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Breakfast In Istanbul- 15 Amazing Breakfast Spots In Istanbul

Alright, let’s break it down: if breakfast were an Olympic sport, Istanbul would be gunning for gold. We’re talking a city that doesn’t just throw a couple of toasts and an egg on the plate and calls it a day. No, sir! Istanbul takes breakfast and turns it into an event. You might find yourself munching on a simit (think of it as Turkey’s answer to the bagel) one day and diving into a full-blown buffet spread the next. And hey, if your coffee doesn’t give you a mini heart-race, is it even a proper Turkish coffee? In this article, we’ll teach you everything there is to know about breakfast in Istanbul.

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Evolution Of The Morning Meal In Istanbul

breakfast in istanbul

Breakfast in Istanbul wasn’t always the lavish affair it is today. Back in the days of the Ottoman Empire, it was simple and to-the-point. Think bread, cheese, olives, and maybe a smidgen of honey. Nothing too flashy, but certainly enough to fuel an empire.

Somewhere along the way, this sesame-crusted wonder called simit made its grand entrance. Now, this isn’t just “Turkish bagel” as some might mistakenly call it. No, simit is in a league of its own. Crispy on the outside, fluffy inside, and the perfect vessel for cheese or jam. Istanbul’s morning meal started evolving and simit was at the front line, leading the charge.

As Istanbul’s position as a global hub grew, so did its breakfast game. Traders, travelers, and all sorts of interesting folks passed through, each leaving a hint of their culinary flair behind. This is how you get a myriad of spices, nuts, and flavors popping up on the breakfast plate. Bit of a globalization effect, but for food.

With the turn of the 20th century and the transition from the Ottoman Empire to modern-day Turkey, Istanbul saw significant urbanization. With city life, came the hustle and bustle. And let’s face it, not everyone had the time for a sprawling breakfast spread. Cue in menemen. This quick, scrambled delight with peppers, tomatoes, and sometimes a splash of sucuk (sausage), became the go-to for the urban dweller.

Fast forward to today. The Istanbul breakfast scene is a mosaic. It’s a blend of its rich history, sprinkled with contemporary influences. And yes, the classic elements remain, but don’t be surprised to find an avocado toast sneaking its way onto the menu.

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Components Of A Traditional Breakfast In Istanbul

This guide to breakfast in Istanbul wouldn’t be complete without quickly going through the standard components of the local breakfast.

Simit: The Turkish Bagel

simit breakfast in istanbul

Alright, at first glance, you might think, “Oh, it’s just a bagel with some sesame seeds on top.” Hold on to your breakfast hats, because the simit’s got more sass than that. It’s thinner, crispier, and lighter than its bagel counterpart. And while both might be round with a hole in the middle, calling a simit a “Turkish bagel” is a bit like calling a croissant a “French roll.” Technically sort of right, but also… not.

Here’s the fun part. Take a bagel and a simit, and place them side by side on a breakfast spread. Now, try to dip that bagel in your tea or coffee. Awkward, right? But the simit? It’s the perfect dunkable size, capturing that sweet spot between crunch and soak. Game, set, match: Simit.

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Beyaz Peynir: The White Cheese

Beyaz Peynir

“Beyaz Peynir” literally translates to “white cheese.” Simple, right? No fancy names or fluff. But don’t let that straightforward title fool you; this cheese has layers (literally and figuratively). Imagine feta cheese had a smoother, creamier sibling that was slightly less salty but still packed a punch. That’s Beyaz Peynir for you. It crumbles, but not like a cookie in hot tea. More like how your favorite song breaks your heart—gently and delightfully.

Olives, Tomatoes, And Cucumbers

turkish breakfast

Starting off with the unsung heroes of the breakfast plate—olives. While some cultures see olives as a pizza topping or martini accessory, in Turkey, they’re front and center at dawn. Black or green, they’re the little bite-sized flavor fireworks that tell your taste buds, “Wake up, it’s showtime!”

Next, we’ve got tomatoes. No, not those pale, sad, supermarket ones. We’re talking juicy, ripe, and vibrant tomatoes that taste like they’ve had a good chat with the sun. They’re the natural sweet-tart kickstart to your day. And when paired with Beyaz Peynir? Well, let’s just say it’s a match made in breakfast heaven.

Last but certainly not least, cucumbers. Now, these aren’t just filler. They’re the crisp, cool contrast in this amazing breakfast trio. Think of them as the morning’s refreshing palate cleanser. They cut through the richness and provide that satisfying crunch that says, “Yes, I am eating my greens, and yes, they’re delicious.”



Imagine, for a second, scrambled eggs decided to throw a party and invited tomatoes, green peppers, and sometimes a touch of spicy sausage or cheese. That’s Menemen. It’s like your regular eggs got an upgrade and are now living their best life in a sizzling pan.

