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17 Gorgeous Beach Towns In Turkey You Have To Visit

You know, when most people think of Turkey, they might picture bustling bazaars, aromatic kebabs, or ancient ruins (and rightly so!). But let me let you in on a little secret: the beach towns in Turkey are the real unsung heroes. Nestled along the Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines, these gems serve up sun, sea, and history—with a side of baklava. If you’ve been limiting your beach jaunts to the usual suspects elsewhere, it might just be time to recalibrate your sandy compass. Ready for a deep dive into the most gorgeous beach towns in Turkey? Buckle up, because we’re about to coast through some serious seaside splendor!

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bodrum beach towns in turkey

We start off this list of the best beach towns in Turkey with Bodrum, Turkey’s hippest beach hangout. Bodrum isn’t just a sunny fling; it’s the whole beachy affair. Here’s the scoop: in between those whitewashed buildings with more charm than your favorite rom-com, you’ve got the majestic Bodrum Castle keeping an eye out. And while you’re here, a trip to the ancient Mausoleum at Halicarnassus is basically mandatory (because who doesn’t love ticking a Wonder of the Ancient World off their list?).

Plus, the underwater Archaeology Museum? Talk about a deep dive! Forget the been-there-done-that beach spots; Bodrum’s serving up history, culture, and those tan lines you’ve been dreaming of. Ready to pack those flip-flops?


fethiye beach towns in turkey

Ever stumble upon a beach town that not only nails the sun-and-sand gig but throws in ancient rock tombs and a world-famous lagoon to boot? Welcome to Fethiye, folks! First off, if you haven’t floated around the Blue Lagoon of Ölüdeniz, you’re missing out – it’s like nature’s VIP lounge. And for the history buffs, those Lycian rock tombs carved into cliffs aren’t just showing off – they’re a genuine “back in time” ticket.

Oh, and paragliding? Fethiye’s literally the launchpad for soaring over the coast. So, while other beach towns in Turkey are busy being… well, beachy, Fethiye’s over here doubling as a history class and an adventure park. Sunscreen, hiking boots, and a dash of curiosity – that’s the Fethiye starter pack. Who’s in?


antalya beach towns in turkey

Ever heard of a place that blends sun-soaked coasts with a side of cascading waterfalls, all garnished with a sprinkle of ancient history? Say hello to Antalya! Now, sure, you’ve got your classic beaches, but this place takes it up a notch. Ever seen waterfalls tumble directly into the sea? Düden Waterfalls, folks – it’s like nature’s own dramatic exit. And if you’re in the mood for a stroll, the winding lanes of Kaleiçi are basically an outdoor museum.

I mean, Hadrian’s Gate is right there just casually reminding you it’s been standing since, oh, the Roman Empire. So, while you’re busy deciding between another round of sunbathing, diving into history, takinga pirate boat cruise or even a hot air balloon ride, Antalya’s here making sure you never have a dull moment. Beach umbrella, ancient ruins, and maybe a kebab for the road – welcome to your Antalya checklist. Ready to tick ’em off?


kusadasi beach towns in turkey

This list of the best beach towns in Turkey wouldn’t be complete without Kuşadası. Kuşadası isn’t just any sun-kissed coastal town – it’s like the cool cousin of all Turkish beach spots. Sandwiched between cerulean waters and buzzing boulevards, this town knows how to throw a beach party by day and light up the night. Oh, and did I mention its backyard is Ephesus?

Yep, one of the ancient world’s largest cities! While you’re working on that tan, remember you’re just a hop, skip, and jump away from temples that have been around for millennia. And for those itching for a bit more modern action, the town’s bustling marina and promenade don’t disappoint. So, whether you’re a history nerd or just in it for the tan, Kuşadası’s got your beach towel ready.


cesme beach towns in turkey

Tucked away on Turkey’s western tip, this place isn’t just flaunting some top-notch beaches. No, Çeşme’s rolling like a VIP with its chic marina that offers one of the best scuba diving experiences in Turkey and windmill-studded landscapes. Ever tried windsurfing? Alacati’s breezy bays are calling your name. And if you’re thinking, “I need a bit more heat,” the local thermal springs are basically nature’s jacuzzi. Oh, and let’s not forget the historic Çeşme Castle, because a little dash of history makes that sunbathing feel downright cultured. So, if you’re up for a mix of sun, surf, and thermal soaks, Çeşme’s the spot.



