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15 Abandoned Places In Orlando To Explore

Amidst the gleaming skyscrapers and iconic attractions, lies a hidden treasure trove of forgotten spaces, each holding a mysterious allure that captivates the curious explorer. From forgotten theme parks frozen in time to derelict mansions cloaked in a melancholic beauty, Orlando reveals a side that transcends its renowned charm. Embark on a journey with us as we unravel the secrets and immerse ourselves in the captivating narratives woven within these abandoned havens. Prepare to be spellbound as we unveil the faded grandeur and intriguing remnants that reside in the abandoned places in Orlando.

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Now, let’s delve into the heart of this article, beginning with…

Orlando Sun Resort

orlando sun resort

We start off this list of abandoned places in Orlando with the Orlando Sun Resort. Once a thriving vacation retreat and the largest resort in Florida at the time of its creation, this abandoned gem now stands as a silent testament to its glorious past. A grand testament to mid-century architecture, the resort boasted luxurious amenities and breathtaking views. 

Today, the once-famous resort consists of nothing but crumbling facades and empty corridors that now whisper tales of bygone days. Despite its abandonment, the Orlando Sun Resort remains a captivating sight, enticing intrepid explorers to uncover its secrets and immerse themselves in the nostalgia of a bygone era.

Why is it abandoned?

One of the primary reasons for its abandonment was a shift in the tourism landscape of Orlando. As new and more modern resorts and attractions emerged, capturing the attention of visitors, the Orlando Sun Resort gradually lost its appeal. 

South Beach Orlando Luxury Suites

south beach orlando luxury suites

These magnificent suites were designed to offer a lavish escape, showcasing the epitome of luxury living in the heart of the city. With their stylish decor, state-of-the-art amenities, and breathtaking views, they attracted discerning travelers seeking a sophisticated retreat. Today, these deserted suites stand as a testament to the transient nature of luxury, their empty rooms and silent corridors bearing witness to the stories of indulgence and allure that once unfolded within their walls. 

Why is it abandoned?

I’d say the most significant reason was the changing dynamics of the hospitality industry. As travelers’ preferences evolved and new accommodations emerged, the demand for the South Beach Orlando Luxury Suites declined.

Summit Charter School

Summit Charter School

Once a vibrant hub of knowledge and inspiration, this educational institution nurtured young minds, fostering a love for learning and a sense of community. With its inviting classrooms, bustling hallways, and dedicated teachers, Summit Charter School thrived in its heyday. Though now left behind, the Summit Charter School remains a poignant reminder of the power of education and the transformative impact it has on young lives. 

Why is it abandoned?

As the tides of time shifted, educational priorities and demographics changed, leading to its abandonment.

Riddle House

riddle house orlando

Speaking of abandoned places in Orlando, we can’t forget to mention the Riddle House. This historic house, with its intriguing past and eerie reputation, draws thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts alike. Originally serving as a funeral parlor, it later became a private residence, embracing a new chapter in its unsettling history. Tales of inexplicable occurrences and ghostly encounters have shrouded the Riddle House, lending an air of mystery and fascination to its abandoned state.

Why is it abandoned?

One significant reason is the alleged paranormal activity reported within its walls but also, the cost of maintenance and restoration throughout the years probably became a financial burden to the owners, leading to its abandonment.

NNPTC Baldwin Park Barracks

NNPTC Baldwin Park Barracks

These once bustling barracks served as a home away from home for the dedicated men and women of the Navy Nuclear Power Training Command. With their impressive architecture and strategic location, they stood as a testament to the commitment and sacrifice of those who trained within their walls. However, as the winds of change swept through the military landscape, the barracks were left behind, their halls now echoing with the whispers of forgotten tales. 

Why is it abandoned?

As advancements in technology and changes in strategic priorities occurred, the need for nuclear power training facilities evolved, rendering the barracks obsolete. 

Central Christian Church

Central Christian Church abandoned places in orlando

Once a vibrant hub of spiritual worship and community, this architectural gem of Orlando now exudes a melancholic charm. With its striking façade and intricate details, the church evokes a sense of awe and reverence, even in its abandoned state. The echoes of sermons and hymns linger, reminding us of the vibrant congregation that once filled these sacred walls. Though now abandoned, the Central Christian Church remains an evocative testament to the spiritual heritage of Orlando.

Why is it abandoned?

One primary reason was the shifting demographics and changes in the community. As neighborhoods evolve and populations migrate, the demand for religious institutions can fluctuate. This decline in congregation size and participation made it challenging for the church to sustain its operations.

The Holy Land Experience

holy land experience orlando

Nestled in the heart of Orlando lies a captivating and enigmatic abandoned gem known as The Holy Land Experience. Once a thriving religious theme park, this extraordinary attraction offered visitors a unique glimpse into the biblical world. However, the passage of time has left it forgotten and desolate, adding an eerie allure to one of the most fascinating abandoned places in Orlando. Visitors can still explore the remnants of this once-lively park and witness the remnants of grand stages, ornate buildings, and religious exhibits frozen in time. While no longer operational, The Holy Land Experience continues to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity, reminding us of its fascinating past and the stories it once brought to life.

Why is it abandoned?

The Holy Land Experience faced various challenges that led to its abandonment. One significant factor was a decline in visitor interest over time. While the religious theme park initially attracted a considerable number of guests, changing trends and evolving preferences resulted in a dwindling audience. 

