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18 Relaxing Things To Do In Vegas Unrelated To Gambling

Well, well, well, curious traveler! I see you’re peeling back the neon layers of Las Vegas, looking beyond the dice rolls and nightclub glitter. You’re after the soul-soothing, the zen-finding, the “let’s sip chamomile while watching the sunset” moments, aren’t you? Fear not, for this city isn’t just about high stakes and showgirls. Nope, it’s got its hushed corners and serene spaces, perfect for those seeking relaxation amidst the razzmatazz. So, let’s shuffle our deck and reveal some of the most surprisingly relaxing things to do in Vegas unrelated to gambling. Ready to trade that poker face for a peaceful one?

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Relax At The Best Spas On The Strip

vegas spas

We’re starting off this list of the best relaxing things to do in Vegas with some of the city’s finest spa centers. Perhaps you’ve gone elbow-deep in poker chips or have been swaying to beats until the neon lights seemed like a Van Gogh painting. Whatever brought on that Vegas fatigue, I say it’s high time you immerse yourself in some lavish TLC.

Let’s start our relaxation journey with Canyon Ranch Spa at The Venetian & The Palazzo. This isn’t just a spa—it’s an empire of relaxation sprawled over 134,000 square feet.

Next, step into the desert oasis that is Sahra Spa & Hammam at The Cosmopolitan. Enveloped in desert-inspired treatments and lost within crystal steam rooms, you might just find yourself.

Ah, then there’s the Waldorf Astoria Spa, where, tranquility meets luxury in a symphony of massages, oils, and that relaxation lounge. For the spa aficionados, ESPA at Vdara is the place to be. Think treatments that whisper the secrets of essential oils in an ambiance that’s the antithesis of the Las Vegas hustle.

Try The Red Rock Canyon Experience

Red Rock Canyon Experience

Now, I get it. You might be thinking, “I came to Vegas for neon, not nature.” But trust me, this list of the best relaxing things to do in Vegas wouldn’t be complete without the Red Rock Canyon Experience.

As you approach, the rusty red hues of the rocks (fun fact: they didn’t get their color from blushing at the Strip’s antics) dominate the landscape, offering a panoramic view that’s Instagram-gold. No filters needed here, folks! And those scenic drives? They’re like the Bellagio fountains but in slow-mo and sprawled across 13 miles of pure, unadulterated nature.

Visit The Desert Sanctuary Of Springs Preserve

Desert Sanctuary Of Springs Preserve

You see, in a city where the most common birds are perhaps showgirls’ feather headdresses, Springs Preserve comes as a pleasant anomaly. It’s like finding an unexpected plot twist in a clichéd movie or discovering that the house always wins… in terms of beauty and serenity, at least.

Now, sprawled across 180 acres, this place isn’t your average backyard garden. Oh no, my dear Watson. Springs Preserve is where Mother Nature rolled up her sleeves, played her cards right, and created a conservation oasis. Think botanical gardens that could give Eden a run for its money and trails that beckon even the laziest of us. Yes, I’m looking at you, “I only run when chased” folks.

Unwind At Mount Charleston Getaway

Mount Charleston Getaway

Alright, so you’ve danced with Lady Luck, and maybe she stepped on your toes a few times. Maybe you need a breather, or perhaps just a reminder that not everything in Vegas requires chips, dice, or a potential walk of shame. Mount Charleston, my friends, is your cold compress in the desert heat.

Nestling skyward at 11,916 feet, this isn’t just a rise in the topography. It’s a mood, a vibe, an “I-need-to-put-on-a-sweater” kind of cool retreat. Yes, you heard it right! It’s one of the best relaxing things to do in Vegas where you can actually sport those cute sweaters you impulsively packed “just in case.”

Eager to stretch those legs without shimmying? Well, Mount Charleston boasts trails that range from the “Look, Ma, no sweat!” kinds to the “Is this how I get those model-worthy calves?” varieties. Whether you’re an occasional stroller or a mountain goat in a past life, there’s a trail with your name written all over it.

Visit The Dolphins At Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden

Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden

Las Vegas, often dubbed the ‘adult playground,’ has a trick or two up its sleeve, and no, it’s not pulling a rabbit out of a hat. It’s more like producing a dolphin from the desert. Seems improbable, right? But hey, we’re in a city where you can see the Eiffel Tower and the canals of Venice in the same day, so let’s not feign surprise.

