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55 Great Travel Gifts For Couples Who Love To Travel

When it comes to finding the perfect travel gifts for couples who love to travel and are close to you, it’s all about fueling that shared passion for exploration. In this article, we’ll focus on some of our favorite travel gift ideas. These are thoughtful extras that say, “I get you two. I love your adventurous spirits, and I’m all for your next ‘Remember when we…’ story”.

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Gifts For Outdoorsy Travel Couples

We’re starting this list of the best travel gifts for couples with a few suggestions for outdoorsy people, so if you know someone like this, keep reading, I’m sure they’ll love most of these ideas. 

Backpack Cooler

For couples who love to take the scenic route and cherish picnics in the outdoors, a backpack cooler is a perfect gift. Imagine trekking to a secluded beach spot with your portable fridge (of sorts). You open the backpack and inside, there’s chilled wine waiting to toast to an impromptu sunset or fresh fruit to add a sweet note to your adventure…


travel gifts for couples hammock

For the duo that finds romance in the wild whispers of nature, a nice travel hammock is like a magic carpet for two. Picture this: between two sturdy pines, a hammock hangs like the smile of the forest, ready for our intrepid travelers to kick off their boots and snuggle into their own cozy nook. It’s where stories are shared, and stars are counted. It’s portable, easy to set up, and instantly turns any spot into a haven for relaxation.

Sleeping Bag For Two

sleeping bag for two

A sleeping bag for two is basically a portable bear hug that you can take to the mountains, the beach, or any campsite that calls your name. When the night air gets crisp, this double-wide sleeping bag becomes a snug retreat. Whispered conversations in the hush of the night, counting constellations through the tent’s opening, all while bundled up—it’s like a sleepover with your best friend and favorite companion rolled into one.

Pop Up Tent

Pop Up Tent

For couples who’ve got the spirit of adventure in their hearts, a pop-up tent is a trusty sidekick they never knew they needed. It unfolds in seconds, a temporary home that says, “Let’s stay awhile,” whether perched on a cliffside or nestled in a forest glade. It’s the start of a story that begins with, “Remember that time we woke up to the sound of the river?” It’s about ease and instant comfort, making room for more time gazing at the stars or clinking mugs of cocoa together by the fire.

Water Bottle With Filter

A water bottle with a filter is one of the best travel gifts for couples because you’d be giving them the freedom to quench their thirst anywhere in the world, from mountain streams to urban fountains. They can sip worry-free, knowing that what they’re drinking is as clear as their wanderlust-driven intentions. Because when you’re traversing new lands, who wants to hunt for a convenience store?

Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots

A pair of sturdy hiking boots for the couple with wanderlust in their souls is like giving them keys to the kingdom of the great outdoors. For the couple that finds love in shared adventures, hiking boots are the silent vow to go anywhere together – from the sun-dappled silence of forest trails to the rugged crests of mountain peaks. Gifting them says you understand their passion for exploration and their need for practicality. It’s a nod to the miles they’ve walked and the many more they’ll journey through side by side.

Mini First Aid Kit

This compact guardian angel slips into a backpack, unassumingly important, ready at a moment’s notice to patch up a scraped knee or soothe an unexpected sting. It’s the kind of present that says, “I care,” without needing to utter a word. After all, when they’re out there in the world, making memories from sunrise treks to late-night beach walks, the last thing they should worry about is a minor mishap turning into a major mood-killer.

Survival Bracelet

Survival Bracelet

This nifty accessory is a compact toolkit, cleverly disguised as a stylish bracelet. It’s packed with essentials like a compass for navigation, a whistle for emergencies, and even a fire starter for those impromptu camping nights under the stars. Gifting this to a travel-loving couple is like saying, “I admire your spirit of exploration and want you to be prepared for anything.”

Collapsible Camping Light

Speaking of great travel gifts for couples, a collapsible camping light is one of the most romantic things to gift a traveling couple. Compact and clever, it folds down to practically nothing, slipping easily into a corner of their backpack, ready to spring into action when dusk falls on their campsite. Picture them, unfolding the light as the stars begin to pepper the sky, its gentle glow casting a cozy ambiance over their outdoor home. It’s perfect for those late-night chats or cooking a simple meal together under the open sky.

Water Shoes

Water shoes for the globe-trotting couple are like trusty sidekicks for their feet. Picture them, hand in hand, exploring a hidden beach or navigating a creek, their steps confident and carefree. Water shoes protect against the unexpected – be it a jagged shell or an unseen pebble. They’re the silent guardians that let the couple focus on the beauty around them, not what’s underfoot. Gifting them these aquatic allies is like saying, “Go on, chase those waterfalls and wander along those shores, your steps are safe.”