Sunland Mental Hospital Orlando

Sunland Mental Hospital Orlando

With a rich history spanning decades, this institution once aimed to provide compassionate treatment and support to its patients. Now, its empty corridors and decaying halls bear witness to a bygone era. As you step into this atmospheric relic, you can almost hear the whispers of the past, mingling with the gentle breeze that passes through broken windows. The abandoned Sunland Mental Hospital offers a glimpse into the evolution of mental health practices, inspiring reflection and contemplation on the progress made in the field.

Why is it abandoned?

One significant factor was the transformation of mental health care practices and the shift towards community-based treatment. As society recognized the importance of integrating individuals with mental health conditions into society, the reliance on large-scale institutions like Sunland diminished.

Venturella Resort & Spa

Venturella Resort & Spa

With its idyllic setting and exquisite design, this resort promised an escape from the ordinary, a sanctuary where guests could immerse themselves in lavish indulgence. The Venturella Resort & Spa boasted world-class amenities, including rejuvenating spa treatments, gourmet dining experiences, and meticulously crafted accommodations. However, as times passed by and tourism in Florida kept growing, many new, more luxurious facilities were built, leading to the ultimate closure of this once-great resort. 

Why is it abandoned?

Its operations became unsustainable, making the cost of running and maintaining the property unfeasible for its owners.

The Abandoned Water Mania Park

Water Mania Park
photo by Dustin Walker

Speaking of abandoned places in Orlando, we can’t forget about the abandoned Water Mania Park. Once a vibrant aquatic wonderland, this exhilarating theme park offered respite from the scorching Florida sun. Its thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and interactive splash zones made it a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike. Nestled amidst lush greenery, Water Mania Park was a place where laughter echoed and memories were forged under the shimmering sun.

Why is it abandoned?

As time flowed by, new water parks emerged, and the demands of ever-changing entertainment trends took their toll. The once-bustling park gradually slipped into abandonment, leaving behind echoes of excitement and the tantalizing promise of aquatic adventures.

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Disney’s Discovery Island

Disney’s Discovery Island

Tucked away amidst the lush foliage of Bay Lake, this island sanctuary once beckoned visitors with its promises of adventure and exploration. As part of the renowned Walt Disney World Resort, Discovery Island served as a zoological park, captivating guests with its diverse wildlife and captivating exhibits. A symphony of sights and sounds filled the air as families embarked on unforgettable journeys of discovery. However, as time flowed on, the island’s doors closed, leaving its vibrant inhabitants behind and transforming it into an abandoned oasis. 

Why is it abandoned?

As the focus shifted towards larger and more immersive experiences within the Walt Disney World Resort, the demand for a standalone zoological park like Discovery Island diminished. 

Walt Disney World’s Abandoned River Country

Walt Disney World Abandoned River Country

Once hailed as the first water park at the Walt Disney World Resort, River Country was a playground of aquatic adventures and endless fun. Nestled along the picturesque shores of Bay Lake, this imaginative water park captured the hearts of visitors with its thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and sandy beaches. Families flocked to experience the joyous splashes and exhilarating rides, creating treasured memories under the Florida sun. Its doors closed, and nature gradually reclaimed what was once one of the most vibrant parks in Florida. 

Why is it abandoned?

As the tides of time shifted, new water parks emerged with innovative attractions, leading to River Country’s eventual closure.

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Splendid China Park

Splendid China Park abandoned places in orlando

Nestled amidst Florida’s vibrant landscapes, this extraordinary park showcased intricate replicas of China’s iconic landmarks, allowing guests to embark on a virtual journey across the vast expanse of the Middle Kingdom. From the majestic Great Wall to the resplendent Forbidden City, every corner of Splendid China Park exuded an air of authenticity and reverence. Intriguing cultural performances, vibrant festivals, and immersive exhibits immersed visitors in the vibrant traditions and customs of Chinese civilization. 

Why is it abandoned?

As time passed and cultural tastes evolved, the park faced declining attendance, ultimately leading to its closure. Today

A World Of Orchids

A World Of Orchids orlando

Nestled amidst Florida’s lush landscapes, this enchanting haven was a haven for orchid enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With its vast collection of rare and stunning orchid species from around the globe, A World of Orchids offered a glimpse into the enchanting realm of these delicate blooms. Visitors strolled through lush gardens, their senses captivated by the captivating scents and vibrant colors that filled the air. Educational exhibits and expert guidance provided a deeper understanding of these fascinating plants and their intricate ecosystems but unfortunately, that was not enough to keep this park operational.

Why is it abandoned?

As the tides of time shifted, the demands of the horticultural industry and changing visitor preferences led to the eventual closure of this botanical gem.

Stars Hall of Fame

Stars Hall of Fame orlando

A once dazzling tribute to the iconic stars of the entertainment world, the Stars Hall of Fame celebrated the achievements and legacies of beloved actors, musicians, and cultural icons. Inside its hallowed halls, visitors were immersed in a world of stardom and glamour, surrounded by memorabilia, interactive exhibits, and captivating displays that showcased the remarkable journeys of these legendary figures. From the golden age of Hollywood to the modern era of music, the Stars Hall of Fame captured the essence of fame and the impact these luminaries had on popular culture.

Why is it abandoned?

As tastes shifted and new attractions emerged, the allure of the Hall of Fame waned, leading to its eventual closure.

Did you like this list of abandoned places in Orlando? Did you ever visit any of them? Are there any other abandoned places in Orlando you would like to see on this list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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