At the heart of the Mirage, which, by its name, should already prepare you for some delightful illusions, lies a sanctuary that flips (pun intended) your Vegas expectations. Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden isn’t just another splash in the ocean but a genuinely fin-tastic experience.

Now, let’s talk dolphins. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill “I’ve seen them on TV” kind of dolphins. They’re charismatic, they’re playful, and I dare say, they might just be better dancers than some folks you saw at the club last night. Watching them gracefully glide and pirouette through the water is like watching aquatic ballet, minus the tutus.

Explore The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

Now, hold on to your feathered hats, because Vegas is about to surprise you again. This isn’t another neon-lit attraction, or a glitzy show with sequined jackets. No, siree! Nestled within the casino’s bustling heart, this habitat is like finding an oasis in the desert, or a straight flush when you’re down to your last chip.

Spanning 15 acres of tropical paradise, the habitat is one of the best relaxing things to do in Vegas. Palms sway, waterfalls cascade, and there’s that unmistakable chatter – a mix of birdsong and touristy gasps. It’s free (yes, you read that right, a freebie in Vegas) and it’s the kind of place where nature seems to wink and say, “Bet you didn’t expect to see me here!”

The stars of the show? Well, the flamingos, of course! Standing on one leg, as if they’ve imbibed a bit of the Vegas swagger, they parade around with a charisma that could rival the Strip’s top headliners. But the habitat isn’t just a one-bird show. From koi fish that glide beneath bridges to ducks that seem to be playing their own version of craps, there’s a cavalcade of critters here.

Admire Amazing Art At The Bellagio

relaxing things to do in vegas

Ever strolled through Las Vegas and thought to yourself, “I could do with a dash of Monet amidst this montage of neon”? Well, you, my cultured comrade, are in for a treat. Tucked within the very heart of the city, where fountains dance and fortunes are made (or, let’s be real, sometimes lost), the Bellagio unfurls its sophisticated canvas, beckoning art aficionados and curious wanderers alike.

Now, the Bellagio isn’t just another name in the glitzy Vegas marquee. It’s not content merely with its mesmerizing fountains or its plush casinos where James Bond fantasies come alive. Oh no, it decided to up the ante by housing a veritable treasure trove of fine art. Fancy, right?

Step into the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art and prepare to be swept off your feet. And I’m not talking about the “three cocktails deep at a Vegas lounge” kind of swept. I mean the “standing in front of a timeless masterpiece with your jaw on the marbled floor” kind of moment.

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Catch A Show At The Smith Center Performances

Smith Center Performances

Nestled amidst the sequined bosom of Vegas, The Smith Center isn’t just another neon sign in the desert. It’s like finding an opera house in the middle of a circus, a Broadway amidst slot machines. Think of it as Vegas’ sophisticated cousin who sips on classical music while the rest guzzle down pop culture.

Right from the moment you step onto its Art Deco premises, you can sense it – there’s a touch of magic here, an aura that whispers of elegance and grandeur. It’s as if the ghosts of Sinatra and Fitzgerald decided to haunt a place, but in the most graceful, charming manner.

Whether it’s a soul-stirring orchestra, a Broadway show that sweeps you off to distant lands, or a jazz ensemble that makes your feet tap in uncontrollable glee, The Smith Center has it all. It’s like the world’s greatest artists decided to have a secret rendezvous, and guess what? You’re on the guest list!

Take A Stroll Around Arts District

Arts District vegas

Nestled about a mile from the neon glow of Downtown Vegas and the iconic Fremont Street Experience, the Arts District, fondly known as 18b, is like stumbling into an alternate universe. This isn’t your cookie-cutter tourist trap; it’s a vibrant, pulsing heart of culture and creativity that’s expanded way beyond its original 18 blocks​​.

Imagine strolling down streets where contemporary meets traditional, and every corner is bursting with artistic expression.  Here, you’ll find galleries, studios, and museums where the air is thick with the scent of oil paint and the buzz of inspired chatter. Think paintings, sculptures, theatrical performances – the works! It’s a kaleidoscope of creativity that makes you feel like you’re walking through an open-air museum.