You might think, “Eggs and tomatoes? So what?” But here’s the deal: Menemen isn’t just about the ingredients. It’s about the magic that happens when they mingle. The tomatoes lend juiciness, the peppers add zest, and if you throw in some cheese or sucuk (sausage), you’ve got a flavor fiesta in a pan.

Pastirma And Sucuk

Pastirma And Sucuk

Okay, ever wondered what would happen if beef got a spa treatment? Meet Pastirma. It’s cured beef that’s been rubbed down with a garlic-fermented paste, then air-dried to perfection. Think of it as beef jerky’s more sophisticated and cosmopolitan cousin who studied abroad.

Now, let’s shimmy over to Sucuk. This spicy beef sausage isn’t just about the meat; it’s a dance of flavors with garlic, sumac, and a variety of spices leading the waltz. When you fry or grill it, its outer layer gets that crispy charm while the inside remains juicy. In the world of sausages, Sucuk is the one with that undeniable charisma.

Fresh Breads and Spreads: From Honey to Tahini

tahini spread

First off, let’s talk about the bread. This isn’t just some pre-sliced, store-bought loaf that’s more air than substance. We’re delving into the crispy-outside, soft-inside, freshly-baked wonders that sing a song of ancient ovens and family traditions. Whether it’s a crusty baguette or a fluffy pita, bread sets the stage for breakfast stardom.

Freshly-baked breads, with their crusty exteriors and fluffy innards, play host to an array of delectable spreads that take breakfast to the next level. Raw honey, nature’s sweet nectar, offers floral notes reminiscent of a sunny morning meadow. Meanwhile, tahini, the creamy sesame paste, surprises many with its versatility; when combined with honey, it crafts a harmonious blend of nutty and sweet. But the spread saga doesn’t end there. Add in the likes of chunky fruit preserves, silky chocolate concoctions, and even zesty pepper pastes, and you have a dynamic breakfast tableau ready to awaken the senses and paint the morning with flavor.

Breakfast Beverages

Let’s dive deep into Turkey’s morning beverage scene. Spoiler alert: it’s not all about that frothy Starbucks latte.

Turkish Tea: The Unofficial National Hydration

turkish tea

First up, Turkish tea. This isn’t your average Earl Grey in a teabag scenario. This ruby-hued delight is brewed in a unique stacked kettle, the “çaydanlık.” Picture it: the bottom pot’s boiling up water, while the top one is steeping that tea to perfection. It’s served in these cute, curvy glasses, and trust me, if you’re trying to blend in at a Turkish café, skip the milk. Just a cube of sugar (or two, or none) and you’re good to go.

Turkish Coffee: A Pint-Sized Powerhouse

turkish coffee

Now, onto Turkish coffee. Forget what you know about coffee. This tiny cup packs a punch. It’s thick, it’s rich, and it comes with its own layer of sludgy grounds at the bottom (Nope, you don’t drink that bit). Bonus: once you’re done sipping, you can even have your fortune told from the leftover grounds. Starbucks definitely doesn’t offer that!

Other Popular Morning Drinks: Beyond Tea and Coffee


But wait, Turkey isn’t just about tea and coffee. There are other contenders in the AM beverage race. Consider “ayran,” a frothy, salty yogurt drink that’s basically the Turkish answer to smoothies. Not your thing? How about some fresh pomegranate juice, squeezed right before your eyes at a street stall? Or perhaps a glass of “salep,” a warming drink made from orchid roots, perfect for those chilly mornings.

Great Tours To Experience Breakfast In Istanbul

If you’re looking for a great guided tour that includes breakfast in Istanbul, the Taste of Two Continents tour is a great choice. If you like visiting farmer markets and walking tours, you’ll probably enjoy the Istanbul Food on Foot tour. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a tour that includes more than one meal (plus some wine tasting), check out the Two Continents and backstreets tour. Lastly, if you’re looking to combine your breakfast with a nice ferry ride around Istanbul, check out this tour.

Popular Breakfast Spots In Istanbul

Now that we covered some basics about the standard breakfast in Istanbul, let’s go through some of our favorite breakfast spots in Istanbul, starting with…

Van Kahvaltı Evi

Van Kahvaltı Evi

Located in Cihangir, this spot is like the breakfast mecca of Istanbul. People don’t just come here; they pilgrimage. Imagine a spread so vast you’ll forget the concept of lunch. Special mention: their honey and clotted cream duo. It’s so good, you might try to order it at every meal.

Çengelköy Tostçu

Çengelköy Tostçu

Don’t let the name mislead you – it’s not just about toast. This Bosphorus-side spot in Çengelköy is where you go when you want a no-fuss, straight-up delicious breakfast in Istanbul. Plus, the views? Breakfast with a side of scenic magic.


naif istanbul

Found in the bustling heart of Beyoğlu, Naif offers a slightly hipster twist to the traditional breakfast in Istanbul. Think classic ingredients with a modern presentation. If your Instagram feed is craving some breakfast love, this is the spot.

