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33 Best Cafes In Istanbul Every Coffee Lover Has To Visit

The coffee culture is an existential part of Istanbul’s existence and a very important part of everyday life in the City with Seven Hills. Istanbul is a city of sacred tradition and coffee is certainly one of them. As you’ll be able to see in this post, there are many incredible cafes in Istanbul and there’s a little bit of something for everyone here, regardless of your tastes and preferences. But before showing you which are some of the most famous cafes in Istanbul, let’s start from the beginning…

Coffee Culture In Istanbul

best cafes in istanbul

Istanbul is the city with the longest coffee history in Europe. Locals in Istanbul were brewing and drinking coffee at least a century before coffee beans were even introduced to the rest of the continent. With the fall of Constantinople coffee beans and the ancient tradition of coffee, brewing was introduced to Istanbul when the Ottomans took over. 

Istanbul is famous for its Turkish coffee, a method of coffee preparation that traces its origin back to the 5th century AD. The coffee is mixed with water and “boiled” by placing the pot in hot sand until a thin layer of foam is formed on the top. Traditionally, coffee in Istanbul is served alongside a glass of water and a sugar cube or a Turkish delight. 

When you finish your coffee, you’ll inevitably notice traces and figures in the coffee ground sludge which brings us to another important part of coffee culture in Istanbul- fortune telling. The figures that might appear in the mug have a meaning and many Turkish women know how to interpret them, supposedly with a decent “hit rate” in regards to one’s past, present, and future.

But if you don’t like coffee and don’t believe in fortune telling, worry not; the cafes in Istanbul have a lot more to offer…

Tea Culture In Istanbul

istanbul tea best cafes in istanbul

Coffee or tea is a subject of eternal debate among Istanbul locals. From what we could notice, both tea and coffee are equally popular and widely consumed across the country. Many shops in Turkey will greet you with either (complimentary) tea or coffee (it’s a welcoming gesture and you don’t have to buy anything even if you drink it) and it’s the same when you go to someone’s home.

There are many varieties of tea that can be found in Istanbul but the most popular one is the black tea which is most often served in a small glass that resembles a shot glass. The tea is usually very strong and concentrated and is a great morning drink. Some say it’s even more efficient than coffee when it comes to dealing with sleepiness or drowsiness.

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Now that we have covered some basics, let us show you our list of the best cafes in Istanbul.

Coffee Sapiens

coffee sapiens

Located in one of the most touristy neighborhoods in Istanbul, Karakoy, Coffee Sapiens was created by two coffee enthusiasts on a mission to bring the finest coffee to the streets of Istanbul. The café gets coffee beans from different parts of the world and they roast them by themselves, often experimenting with roasting methods to make their already amazing coffee even tastier. Their main specialties include the Pumpkin Spiced Latte and the Evolution Blend. 

Address: Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa, Kılıç Ali Paşa Mescidi Sk. No:10 D:C, 34425 Beyoğlu.

Hours: Every day 8 AM- 10 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Karakoy Istasyonu Station.

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Ara Café

ara cafe best cafes in istanbul
by Jwslubbock 3.0

Ara Café is a unique modern café that combines delicious varieties of tea and coffee with delicious snacks like falafel and cokertme kebab. It’s the perfect destination for a brunch, especially on Sundays when they have a breakfast buffet. Although it’s located in a frequented, touristy area, this café has a nice peaceful atmosphere, perfect for travelers looking for hideout cafes. 

Address: Tomtom, Ara Güler Sk No:2, 34433 Beyoğlu.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM- 11:30 PM, Saturday-Sunday- 10 AM- 11:30 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Taksim Metro Station.



Located only a short walk away from the famous Spice Bazaar, coffeetopia is one of the best cafes in Istanbul. The café is famous for serving “single estate coffee”, a term used to describe coffee that was grown by a single producer on a single property who delivers the coffee beans to the café where the beans are freshly roasted and grounded. If you’re a real coffee lover, you’ll surely fall in love with Coffeetopia as soon as you set foot in it. 

