer’s haven. Suluban Beach, with its dramatic waves and turquoise water, is the kind of place where tales of epic rides and near misses are exchanged over campfires.

Finns Beach

Finns Beach

Nestled on the edge of the dazzling Berawa beach, Finns offers more than just a spot to lay your towel. The club’s VIP lounges are where comfort meets luxury, and you’re the winner and the sunsets at Finns are the kind of spectacle that could end any debate about the best beach club in Bali.

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is one of my favorite serene corners in Bali’s otherwise pulsating beach scene. It’s a laid-back beach with some of the most beautiful sunsets in Bali, famous for its unique hues of orange and pink. And for those who equate beaches with adrenaline, Sanur offers a gentler approach to watersports, including paddleboarding, and kayaking along the coastline, exploring its hidden coves.

Gunung Payung Beach

Gunung Payung Beach hidden beaches in bali

Gunung Payung Beach is one of those secret corners that only locals know about, hidden away from the prying eyes of mainstream tourism. Getting to Gunung Payung Beach requires a descent that’s part stairway to heaven, part ultimate leg day workout. Upon arrival, the first thing that hits you isn’t the sand or the surf, but the silence. It’s as if someone hit the mute button on the world, leaving only the soundtrack of waves crashing against the shore.

Sawangan Beach

Sawangan Beach

Last but not least, we conclude this list of hidden beaches in Bali with Sawangan. What makes this beach special is the fact that it’s hidden in plain sight; getting to the beach requires taking a wall alongside a little side road next to the Hilton Hotel. Sawangan Beach, with its wild waves and untamed beauty, is a siren song for surfers seeking solitude with the sea.

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Did you ever visit this majestic island? What are some of your favorite hidden beaches in Bali? If you still didn’t visit, what’s the first beach you would like to see after arriving? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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hidden beaches in bali
hidden beaches in bali

marbel vases

Thursday 26th of September 2019

what an amazing place for visiting, thanks for sharing

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Thank you, Marbel, I'm glad you enjoyed this article.

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Bali is really a beautiful destination these images that you shared are very amazing they are making me excited to visit Bali, I promised to myself this year I also go on Bali. thanks for sharing this amazing information.

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Thank you for your kind words and I hope you get the chance to visit Bali soon.

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Friday 16th of August 2019

I haven't been to Bali, but this post is tempting me to book my tickets. Its been long that I traveled to a beach destination. Bali can be really exciting for that matter. These are some pristine beaches. Out of the list, my favorite is Amed. The tiny coastal village has added much needed charm to it. And, the landscapes is truly breathtaking.

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Thanks, Pranashree. And I wish you get the chance to visit Bali pretty soon.

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I have Bali in my bucket list and one of the main reasons to visit it is the beautiful beaches it has to offer. I would not want to be on overcrowded beaches with tourists everywhere I must admit this post helps to solve that issue. A get list of beaches that are less popular and the one which takes my fancy is Jimbaran Beach. Not the cleanest but has character and the little Shak’s would be perfect to rehydrate. Thanks for sharing some hidden gems.

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Thanks, Amar. I'm really glad you liked this post and you got some inspiration for your future trips to Bali


Wednesday 14th of August 2019

Bali is such a beautiful destination in spite of all the tourist crowd. I have not yet been there, but whenever I visit I would love to cover these lesser-known beaches and places in Bali. Bias Tugal Beach, Green Bowl, and Yeh Leh beaches look spectacular. Will keep in mind about these places whenever I will be visiting Bali.

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Friday 16th of August 2019

I'm glad you could get some inspiration from this article, Amrita :)