Marmaris is not just any seaside resort; it’s like the Swiss Army knife of beach towns in Turkey. Need a bustling promenade? The Marmaris Bar Street’s nightlife is legendary. Fancy a bit of history? The Marmaris Castle has stories dating back to the Ottomans. And if sailing’s your jam, Marmaris boasts a marina that’s basically a magnet for yacht enthusiasts. Oh, and did I mention the Dalyan mud baths? Perfect for those seeking a natural spa day with a twist. So, whether you’re here for the beach hustle, jeep safaris, island explorations, or the history, Marmaris is serving it all up on a sun-drenched platter.


side turkey

Fancy a place where beach days come with a side of ancient ruins? Side’s got you. Now, this isn’t just another sunny spot to work on that tan; it’s where Apollo’s Temple casually photobombs your beach selfies. Thinking of catching a show? The ancient amphitheater is still open for business – well, sort of. And the Old Town? It’s like walking through a living history book, but with better food stalls. Side’s basically where the past and the present decided to hang out and catch some waves together. So, grab your hat, your history goggles, and maybe a floatie, because Side’s unique blend of sands and stories is one for the books.

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Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Just another beach town, right?” Wrong. And although Alanya is one of the best beach towns in Turkey, it has a lot more to offer. Alanya’s got the Alanya Castle – a historical gem that’s perched high enough to make you believe it’s guarding the whole Mediterranean. But wait, there’s more. Ever heard of a cave that’s good for your lungs? Well, Damlataş Cave isn’t just a stunner to look at; it’s been serving as a natural asthma remedy for ages.

And if that’s not adventurous enough for you, you can add a trip to Sapadere Canyon, paragliding over the sea, or taking an underwater tour to your Alanya bucket list. And let’s not forget the Cleopatra Beach – yeah, named after The Cleopatra. Apparently, she took a dip there. So, whether you’re here for a dose of history, a touch of therapeutic cave air, or just to walk the sands of royalty, Alanya’s rolled out the red carpet.



Nestled comfortably between the Aegean and Mediterranean, this gem is more than just crystal-clear waters and sun-soaked beaches. Ancient ruins? Knidos is throwing its hat in the ring, complete with an old amphitheater that’s still taking in the views. Oh, and almond lovers? Datça’s groves are churning out some of the finest! Between sips of olive oil (yeah, it’s that good here) and lazy beach days, there’s also the old Datça streets to wander, where stone houses wink with bougainvillea blossoms. So, if you’re hunting for a mix of serenity, history, and those postcard-perfect snaps, Datça’s got the goods.


kas port turkey

Kaş is the kind of place where cobblestone streets and bohemian vibes crash right into the Mediterranean. Diving enthusiast? This town’s underwater allure is so compelling, there’s an actual submerged Lycian city (Kekova) waving at you. And while you’re on the surface, you might catch a paraglider or two, ’cause the views from up there? Chef’s kiss! And if you’re thinking, “What about some old-world charm?” don’t fret. The ancient amphitheater’s got you, still doling out those ocean-backed sunset views. So, between ancient dives and sky-high glides, Kaş is where laid-back meets adventure. Snorkel, comfy sandals, and an adventurer’s spirit – Kaş is calling, you in?



Welcome to Ayvalık, where the Aegean gives its finest show. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill coastal town; it’s a delightful hodgepodge of Greek architecture, island-studded horizons, and olive groves for days. Speaking of which, if you’ve never tried Ayvalık toast, you’re in for a delicious revelation – it’s the town’s culinary high-five to the sandwich world. And when it comes to soaking up history, the Cunda Island is a maze of stone houses and ancient tales. Let’s not even get started on Sarımsaklı Beach – it’s the kind of sandy stretch that postcards get jealous of. So, between mouthfuls of toast and dips in turquoise waters, Ayvalık is where flavors meet waves.