Address: Hobyar, Arpacılar Cd. No:4, 34112 Fatih.

Hours: Every day 8 AM- 10:30 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Vezneciler.

Anadolu Nargile Çorlulu Ali Paşa Medresesi

Anadolu Nargile Çorlulu Ali Paşa Medresesi

This café located adjacent to the homonymous mosque it was named after happens to be one of the best cafes in Istanbul for smoking shisha if you’re a fan of fine tobacco. However, the café also has some delicious varieties of Turkish coffee, tea, and local cuisine dishes. The owners of the place are very friendly and personally greet all guests who visit the café. Their motto is that the friendships made in their café last forever.

Address: Mollafenari, Yeniçeriler Cd. No:38, 34120 Fatih.

Hours: Every day 7 AM- 2 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Vezneciler.

Filbooks Café

Filbooks Café

There are a handful of cafes in Istanbul that cater to bibliophiles but most can’t compare with Filbooks; a café with a very aesthetically pleasing interior where people of all ages can grab a book and read while drinking their morning tea/coffee. There’s also an equally well decorated outside sitting area if you prefer some fresh air. If you’re looking for a cozy and quiet café where you can catch a break and do some reading, Flibooks should be at the top of your list.

Address: Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa, Ali Paşa Değirmeni Sk. No:1, 34425 Beyoğlu.

Hours: Every day 10 AM- 10 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Şişhane

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Kafe Cuma

Kafe Cuma

Kafe Cuma boasts the best pancakes in Istanbul and having tried them, I can confirm that this statement is not far from the truth. In addition to pancakes, Cuma is also famous for its impressive display of appetizing homemade cakes and pastries and warm and inviting interior that looks like it came out of a trending Instagram post. The café also has a very picturesque outside sitting area with nice views, a perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in peace (it’s perfect for solo travelers).

Address: Firuzağa Mh, Çukur Cuma Cd. 53/A, 34425 Beyoğlu.

Hours: Every day 9 AM- 12 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Tophane.

Muz Botanik & Kahve

Muz Botanik & Kahve

Speaking of the most beautiful cafes in Istanbul, we just have to mention Muz, a café with a design that closely resembles a botanical garden. Inside, you’ll find a lot of indoor plants and terrariums that decorate the interior but if you really like some of them, you can even buy them. The café always has a nice calm atmosphere with quiet cool music in the background and is perfect for having a cup of coffee while chit-chatting with your friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

Address: Firuzağa, Hayriye Cd. 18/A, 34425 Beyoğlu.

Hours: Every day except Sundays 10 AM- 7 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Tophane.



Kronotrop has a deserving spot on this list of the best cafes in Istanbul because it was one of the first third-wave coffee shops in Istanbul. Its first coffee shop was opened in 2012 but today, there are 14 branches across the country (Cihangir is where the story started which is why we added that particular address below). The café is famous for its skilled baristas (some of the finest in Istanbul), its tasty coffee, delicious snacks, and a relaxed atmosphere. 

Address: Kuloğlu, Firuzağa Cami Sk. No:2/B, 34433 Beyoğlu.

Hours: Monday-Friday 7 AM- 11 PM, Saturday-Sunday 8 AM- 11 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Ortakoy.

Sirin Firin

Sirin Firin

Located in near proximity to the Galata Tower and one of the busiest streets in Istanbul, you’ll discover the ultimate Istanbul hidden gem; a café decorated with vibrant bright colors which also happens to make some of the tastiest pastries in Istanbul. Except for pastries, Sirin Firin is also famous for its homemade jams, cakes, and quiches.

Address: Şahkulu, Büyük Hendek Cd. No:16/A, 34420 Beyoğlu.

Hours: Every day 6 AM- 12 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Ortakoy.

Aşşk Kahve

Aşşk Kahve cafes in istanbul

The name of the coffee translates to “love coffee” and this simple phrase vividly describes the goal of this café’s existence. The café is located in Kurucesme and it overlooks the Bosphorous, giving visitors some of Istanbul’s most exciting views. And as its name suggests, this is where you’ll try some of Istanbul’s finest coffee but you’ll also find a large variety of teas for visitors who prefer tea over coffee.