Waterproof Phone Cases

Waterproof Phone Cases

This list of the best travel gifts for couples couldn’t be complete without waterproof phone cases. Waterproof phone cases for the adventure-loving couple are like shields for their digital sidekicks. Imagine the couple, lost in the rainforests’ embrace or kayaking on a serene lake. Amidst these escapades, their phones are safe, snug, and dry.

Collapsible Travel Bottle

A collapsible travel bottle is a space-saving wonder, shrinking down to fit in the tiniest nook of their backpack. It’s great for active people who need hydration on the move and care for the environment (with this, who needs all those plastic bottles?).

Matching Travel Gifts For Couples

Next, we have a few great matching gifts for travel couples. 

Matching Passport Holders

Passport Holders

Matching passport holders are the perfect gifts for couples with wanderlust etched in their hearts and feet. Gifting them this inexpensive but heartwarming gift is a great way to give them the chance to show that they’re on this adventure together. It’s one of those gifts that are very inexpensive but still heartwarming.

Matching Luggage Tags

There’s something charmingly quaint about matching luggage tags. They’re like love notes on your bags, making a statement in the sea of travel gear. For the couple that journeys together, these tags are winks across conveyor belts and hotel lobbies, a fun way to quickly spot their belongings, and a cute reminder of their togetherness in the hustle of travel.

Matching Travel T-Shirts

matching t shirts

Мatching travel t-shirts – a playful, yet endearing gift for the couple that doesn’t mind announcing their partnership to the world. Whether they’re exploring ancient ruins or chilling on a beach, these tees add a dash of fun to their travel wardrobe. It’s a way for them to literally wear their hearts on their sleeves, showcasing their team spirit.

His & Hers Toiletry Bags

For the practical duo, His & Hers toiletry bags are a godsend. It’s organization meeting personalization. No more rummaging through each other’s bags for toothpaste or a hairbrush. Each has their space, yet it’s a shared approach to travel. These bags are a nod to the convenience that every traveling couple appreciates.

Travel Themed Bedding Set

Travel Themed Bedding Set

What better way to end a day of adventures than by drifting off to sleep in a travel-themed bedding set? Each pattern or design echoes memories of places visited and dreams of trips to come. It’s practical, sure, but it also serves as a nightly inspiration for their next great adventure. 

Gifts For Tech-Savvy Couples

This guide to the best travel gifts for couples wouldn’t be complete without a few gadgets for tech-savvy travelers that will make their trips a lot more convenient. 

Power Bank

If you’re a frequent traveler, you probably know what kind of life-saver a power bank can be on a trip. Whether navigating a new city or camping under the stars, this compact device ensures their gadgets are always juiced up. Gifting this device to a traveling couple says, “Go ahead, keep exploring, your phone’s battery won’t call it a day before you do.”

Eye Mask with Speakers

travel musk with speakers

An eye mask with built-in speakers is a game-changer for couples who travel together. It’s their ticket to personal retreats on noisy flights or in busy hotels. While one drifts off to a playlist of soothing waves, the other can enjoy an audiobook.

Go Pro


For the adventurous couple, a GoPro is like a new set of eyes. It’s rugged, compact, and always ready to dive, jump, or trek with them. A GoPro captures the thrills and spills of their adventures in stunning clarity, making it an ideal gift for travel couples who want to eternalize and share their most daring moments.


A tripod for traveling couples is their third wheel in the best way possible. It’s there to hold the camera steady for that perfect sunset time-lapse or to include both of them in a scenic selfie. It’s a silent witness to their romantic moments and breathtaking discoveries, making sure no one’s left out of the frame.

Electronics Organizer

DDgro Electronics Travel Organizer

An electronics organizer is another great gift for most travel couples on the move. It’s a great way to keep their chords, chargers, and gadgets in place without making a mess in their bag/backpack. It’s a simple yet effective tool that prevents tangled headphones or missing USB drives (because that’s the last thing you need on a crowded, long flight, right?).

Portable WiFi Hotspot

travel gifts for couples

A portable WiFi hotspot is definitely one of the best travel gifts for couples who travel frequently. This nifty device gives our beloved couple the freedom to map their route, look up local eateries, and stay in touch with family without ever having to worry about roaming again.

International Travel Adapter

An international travel adapter is the universal key for travelers. It’s compact, and it speaks every outlet language, from London to Tokyo. Gifting this adapter is like saying, “Charge your devices anywhere in the world and stay powered for every adventure.”