Emirgan Sütis

Emirgan Sütis

Set in the lush Emirgan Park, this place is like a breakfast wonderland. It’s where nature meets deliciousness. Aside from classic Turkish breakfast spreads, they’re also known for their assortment of sweet treats. P.S. Their rice pudding? Legendary.

Karabatak Karaköy

Karabatak Karaköy

If your breakfast mantra is “coffee first,” Karabatak in Karaköy has got your back. Their cozy, retro atmosphere combined with a solid cup of joe makes it the perfect place to ease into your morning, especially if you’re more of a ‘late breakfast’ kind of person.

Kale Café

kale cafe istanbul

Perched in Rumelihisarı with a splendid view of the Bosphorus, Kale Cafe offers a serene morning vibe. It’s less about extravagance and more about enjoying simple, quality ingredients. Pro tip: try their menemen. Paired with the sight of passing boats, it’s a sensory delight.

Beşiktaş Kahvaltı Sokak

Beşiktaş Kahvaltı Sokak

Technically, this isn’t one spot, but an entire street dedicated to breakfast in the heart of Beşiktaş. From boutique cafes to traditional stalls, it’s a smorgasbord of choices. Grab a simit from a street vendor, swing by a quaint cafe for some olives and cheese, and wrap up with a tea at another corner – it’s like a breakfast crawl!


mangerie istanbul

Over in Bebek, Mangerie serves breakfast with altitude – it’s on the rooftop! This place combines international breakfast classics with Turkish favorites. Not to mention, their view over the Bosphorus is breakfast with a show.

Lades Menemen

Lades Menemen

Found in Beyoğlu, this joint is famous for (you guessed it) menemen. If you’re looking for an unpretentious spot that nails this Turkish egg dish every single time, Lades is your go-to. It’s a no-frills place with a menu item that has had locals and tourists buzzing for years.

Privato Café

privato cafe

Tucked away in Galata, Privato Cafe is the epitome of coziness. They’re big on organic, locally-sourced ingredients, and their breakfast spread showcases the best of what the region has to offer. The homemade jams and pastries here? Simply out of this world.

Nezih Kebap & Mücver

Nezih Kebap & Mücver

Located in Üsküdar, this spot offers a breathtaking view of the Maiden’s Tower and the old city. While they serve a range of dishes, their breakfast spread is notably generous. The highlight? Their crispy mücver (zucchini fritters). Pair it with Turkish tea and enjoy the view.


Fıccın istanbul

Tucked in the heart of Beyoğlu, Fıccın is renowned for its Circassian dishes. For breakfast, expect an array of cheeses, olives, and their house-made jams. Don’t leave without trying their signature Circassian pastry – it’s a delightful twist on the classic breakfast lineup.

Ortaköy Kahvesi

Ortaköy Kahvesi

Ortaköy is famous for its waterside mosques and lively street markets. Amidst this, Ortaköy Kahvesi stands out for its breakfast spread with a view of the Bosphorus Bridge. Their honeycomb and clotted cream is a decadent treat that’s hard to pass up.

Mitte Karaköy

Mitte Karaköy

A blend of modern chic and traditional tastes, Mitte in Karaköy is perfect for those who enjoy a stylish ambiance with their meal. Their breakfast menu boasts both international and Turkish favorites. Their freshly baked goods, paired with a cup of Turkish coffee, is sheer perfection.



Located in Pera, Aheste brings a contemporary twist to classic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. For breakfast, anticipate an artisanal spread with items like beetroot hummus and lavender-infused jams. It’s a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Weekends vs. Weekdays: The Changing Pace of Breakfast

Alright, breakfast aficionados, let’s talk about the changing rhythms of breakfast in Istanbul – and no, we’re not just talking about the amount of sugar in your tea.

Weekdays: The Speedy Side of Breakfast

breakfast in istanbul

Monday to Friday, Istanbul’s pace is something to behold. Everyone’s on the go, and breakfast needs to keep up! For many, it’s a quick affair: a simit grabbed from a street vendor, perhaps with a slice of beyaz peynir on the side, all washed down with a hastily brewed tea or a punchy shot of Turkish coffee. It’s about fueling up efficiently for the day ahead. And hey, those weekday morning meetings won’t wait for a leisurely brunch, right?

Weekends: The Laid-back Breakfast Marathon

breakfast in istanbul

Come Saturday and Sunday, things take a turn. The hustle of the week gives way to leisure, chatter, and of course, a spread that makes the weekday breakfast in Istanbul look like an appetizer. It’s the kind of meal where you sit down at 10 a.m. and suddenly, whoa, it’s noon! There’s menemen sizzling in pans, honey dripping onto fresh clotted cream, olives, cheeses, pastries – the list goes on. And the tea? It’s a constant companion, refilled every so often as conversations flow and the city takes a breather.

Did you like our guide to breakfast in Istanbul? Was it helpful? Do you think there are some other important things we forgot to mention in our guide? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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