Address: Kuruçeşme, Muallim Naci Cd. No:64 D:B, 34330 Beşiktaş.

Hours: Every day 9 AM- 12 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Ortakoy but the station is around 2 km away so might have to take another bus from Ortakoy to get there.

Erol Tas Café

Erol Tas Café

Erol Tas is one of the oldest and most famous cafes in Istanbul. Throughout the years, many things changed in Istanbul but Erol Tas was not one of them. The café is still around with its wooden walls, retro interior, its iconic posters from 1950s Turkish movies which left a significant print in Turkish culture, and of course- some of the finest tea and coffee in Istanbul.

Address: Cankurtaran, Cankurtaran Meydanı Sk. No:7, 34122 Fatih.

Hours: Every day 7 AM- 12 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Vezneciler.

Bond Coffee Company

Bond Coffee Company

Since 2017, this charming café in Ortakoy has been providing coffee lovers with a little taste of paradise. The Bond Coffee Company is famous for its handful of different coffee brewing techniques that have been mastered to perfection over the years. They also regularly hold workshops where they introduce visitors to their techniques and the famous coffee culture of Istanbul. 

Address: Mecidiye, Dereboyu Cd. No: 121-123/B, 34347 Beşiktaş

Hours: Every day 8 AM- 12 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Gayrettepe.


coffee at Mandabatmaz

At a glimpse, Mandabatmaz looks like an average Istanbul café. There’s nothing special about its interior, there’s nothing particularly appealing about the storefront but anyone who ever tried their Turkish coffee knows that Mandabatmaz makes possibly the best Turkish coffee in Istanbul. The café also has a rich history; it’s been around since the 1960s. The café is a local favorite and is always among the first recommendations locals give to tourists and there’s a good reason for this. 

Address: Asmalı Mescit, Olivya Gç. 1/A, 34430 Beyoğlu

Hours: Every day 9:30 AM- 12 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Taksim.

Tarihi Çınaraltı

Tarihi Çınaraltı

Located in the historic neighborhood of Cengelkoy which traces its first signs of human settlement back to the fifth century, this café combines history, culinary perfection, and amazing views of the Bosphorus. In addition to being located in one of Istanbul’s oldest neighborhoods, the café is also famous for Cinaralti; the famous 900-year-old underneath plane tree where one of the most popular Turkish TV shows of the 90s was shot.

This café only serves tea, coffee, and other beverages, but they allow you to bring some food from one of the neighboring shops (like borek) and enjoy your breakfast alongside a cup of tea/coffee while looking at the Bosphorus.

Address: Çengelköy Mah. Çengelköy Cad, Çınarlı Cami Sk. No:4, 34680 Üsküdar

Hours: Open 24/7.

Nearest Subway Station: There aren’t any metro stations nearby, the nearest one is Shishane and from there you’d have to take bus #66 to get to Cengelkoy.

Walter’s Coffee Roastery

Walters Coffee Roastery

Walter’s Coffee Roastery takes pride in being the world’s first Breaking Bad-themed café or shall I say, laboratory. Everything inside is tailored and inspired by the iconic TV shows, including the hazmat suits, the periodic table of chemical elements, and of course, the coffee brewing mechanism that will make you feel like you’re in an actual laboratory. In addition to some fine coffee, the café also serves breakfast and some other baked goods on the weekends. 

Address: Çengelköy Mah. Çengelköy Cad, Çınarlı Cami Sk. No:4, 34680 Üsküdar.

Hours: Every day 10 AM- 11 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Söğütözü station.

Harab’be Café

Harab’be Café

Harab’be café is a cozy hookah lounge with a funky interior and laidback vibes. At a glance, it seems like a smoking joint but they also serve a variety of light snacks, appetizers, small bites, and of course drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike (to enjoy your hookah with. It’s the perfect place to relax with your friends after a long day of exploring the city, have a drink or two, or even play a game of cards, chess, or backgammon.