TSA Approved Locks

Imagine a couple, all set for their dream vacation; bags-packed, passports- ready, excitement- in the air. The last thing they need is TSA-approved locks for their luggage so they don’t have to fret over their bags while sipping coffee in Paris or sunbathing in Bali.

Globetrotting Travel Gifts For Couples

Some people might find some of these gifts corny or unnecessary but (coming from a traveler) I have to say that most travel couples would love these.

Scratch-Off World Map

Scratch-Off World Map gift

A scratch-off world map is one of the best travel gifts for a globetrotting couple. It looks simple and some might even say tacky but this map is like a living memento of their travels. They get to scratch off each country they visit, it’s interactive and kind of fun, but it’s also a great way to visually track their journey together and relive their memories.

Wood Wall Map

A wood wall map is both a stylish piece of decor piece but also a symbol of wanderlust that inevitably defines your typical traveling couple. It’s a rustic yet elegant reminder of the places they’ve been and a prompt for the destinations they dream of. Hanging it in their home, they can point to each spot and share stories, or plan their next getaway.

Cork Globe

A cork globe is like a 3D journal for those traveling love birds. With pins to mark their destinations, it’s an engaging way to commemorate their travels and relive each trip’s highlights but also a great planning tool for their future adventures.

Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

This book is a like window to the world for the average travel-enthusiast couples. Every page turn is an inspiration, filled with breathtaking photography and enticing descriptions. It’s perfect for nights when they’re curled up together, thinking about their next adventure and fueling their wanderlust.

Capital Cities: A Journey Around The World Through 118 Capital Cities

For a couple fascinated by cultural travel, you can never go wrong with this book as a present. The book takes readers on a journey through of 118 of the world’s capital cities, offering stories and insights that allow readers to learn more about these destinations. It’s a way to travel the world from their sofa but also a tool to help them choose where in the world to go next.

Travel Comforts

We all know how important comfort is when traveling and following this thought of logic, some of the best travel gifts for couples are just that- stuff that make their travels more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable.

Luggage Set

A luggage set is the ultimate travel gift for couples who share a passion for discovery. Matching suitcases are not only practical but also a stylish statement in any airport lounge.

Anti-Theft Bag

Grab an anti-theft bag for that couple who loves to lose themselves in new cities. It’s their ticket to enjoying that street festival or that sunset point without side-eyeing their zippers every few minutes.

Packing Cubes

SuitedNomad Compression Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a simple yet effective gadget that brings some organization in the chaotic world of couple travel. It helps turn their suitcase into a neat wardrobe, where every item has its place and it’s not an exaggeration to say that this item turns packing into art.

Luggage Scale

You know that couple who always come back from trips with a suitcase full of souvenirs? A luggage scale is for them. It’s that practical little gadget that lets them know if they can fit in one more trinket or bottle of local wine.

Travel Pillow

travel pillow

Let’s face it, long trips can be a pain in the neck but a travel pillow can help change that. It’s the kind of gift that tells a traveling couple, “Your comfort is key.” Whether they’re snoozing on a flight or dozing off in a car, the travel pillow can become their new best travel companion (after each other, of course).

Quick-Drying Towels

Imagine a couple, fresh from a swim in the crystal-clear waters of a hidden cove or a sweaty hike up a scenic trail. They reach for their towel, and it’s dry—like magic. That’s what quick-drying towels bring to the table.

Mini Refillable Perfume Bottles

These mini perfume bottles are a pocket-sized touch of elegance. They’re for quick spritzes before those impromptu dates that happen when you’re wandering the world together. Simple, leak-proof, and just the right amount of fancy (and most important of all, minimalistic).

Travel Mugs

For couples who love their brew on the move, travel mugs are the real MVP. It’s the mug that sees them through those chilly dawn patrol surf sessions or warms their hands after a twilight hike. Gifting them a pair of travel mugs? You’re essentially giving them the warm embrace of their favorite drink, wherever they find themselves. This makes travel mugs one of the best travel gifts for couples who love to travel.

Lightweight Robes

lightweight robes

Think of those lazy mornings on vacation, when there’s no rush to do anything but enjoy each other’s company. That’s where lightweight robes come in. They’re the kind of gift that tells a couple, “Kick back, relax, and take it easy.”

Beach Bag

Ever see those couples who look effortlessly cool and collected, even with a full day’s worth of beach gear? They’ve probably got a killer beach bag. It’s that one tote that fits the oversized towels, the half-read novels, and even the stray seashells they pick up along the shoreline.

Passport/Documents Organizer

passport organizer

You know those couples who seem to live in airports as much as they do in their own home? An organizer for their passports and documents is a game-changer. It’s the sort of thing they won’t know how much they need until they’ve got it.