Dine By The Lakeside At The Wyn

The Wyn relaxing things to do in vegas

Alright, let’s take a leisurely stroll down to Lakeside at The Wynn in Las Vegas, a spot that’s less about flashing lights and more about the gentle lapping of water against the shore. The first thing that sets the Wynn apart is the food. Head Chef David Middleton is like a culinary wizard, turning the freshest of the fresh – think line-caught sustainable fish, colossal lobsters – into dishes that are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the palate.
And the vibe is fancy that’s true but without the stuffiness. You’re there sipping on a creatively concocted cocktail, watching the sun dip behind the Lake of Dreams, casting a golden glow over the water. It’s a side of Vegas that’s often overshadowed by the bright lights of the Strip but no less dazzling.

Enjoy A Drink Over Ocean Views At Mandarin Bar

Mandarin Bar

“Ocean views in a desert?”, you scoff, your eyebrow arching higher than a Cirque du Soleil acrobat. But ah, my doubting friend, Mandarin Bar doesn’t play by the mundane rules of geography. Nestled high above the bustling streets, this oasis offers a panorama that mimics the vast expanse of the ocean, with the glittering Vegas skyline serving as its mesmerizing waves.

Stepping into the Mandarin Bar is like being handed a golden ticket to an exclusive club of opulence. The ambiance? Think James Bond meets The Great Gatsby, with a dash of Vegas pizzazz. Dim lights, plush seats, and a horizon that dances with the neon glow of the city, making a visit here one of the best relaxing things to do in Vegas.

Now, let’s talk libations, shall we? The cocktails here aren’t just beverages; they’re masterpieces. Each drink is a story, a symphony of flavors that play on your palate like Sinatra on a grand piano. From the classics to inventive concoctions, every sip promises a journey that’s as thrilling as a roll of the dice.

Go Golfing

relaxing things to do in vegas

You see, in a place where fantasy collides with reality on an hourly basis, why wouldn’t there be sprawling greens in the middle of the desert? It’s like discovering Narnia, but instead of a wardrobe, you’re stepping through a casino’s revolving door.

This list of relaxing things to do in Vegas couldn’t be complete without its golf courses. After all, the city boasts golf courses that can only be described as… well, Vegas-style. Luxurious, larger-than-life, and, dare I say, a tad extravagant. Imagine teeing off with the shimmering Strip in the backdrop, or aiming your shot around a replica of the Eiffel Tower. It’s as if the golfing gods and Vegas showgirls had a rendezvous and birthed these glamorous greens.

Now, if you’re imagining yourself as the next Tiger Woods or merely an enthusiast who occasionally (read: often) lands in the sandpit, fret not. Vegas caters to both the pros and the ‘just-here-for-the-fun-and-fancy-golf-carts’ crowd. From championship courses that could make seasoned golfers break a sweat (and that’s not just the desert heat) to more forgiving fairways where the stakes aren’t as high as the blackjack tables, there’s a golfing niche for everyone.

Take A Gondola Ride At The Venetian

vegas gondola

Ahoy, adventurous souls and hopeless romantics! Fancy a trip to Venice without leaving the dazzling boulevards of Vegas? “Impossible!” you cry. But let’s not forget, this is Las Vegas, where the line between fantasy and reality gets delightfully blurry. It’s time to embark on a love affair with the canals, without leaving the continent. Buckle up (or should I say, cast off?) and enter the charming realm of the Gondola Rides at The Venetian (one of our favorite relaxing things to do in Vegas).

Now, let’s set the scene, shall we? You’ve been dancing with Lady Luck at the roulette table and feel the urge for some classic European romance. What’s a lovestruck wanderer to do? Take a mere saunter over to The Venetian, where the spirit of Venice is alive and serenading. Yes, you read that right, serenading.

Here, the gondoliers don’t merely steer; they croon. As you glide beneath bridges and alongside bustling cafés, the dulcet tones of your gondolier carry you away, making the neon lights of Vegas seem galaxies away. Suddenly, you’re in the heart of Italy, the water’s gentle sway reminiscent of the Grand Canal’s embrace.

Enjoy The Sunset Views At The Stratosphere

The Stratosphere

So, you reckon the best sunsets are reserved for beaches or mountaintops? Time for a 360-degree paradigm shift – both metaphorically and literally. Rising like a phoenix (or a rather tall cocktail glass) from the glittery chaos of the Strip is the iconic Stratosphere Tower, one of the best relaxing things to do in Vegas. And friends, the views from this vantage point are as intoxicating as a Vegas night itself.

Perched high above the shimmering desert mirage, as the sun takes its dramatic bow, the city below starts to gleam, transforming into an electrified jewel box. And if the sky’s watercolor display isn’t enough, how about adding a sprinkle of adrenaline? Perhaps a SkyJump off the tower or a spin on one of the dizzying rides? Not for the faint of heart, but then again, isn’t Vegas all about upping the ante?