Address: Alemdar, Ticarethane Çk. No:4B, 34122 Fatih.

Hours: Every day 11 AM- 3 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Sirkeci station.

Ağa Kapısı

Ağa Kapısı

Aga Kapisi is one of the most famous cafes in Istanbul. Its location overlooks Fatih and has the best views of this historical part of Istanbul with the Bosphorus in the background. The interior is minimalistic and modern but most people come to Aga Kapisi for its beautiful terrace that offers some of the most spectacular views. However, that is not the main reason to visit; the café also serves amazing food and delicious cocktails. The prices are more than reasonable, considering that in other cities, you’d pay more just for getting a view like this!   

Address: Süleymaniye, Fetva Yokuşu, Nazır İzzet Efendi Sk. No:11, 34134 Fatih.

Hours: Every day 8:30 AM- 1:30 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Sirkeci station.


montag cafes in istanbul

Montag is one café that considers coffee making to be a science which is why you shouldn’t be surprised when you find out just how good their coffee actually is. They even produce the water that they use for their coffee. They don’t use bottled or filtered water but they distill their own water and add sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, and magnesium sulfate to transfer the flavors of the roasted coffee to the cup by providing better extractions of the most important particles in their coffee. The café is located in the touristy neighborhood of Kadikoy and has been welcoming coffee lovers since 2014. 

Address: Caferağa, Muvakkıthane Cd. No:16/A D:Kat:1, 34710, 34710 Kadıköy.

Hours: Every day 10 AM- 11 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Acibadem station.

Balat Antik Café

balat antik cafe istanbul

Located in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in town, Balat Antik is one of the hippest cafes in Istanbul. Everything inside the café, from the umbrella canopy to the sitting booths is vibrant and colorful. But that’s not where it ends. Even the food served in this picturesque outdoor café is vibrant and colorful. If you don’t believe me, you can see it for yourself on their Instagram page.

Address: Balat Mh. Vodina Cd, Sancaktar Ykş. No:6, 34087 Fatih.

Hours: Every day 8:30 AM- 11 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Alibeyköy but this is still quite far, from here, you’d need to take the T5 tram to Balat.

Minoa Bookstore & Cafe

minoa bookstore

Minoa is a unique establishment that combines the concept of a café and a bookstore where you can relax and read a book in a peaceful vegetarian-friendly café or buy one of their books from the well-equipped bookstore. If you’re a bibliophile, you’ll absolutely love the interior that’s dominated by cute bookshelves, discrete lights, and hundreds of books. Their food is also very nice too and the prices are surprisingly affordable. The only flaw is that this place is hidden in the streets of Besiktas and can be a bit tricky to find. 

Address: Vişnezade, Süleyman Seba Cd. No:52/A, 34357 Beşiktaş.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 AM- 1 AM, Saturdays 9AM- 1 AM and Sundays 10 AM- 1 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Valideçeşme which is around 1 km away.

Pierre Loti Hill Café

Pierre Loti Hill Café

Named after a French naval officer who spent a lot of time in Istanbul, the Pierre Loti Hill Café is the café with the best views in Istanbul. The café overlooks the Golden Horn where the borders of Europe and Asia meet and is located in a quiet neighborhood away from the typical Istanbul hustle and bustle. So, if you’re looking for a quiet place with an amazing view where you can have a cup of tea or coffee in peace, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Address: Eyüp Merkez, Karyağdı Sk. No:20, 34050 Eyüpsultan.

Hours: Every day 8:30- 12 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Vlaardingen Centrum.


kybele cafe

Technically, Kybele is actually one of the most famous hotels in the Sultanahmet district but its café is even more popular than the hotel. Equally loved by locals and tourists, Kybele draws visitors in with its beautiful natural terrace and vibrant Ottoman-style interior decorated with old Turkish lamps that are hard to miss. The menu also doesn’t fall behind the breathtaking interior. The café offers a variety of meze dishes, light snacks, and tasty Turkish tea and coffee.

