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What To Pack For Bali- Packing List Of 50+ Important Items

Bali is without any doubt, one of the most popular travel destinations, offering travelers endless adventure opportunities and some of the world’s most stunning landscapes. Since you got to this article, I suppose you’ll be visiting this divine island soon and are wondering what to pack for Bali. Well, after reading this complete Bali packing list, you will be ready for every situation that you might come across during your trip. The biggest variable when traveling to Bali is the time of the year in which you’re visiting. That’s why you should…

Be Prepared For The Different Seasons


The dry season is on between the months of May and September. During this time of the year, you can see nothing but sunny skies and humid weather, with rain nowhere to be found. If you like to sunbathe at the beach all day and have a lot more choices when it comes to activities and things to do in Bali, I would advise you to visit during the dry season.

However, Bali is equally appealing even in the rainy season, which covers most of the year (October to April). But don’t worry, all-day downpours aren’t that often. The mornings are sunny more often than not. The rain usually comes in the afternoon but it clears up by sunset.

Another advantage of visiting Bali during this time of the year is that you can experience the best leisure activities Bali has to offer in peace, as there will be fewer tourists around compared to the high season.

Before we move on to the actual Bali packing list, I would like to cover a few…

Cultural Aspects You Should Have In Mind While Packing

what to pack for Bali

We can’t really answer the question ‘what to pack for Bali’ without addressing some basic cultural aspects that have to be taken into consideration. With a large Hindu population, the local Balinese culture is a bit different than the rest of Indonesia. And even despite the influx of foreign tourists, the local culture is conservative. You won’t find a lot of locals wearing western clothes and you’ll notice that their shoulders and knees are usually covered.

Of course, locals don’t expect foreign visitors to be dressed in the same way but you should be aware of this, especially if you’re planning to visit some temples. That’s why you should have a sarong with you (I suggest you buy it in Bali) because if you don’t, you can get it in every temple but you will be charged for it.

Bali Packing List Travel Essentials

travel document number

Some must-haves come first in your Bali packing list as you prepare for your Bali adventure to ensure that your trip is not only comfortable but also hassle-free. Here’s what you need to know about the must-haves for every traveler:Here’s what you need to know about the must-haves for every traveler:

Passport– Passport is the most important document while planning to travel internationally. Make sure that it has at least six months validity from your expected return date to prevent any problems of entry.

Travel Insurance– Bali is a haven some but unforeseen occurrences such as illness, injury or travel disruption can occur. A comprehensive travel insurance gives you peace of mind, be it a medical emergency or a lost luggage, the insurance would cover it for you.

Essential Documents– Have both digital and hard copies of your key documents such as flight details, hotel reservations and any pre-booked activity confirmations. A detailed schedule will also make your plans to be more organized.

Using ATMs and Carrying Cash: Bali has a strong ATM network which allows you to take out the local currency (Indonesian Rupiah). But, note your bank’s foreign transaction fees. One other good idea is to keep a small change just in case there are places that do not accept cards.

Travel Credit/Debit Cards: Maybe you should try using credit or debit cards that are travel-friendly and have low or no foreign transaction fees. In addition, some cards offer travel rewards adding value to your overall trip. Notify your bank of your trip to avoid any security blocks on your cards while you are away.

What To Pack For Bali- Clothes You’ll Want To Bring Along

Bali’s weather is almost perfect and it’s possibe to explore during the monsoon season (except for places that get flooded like the Hidden Canyon). So, don’t overthink what kind of clothes to bring and travel as light as possible. If you’re brave enough, you might even try a new, different extreme minimalist approach to packing.

what to pack for Bali

Shorts– this is what you’ll be wearing most of the time in Bali so my ‘what to pack for Bali list’ starts and ends with shorts.

Light shirts to go along with those shorts. They are also great for protecting against mosquitos in the evening hours.

Flip flops– the third and final piece of the ultimate Bali outfit.

Other tops (for the girls)- as many as you think you need.

Sandals-I use and love Birkenstocks vegan sandals.

Dresses– to go along with the tropical weather. Perfect for your Instagram photos?

Bathing suit– a very obvious choice.

Exercise clothes– in case you want to do some yoga or go for a hike.

If you ’re hiking, you’ll obviously need some hiking shoes as well.

Bali is filled with water-related adventures and you never know when you might come across a sleeper surface. Just to stay on the safe side, consider packing a pair of water shoes.

You’ll still need most of these things in the rainy season too, plus you’ll also want to take…

A Rain Jacket or a Poncho ”“ always carry a poncho in your backpack in case it starts raining while you’re out. However, if you’re planning to hike or trek in rainy conditions, definitely take a rain jacket. It’s also necessary if you’re planning to explore by motorbike.

Closed Shoes– unless you don’t mind your feet getting wet.

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What About Medicines And Other Essentials?

Travel Toiletry Bag

This guide to what to pack for Bali couldn’t be complete without a few important medicines and other essentials.

When talking about medicines and bathroom essentials, we’ll start from the beginning; you’ll probably be coming from somewhere far away and that means you probably have to take a long flight (use this special offer for large savings). This oftentimes means you’ll have to face jetlag. Personally, jetlag never happens to me but if you struggle with it, consider taking some melatonin gummies.

Another medication that will probably come in handy is activated charcoal to prevent the “Bali belly” from occurring.

Even the most seasoned travelers are not immune to seasickness and this might happen if you’re planning to visit one of the neighboring islands like Nusa Lembongan. I don’t like medical patches or chews and I usually recommend everyone to use motion-sickness wrist bands instead. They apply light pressure to certain points on your wrists, helping your body stabilize.