Visit The Ethel M Chocolate Factory And Cactus Garden

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

This list of relaxing things to do in Vegas couldn’t be complete without the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Forget the flashing lights of the Strip for a moment and imagine a place where Willy Wonka meets the Wild West. First stop: the chocolate factory. Ethel M isn’t just any ordinary name on a chocolate bar. With a legacy that’s as rich as their truffles, this isn’t merely a factory; it’s a choco-haven.

As you walk through, the air is thick with the scent of molten cocoa, and every corner whispers tales of indulgence. You can see, taste, and almost hear the symphony of chocolates being crafted. And yes, tasting is encouraged—because what’s a trip to a chocolate factory without letting your taste buds dance in delight?

But wait, we’re not just here for the cocoa. As the sugar rush sets in, it’s time to wander into the Cactus Garden. And let me tell you, this ain’t your grandma’s garden. It’s North America’s largest collection of its kind, sprawled over a jaw-dropping 3 acres. As you stroll, you’ll be greeted by more than 300 species of cacti and desert plants. From the towering saguaros to the blooming agaves, it’s like nature’s version of Vegas – dazzling, a bit prickly, and utterly unforgettable.

Attend The Mirage Volcano Show

Mirage Volcano Show

Set against the watery facade of the Mirage’s lagoon, as nightfall descends, things begin to heat up, literally. With rhythmic drumbeats providing a tantalizing prelude, this show is one of the best relaxing things to do in Vegas. Fireballs shoot into the sky, synchronized with spirited beats, turning the night into a fiery fiesta. If you’ve ever wanted to see a volcano, sans the ash and lava running down streets, this is your golden ticket.

But there’s more! (There’s always more in Vegas.) The soundtrack for this eruptive escapade? Crafted by none other than the legends of percussion, Mickey Hart and Zakir Hussain. Talk about drumming up an inferno!

Yet, amidst the flames and fervor, here’s what’s truly awe-inspiring: it’s all free. In a city where the house usually wins, here’s a spectacle where everyone leaves feeling a bit richer. The heat, the beats, the fiery feats—it’s nature meets neon in the most Vegas way imaginable.

Have A Relaxing Day By The Pool

relaxing things to do in vegas

Welcome to the other side of Vegas – the sun-soaked, cocktail-in-hand, peaceful pool days sans the typical razzle-dazzle. A pool clear as your winning intentions, where you’re not just floating, but also diving into wellness with occasional aqua yoga classes. Or how about lounging on eco-friendly sunbeds, surrounded by native plants, birdsong providing the only rhythm?

Instead of bass-pounding music, let the soft rustling of Balinese-style cabanas serenade you. And when hunger strikes? Satisfy your tastebuds with a sushi roll or nibble on some Greek olives, as friendly attendants stand by, ready to refresh your drink or even recommend a bestseller from the poolside library. Who knew a day at the pool could be such an around-the-world journey?

Wander Around The Open-Air Tivoli Village

Tivoli Village

Last but not least, we wrap up this list of relaxing things to do in Vegas with Tivoli Village. At first glance, you might think you’ve been whisked away on a spontaneous Euro-trip. Cobblestone walkways, quaint little boutiques, and artisanal eateries that scream ‘la dolce vita’ – Tivoli is like that surprise ingredient in your cocktail, the one that takes the whole experience from “Mmm” to “Oh wow, bartender, what’s in this?”

You see, Tivoli isn’t just any ol’ shopping plaza; it’s a delightful melting pot of experiences. Fancy a cappuccino while you watch the world go by? Perhaps a sneak peek into an artisan’s workshop? Or maybe a dance (or two) to a street musician’s tune? Tivoli has you covered, in style.

Each boutique is a story waiting to be explored. From bespoke trinkets that would make magpies jealous to fashion finds that make you go, “Why isn’t this in my wardrobe already?”, there’s a touch of magic in every corner. And for all you gastronomes, get ready to embark on a culinary journey that’s as global as Vegas itself. Whether you’re craving tapas, sushi, or just a gelato to beat that desert heat, Tivoli’s got the goods.

How did you like our list of relaxing things to do in Vegas? Did you ever try any of these things? Do you know of any other relaxing things to do in Vegas for a different experience? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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