Address: Alemdar, Yerebatan Cd. No:23, 34110 Fatih.

Hours: Open 24/7.

Nearest Subway Station: Acibadem Station.

Salt Galata

salt galata best cafes in istanbul

Located in the heart of Istanbul, calling Salt Galata “the most famous café in Istanbul” wouldn’t be an overstatement because this is more than just a café. Salt Galata is a cultural center, library, and a café, all in one, making it a perfect place for students, academics, researchers, and digital nomads. The café is located in a century-old building, designed by French Levantine architect Alexandre Vallauri to serve as the headquarters of the Imperial Ottoman Bank in 1892. 

Address: Azapkapı, Bankalar Cd. No:11, 34420 Beyoğlu.

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11 AM- 7 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Karakoy Station.

Dem Karakoy

Dem Karakoy best cafes in istanbul

Dem is one of the best cafes in Istanbul when it comes to tea. Their menu features more than 60 different varieties of tea, including black, green, white, smoked, and even fermented tea and they even host these special “tea smelling sessions” where guests are presented with different varieties of tea, they can feel their scent, learn where the herbs were harvested from and how the tea was made before choosing which kind of tea would they want to try. If you’re a tea lover, Dem café in Karakoy should be one of the first cafes in Istanbul you’d want to visit. 

Address: Azapkapı, Fermeneciler Cd. No:9, 34421 Beyoğlu.

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 1 PM- 12:30 AM, Fridays-Saturdays 1 PM- 2 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Karakoy Station.

MOC Nisantasi

ministry of coffee

MOC (Ministry of Coffee) Nisantasi is a family-owned café that has been around for three generations. With 15 branches across the country and 12 in Istanbul, this is one of the most popular cafes in Turkey. The café has a carefully selected variety of coffee from different parts of the world and they surely have something in store for everyone. Their main specialties are Chilli Mocha and the Golden Latte; I warmly recommend trying at least one of them if you decide to visit. 

Address: Teşvikiye Mah, Şakayık Sk. No: 4/A, Şişli.

Hours: Monday-Saturday- 7:30 AM- 11:30 PM, Sundays- 10:30 AM- 11:30 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Osmanbey Metro Station.

Brew Coffeeworks

Brew Coffeeworks

Brew Coffeeworks is yet another charming café located in a hundred-year-old Ottoman building that was designed by one of the most famous Turkish architects, Mimar Kemalettin who can also be spotted on the back of the 20 Lira banknote. Interestingly, this café focuses on Italian coffee (not Turkish) and here, you can find probably the best Italian coffee in Istanbul. If you’re looking for a place where you can catch a break from exploring the streets of the Old City and get an energy boost, Brew Coffeeworks is the perfect place for you.

Address: Hobyar, Hamidiye Cd. No:60, 34112 Fatih.

Hours: Every day, 7:30 AM- 11 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Haliç Station.

Viyana Kahvesi

Viyana Kahvesi

It might come as a surprise that we feature a Viennese coffee house in a list of the best cafes in Istanbul, having in mind that it was the Ottomans who introduced coffee to Vienna but Viyana Kahvesi definitely deserves a place on this list. In fact, the café is a part of UNESCO’s world heritage site. It’s a place where Turkish and Vienne coffee traditions meet and are combined into perfection. So, whether you’re looking to try Turkish coffee or western coffee varieties, Viyana Kahvesi has something in store for everyone. 

Address: Bereketzade, Büyük Hendek Cd. No:19/A, 34421 Beyoğlu.

Hours: Every day, 7 AM- 1 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Karakoy Station.


Federal coffee

Located in the heart of Istanbul’s European part, right next to the iconic Galata Tower, you’ll find one of the most innovative coffee shops in Istanbul. Federal differs from most other cafes in Istanbul for being probably the only café in town that specializes in Australian coffee; they even have a typical Aussie bar as a part of their menu and some of the best cold brews in Istanbul, as well as a range of light snacks, burgers, sandwiches, pancakes, and salads. 

Address: Şahkulu, Küçük Hendek Cd. No:7, 34421 Beyoğlu.