Another thing you might want to take with you is a mosquito repellent bracelet. It’s great because you don’t have to spray anything or apply it to your body or plug it in your room.

Finally, don’t forget sunscreen, even in the rainy season! UV rays can permeate cloud cover and your skin might burn even when it appears to be cloudy.

Personal Hygiene Items: Pack your preferred shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and toothbrush. While you can purchase these in Bali, bringing your preferred brands ensures comfort.

Refillable Filtering Water Bottle: Stay hydrated while exploring. Many accommodations offer water refill stations to reduce plastic usage.

First-Aid Kit: Add in band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and any of your individual medication. Bali do have pharmacies but having some basics with you is good for minor cuts and such.

Motion Sickness Bands: For instance, if you are going to take some boat trips or rather long journeys by car through curvy roads, such can be a life saver.

Cooling Towels: Bali’s humidity is overpowering; cooling towels provide the necessary instant relief.

Accessories You Need To Pack For Bali

minimalist travel accessories

Next on our Bali packing list, we have a few travel accessories that every traveler in Bali should carry.

High-Quality Sunglasses to protect you from the intense Balinese sun.

Head torch, especially if you’re going for a sunrise hike or exploring some of Bali’s many canyons and caves.

A waterproof day backpack– the number of people damaging their phones or cameras due to water damage is still surprisingly high. This is the case probably because a lot of people still underestimate the importance of a waterproof hiking backpack in which you can store all of your valuables while exploring around. You should always invest in a product that is comfortable, smartly-designed and comes with great features especially when you’re going for backpacking.

Quick Dry Towel– I guess you’re starting to see the pattern here. The weather in Bali is very humid and you’ll want to take a lot of waterproof/quick-dry things. A quick-dry towel is a great choice for a backpacking journey if you want to dry off quickly after a surf or a swim and head to the next destination.

Life-straw or a water bottle with a built-in filter– the tap water in Bali isn’t safe to drink and will likely upset your stomach. Bottled water is available everywhere but consuming it also means creating more waste of plastic. With the increased number of tourists, this has been a big problem on the island. If you want to be a responsible traveler and help the environment, bring along this nifty little device that turns non-drinkable water to drinkable.

Travel clothesline– drying your clothes in Bali can be a struggle due to the humid weather if you don’t come across a drying machine. With this simple device that takes up a minimal amount of space, you can dry your clothes anywhere, including your room.

Finally, if you’re staying in a hostel, you’ll want to pack an eye mask and earplugs for obvious reasons.

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Electronics You Need To Pack For Bali

bali digital nomad

The first and most important thing is the power adapter. The most common power outlet in Indonesia is the two-pronged CEE7 that works on a voltage of 230 volts. If you’re coming from Europe, you don’t need an adapter. However, if you come from the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Malaysia or Singapore, you might want to take a small universal adapter for your devices.

Indonesia is one of the countries with “partial” internet censorship. More than 800,000 websites aren’t accessible and if you want to keep up with your favorite websites, you might want to equip yourself with a reliable VPN.

Also, keep in mind that Bali can be a bit difficult to get around especially if you get off the beaten track. This means that probably you’ll need to use your phone’s maps to navigate around and we all know how much batter can that consume. In order to make sure your battery doesn’t die while you’re trying to find your way, also bring a reliable power bank. Another reason to bring a power bank is the unpredictable power cuts, which aren’t that frequent as other parts of Southeast Asia but still do occur.

What Not To Pack For Bali

hidden gems in bali

If you’re thinking to pack some of the following items, don’t do it. They aren’t that necessary and even if you need them, you can buy them in Bali for a fraction of the price it would cost in your country.

  • Snorkel gear-Why buy when you can rent it?
  • Expensive jewelry or other accessories: you should be aware that you’ll have to bargain when buying a lot of things in Bali. And if you wear flashy jewelry or accessories, the starting price will always be higher for you.
  • Don’t take a lot of clothes- even if you run out of clothes, you can always buy a couple of new pieces for a very cheap price.

Finally, I would like to mention a few more things you should know before packing for Bali and address a few issues you should be aware of. Don’t forget that you’re a guest in Bali and that you should.

Be A Responsible Traveler

what to pack for Bali rice fields

Last but not least, before we conclude this Bali packing list, allow me to share a few lines about being a responsible traveler because with the number of visitors it receives every year and the footprint they leave behind.

I mentioned above that one of the island’s worst problem is plastic waste. That’s why, while on the island, you should try to decrease the waste you’re leaving behind as much as you can. Here are a few ways in which you can do that.

When in a restaurant, always ask your server NOT to bring you plastic straws. If possible, carry a metal straw in your backpack. If you’re taking an order to go, try using your own Tupperware, rather than the single plastic boxes most restaurants will give you. Also, get a reusable cup, which is great for coffee and other takeaway drinks.

Have a reusable tote bag when you go for grocery shopping or anything and try to avoid plastic bags at all costs. Finally, encourage other people you meet to do the same. We all need to contribute if we want to preserve this heaven on Earth in the condition it is.

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A Few More Things To Take Into Consideration For Your Bali Packing List

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How did you like our Bali packing list? Did it answer the question ‘what to pack for Bali’? Have you ever been to Bali? Do you think I didn’t mention some must-pack items? Let me know in the comments.

bali packing list for first time travelers
bali packing list for first time travelers
bali packing list for first time travelers


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