gocek turkey

Ever found a spot where yachts casually hobnob with the backdrop of lush mountains? This is where Göcek comes in. Nestled right in Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, this town isn’t just playing the beach game – it’s got marinas galore and they’re quite the sight. Boat enthusiast or not, the 12-islands tour is like a crash course in “How to Vacation Like a Pro.” And when you’re done with island-hopping, the quaint town center is ready to serve up some Turkish delight, both the sugary treat and the experience. Oh, and for those with a diving spirit, underwater caves are just waiting for your splash. Basically, Göcek’s the place where sailing and nature decided to have a meet-cute.


belek turkey

Desire to laze on one of Turkey’s premium stretches of beach while also maybe (just maybe) getting a hole-in-one? Welcome to Belek, one of the finest beach towns in Turkey! Not your average beach town, this is where the Mediterranean sun dances on golf greens and luxury resorts play footsie with pristine beaches. And if you think Belek is all about modern pleasures, wait till you bump into the Aspendos Theatre, an ancient Roman relic that’s been putting on shows for millennia. Plus, if water’s your jam, there are waterfalls like Kurşunlu just beckoning for a visit. So, for those seeking beach vibes, a dash of golf, and a slice of history, Belek’s basically your holiday jackpot.


kemer beach towns in turkey

If you’ve been dreaming of a place where pine forests gracefully waltz with the Mediterranean, Kemer’s your dance floor. Not only is it a hotspot for those picture-perfect beach moments, but just a stone’s throw away, there’s Olympos – an ancient city chilling amidst nature. But hold on, it’s not just sand and old stones here; ever been to a mountain that’s forever on fire? Yanartaş (or the ‘flaming rock’) is where myth and reality have a bonfire party.

And for the cherry on top? The Phaselis ancient city, where history and beaches form the dream team. So, with a cocktail of ancient wonders, natural marvels, and beachy goodness, Kemer’s serving it up right. Sun hat, hiking boots, and perhaps a marshmallow for the flame – Kemer’s got a spot on the dance floor just for you.


trabzon coast

Trabzon isn’t your typical beachfront brochure, it’s actually one of Turkey’s largest cities but we feel this list of the best beach towns in Turkey wouldn’t be complete without it. Think emerald hills that spill into the Black Sea. And if your beach bag usually includes a history book, then the Sumela Monastery, precariously perched on a cliff, is going to make you feel like Indiana Jones on a beach holiday. Oh, and speaking of cliffs, Uzungöl’s mountain-fringed lake view? It’s like Mother Nature’s version of a mic drop.

Between nibbles of the legendary Trabzon bread, you might find yourself hiking up to Boztepe Park for a panoramic city view. So, if you’re in for a coastal adventure where green landscapes flirt with blue waters and history peeks around every corner, Trabzon’s rolled out its welcome mat. Walking shoes, a camera, and an adventurous spirit – Trabzon’s more than just a pit stop, it’s an experience.


sinop turkey

Sinop is the kind of place where the Black Sea takes a pause to admire itself. Far from being just another dot on the map, Sinop boasts tales of ancient civilizations, with the Sinop Fortress Prison giving Alcatraz a run for its money. And let’s talk beaches – Hamsilos Bay isn’t just another sandy stretch; it’s nature’s own art gallery where green and blue vie for attention.

Don’t get too relaxed though, because the Alaaddin Mosque and Sinop Archaeological Museum are ready to serve a generous dose of history on the side. So, if you fancy a blend of serene beaches, tantalizing history, and the feeling of discovering a hidden gem, Sinop’s beckoning.

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didim turkey

If you’re tired of the same ol’ beach towns in Turkey, let’s turn the spotlight to Didim. Think pristine beaches meet ancient wonders. First off, if you haven’t checked out the Temple of Apollo, you’re missing out on some top-tier ancient selfies. Altınkum Beach? It’s where the Aegean Sea turned its charm level up to 11.

And just between us, if you’re into water sports or just floating around like you don’t have a care in the world, Didim’s your playground. But here’s the kicker: the Medusa-head Medusa Temple. Yep, this town’s got Greek myths galore and the beaches to boot. So, if your ideal getaway is a dash of history with a sprinkle of beachside relaxation, Turkish bath (and maybe even a day trip to the famous Pamukkale) Didim’s got your back.

How did you like our list of the best beach towns in Turkey? Which one was your favorite? Which one would you like to visit first? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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