Hours: Every day, 8 AM- 1 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Karakoy Station.

Cup Of Joy

Cup Of Joy istanbul

Cup of Joy is one of the pioneers of third-wave coffee culture in Istanbul. The café is mainly famous for its blended coffee varieties but they also have some delicious single-origin coffees brewed with different in-house techniques. The café also has some delicious gluten-free pastries and a handful of vegan items on its menu. There are five branches of Cup of Joy across Istanbul but we recommend the Bebek branch because this is where it all began. 

Address: Bebek Cevdetpaşa Caddesi Yasemin Pasajı, D:53/5, 34342 Beşiktaş.

Hours: Every day, 7 AM- 6 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Boğaziçi Üniversitesi İstasyonu.

Petra Roasting Company

Petra Roasting Company

Petra Roasting Company is a famous Istanbul café with six branches across the city that serves some of the city’s most delicious coffee varieties. All of the coffee varieties served here are single-origin; Petra Roasting Company imports green coffee beans and roasts them right here in their very own cafe. In addition to the regular kinds of coffee, you can also find some seasonal coffees, filter coffees, and exotic teas, like Spice tea or Matcha tea.  

Address: Gayrettepe, Hoşsohbet Sokaği Selenium Residence D:Mağaza 1, 34349 Beşiktaş.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 AM- 8 PM, Saturday-Sunday, 10:30 AM- 7 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Gayrettepe Station.

Coffee Department

Coffee Department

This list of the best cafes in Istanbul wouldn’t be complete without the Coffee Department. What started off as a small coffee shop founded by two coffee lovers who wanted to bring the greatest experience for coffee lovers to Istanbul is today one of the most popular and best-rated coffee shops in Istanbul. In addition to drinking coffee in this exquisite establishment, you can also buy fresh coffee beans and ground coffee, as well as all other equipment necessary to become a barista yourself.

Address: Ayvansaray, Kürkçü Çeşmesi Sk. No:5, 34087 Fatih.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 AM- 6 PM, Saturday-Sunday, 9 AM- 7 PM.

Nearest Subway Station: Ulubatlı Station. 

Incir Agaci Kahvesi

Incir Agasi Kahvesi

If you’re a fan of colorful cafes, you’ll surely love Incir Agaci Kahvesi. Located in the heart of one of Istanbul’s most bohemian neighborhoods (Balat), this café is one of the most colorful cafes in town. It has a reputation as a hip café and its interior features all of the colors of the rainbow and more and the courtyard is decorated with handing umbrellas. Their menu features many different varieties of tea and coffee, as well as cakes and different variations of meze snacks. 

Address: Balat, Merdivenli Mektep Sk. No:1, 34000 Fatih.

Hours: Every day, 9 AM- 12 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Ulubatlı Station. 

Emilia Café

emilia cafe best cafes in istanbul

Last but not least, we round up this list of the best cafes in Istanbul with Emilia Café, one of the most beautifully decorated cafes in Istanbul. A visit to Emelia is a treat to all senses; sure the interior does appear slightly feminine but the design is very appealing and the atmosphere is very relaxed. It’s the perfect place for people who want to drink their coffee in peace, surrounded by bright colors, a lot of plants, and beautiful scents. 

Address: Suadiye, Mücahit Sk. no:402/B, 34740 Kadıköy.

Hours: Sunday- Thursday 9 AM- 12 AM, Friday-Saturday, 9 AM- 1 AM.

Nearest Subway Station: Kozyatağı Station. 

Did you like our list of the best cafes in Istanbul? Which one was your favorite? Do you think we forgot to mention some other coffee shops in Istanbul? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ryan Biddulph

Thursday 28th of July 2022


What an incredible city with perhaps the strongest coffee culture on earth. Amazing how the coffee and tea game in Istanbul is unlike anywhere else. I loved seeing folks enjoy their little cups when we spent a month there a few years ago.


Passport Symphony

Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

That's so true, Ryan, the coffee culture in Istanbul is on another level