Dodow Sleep Aid

Sleep can be elusive when you’re crossing time zones or trying to catch Z’s on a plane. The Dodow Sleep Aid is like a little genie for those travel couples, promising restful nights wherever they are. It’s a small device that projects a soft, blue light, setting a calming rhythm for their breathing.

Ear Plugs

From overnight flights to hostel dorms, earplugs might just be a couple’s best friend in the travel world. They’re the tiny but mighty travel gifts for couples that say you understand the value of silence in the noisy world of travel.

Experiences & Subscriptions

In this next section of our guide to the best travel gifts for couples who love to travel, we share a few experience and subscription-based gifts you can gift a couple planning their next adventure abroad.

Fun Together Gift Card

This card might look like a piece of plastic but for the wanderlusting travel couple, it can become a list of memories waiting to be made. Whether it’s a hot air balloon ride or a pottery class in a little studio they stumble upon, this card says to the couple, “What’s next on the adventure list? As travel gifts for couples go, it’s the ultimate ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ they can enjoy together.

Taste the World Gift Card

For those couples who plan their trips around food, the Taste the World Gift Card is like a golden ticket to flavor town. From a cozy pasta-making class in Italy to a spicy street food tour in Bangkok, this card lets them savor the journey one bite at a time. Out of all the travel gifts for couples, it’s one that promises to be as delicious as their travels.

GetYourGuide Gift Card

Think of this card as the cool insider friend every globe-trotting couple wishes they had in every city. It’s for those moments when they look at a massive line and think, “Nope, not for us.” Whether it’s front-row tickets to a flamenco show in Spain or a private tour through Vietnam’s floating markets, this card gets them there. It’s one of those travel gifts for couples that quietly says, “Go on, skip the queues, and get straight to the heart of the place.

Airbnb Gift Card

airbnb woods

An AirBnB Gift Card? Oh, it’s the dream for any couple with a case of wanderlust. A cozy apartment in Paris, a beach house in Malibu, or maybe a treehouse in Bali—this card turns the whole world into their backyard. It’s among those travel gifts for couples that say, “Your adventure, your rules.”

Jack’s Flight Club

Sign them up for Jack’s Flight Club, and watch the travel-hacking couple light up. This service is like having a friend who always knows the best time to grab those flight deals. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, letting them save on flights so they can splurge on experiences.

Other Gifts For Travel Couples

Last but not least, we’ll complete this list of the best travel gifts for couples who love to travel with a few gift ideas that we couldn’t place in any other category but will still make a lovely present for your couple friends.



There’s this neat gadget, the LifeStraw. Picture your friends out on a hike, finding a stream. Instead of worrying about what’s in the water, they whip out this straw and take a drink straight from the source, like nature’s own water fountain.

Foldable Duffle Bag for Traveling

Do you have friends who always come back with more than they left with? A foldable duffle bag is the answer. It starts out small, then grows to accommodate their new finds. It’s a perfect fit for travel couples who might pick up a local wine in Tuscany or handcrafted blankets in Peru.

Travel Journal with Prompts

Today I am Grateful book

So, there’s this journal that’s perfect for those ‘let’s sit and take this view in’ moments. It’s got prompts that are like little nudges for the couple to spill their travel secrets onto the page. Think of it as their personal Q&A for the road. “What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen?” or “Describe that unexpected taste at dinner.”

Compact Binoculars

For the couple who won’t miss a distant peak or a bird in flight, compact binoculars are a window to wonders. They’re easy to pack and a joy to use, perfect for that spontaneous whale-watching opportunity or the sight of a rare bird while on a jungle trek.

Travel Fund Box

Sometimes the best gift is the dream of the next trip. A travel fund box is a charming way for couples to save for their next adventure. It’s a nifty little motivator, making it one of the sweetest travel gifts for couples with a bucket list as long as the Great Wall of China.

Travel Memories Box

A box for travel memories is a couple’s time capsule. It’s where they’ll tuck away that ticket stub from the Eiffel Tower, a shell from a Thai beach, or a coaster from their favorite brewery in Brussels.

Travel Games for Couples

For those long flights or rainy days in a cabin, travel games can be a lifesaver. They turn waiting time into fun time. It’s about connection, laughter, and maybe a little friendly competition. This kind of gift brings a playful spirit to their travels, making it a cute addition to any trip.

Bucket List Adventures Journal

For the couple that’s always asking “where to next?” this journal helps turn “someday” into reality. With pages ready to be filled with plans and ideas, it’s one of the most inspiring travel gifts for couples.

How did you like this list of the best travel gifts for couples? Did you find it helpful? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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