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Spending An Amazing Honeymoon In Norway- 10 Crucial Things To Know

Where the Northern Lights serve as a glittering overhead canopy for starry-eyed lovers, and fjords stand tall as nature’s own love letters to the world. Planning a honeymoon in Norway isn’t just about marking a special beginning; it’s about etching memories in the Nordic snow and letting the crisp air fill the spaces between your fingers as you hold hands. If you’re seeking an escape where romance flirts shamelessly with raw nature, dances under midnight suns, and cozies up in traditional cabins, then darling, Norway beckons with open, frost-kissed arms. Because let’s be real: if fairy tales decided to go on vacations, Norway would be their top honeymoon pick! 

Why Norway Is A Dreamy Honeymoon Destination?

honeymoon in norway

If Mother Nature ever played favorites, this Nordic marvel would surely be her darling. Imagine a land where fjords, seemingly crafted by ancient poets smitten by love, frame your every view, and the Northern Lights dance overhead, like the universe’s very own celebration of your union. As the midnight sun casts golden hues, refusing to set (perhaps too engrossed in your love story), you’re treated to mountaintop dinners in Tromsø or enthralling whale watches under the endless day in Lofoten. 

Retreat to quaint cabins, epitomes of coziness, nestled beside tranquil lakes or amidst snow-laden woods, setting the stage for matrimonial warmth. As if that wasn’t enough, Norway invites you to a gastronomic gala with its ballet of flavors—from the ocean’s freshest bounty to tantalizing cloudberries and chocolates. Simply put, a honeymoon in Norway is like diving into a rich romantic tapestry, where every thread weaves tales of timeless love and surreal beauty.

Best Time For An Amazing Honeymoon In Norway

visiting norway

Norway, with its captivating landscapes and changing seasons, offers unique experiences throughout the year. The best time for a honeymoon in Norway depends on the kind of experience you’re after:

Summer (June to August): Ever fancied a romantic stroll at midnight without needing a torch? Welcome to Norway’s endless summer days! It’s the season of the Midnight Sun, where the sun flirts but never truly sets. Fjord cruises? Spectacular. Hiking? Divine. Tans? Maybe not so much, but who needs ’em when you’ve got that post-wedding glow?

Autumn (September to October): Picture this – a canvas painted with golden hues, the landscape bursting into a fiery display of reds, oranges, and yellows. Add to this the seductive dance of the Northern Lights starting to peak in. And the best part? Fewer selfie sticks blocking your pristine views since the major tourist rush is winding down.

Winter (November to March): Got a thing for cuddling? Norway’s winter is your ultimate wingman. It sets the scene with a snow-draped backdrop, then throws in the mesmerizing Northern Lights overhead. Consider going full ‘Frozen’ by checking into an ice hotel. Snowball fights followed by hot cocoa? Clichéd, but oh-so-necessary.

Spring (April to May): Snow says its goodbyes, waterfalls roar back to life, and flowers pop up, turning your honeymoon in Norway into a real-life romantic film set. Still chilly, but with the promise of warmth, much like when you leave the wedding reception and realize you’re now in this ‘forever’ thing for real.

Romantic Destinations in Norway

Now that we covered some basics, let’s get to the part you’ve all been waiting for; some of the most romantic destinations for a honeymoon in Norway, starting with…


oslo honeymoon in norway

Ah, the allure of Oslo! Imagine a city where even its statues appear to be whispering sweet nothings, especially in the romantic backdrop of Vigeland Park. Oslo’s unique blend allows couples to oscillate between sipping cappuccinos in avant-garde cafes and a swift seaside escape for a brisk dip—all in a day. But wait, there’s more. Crave a splash of culture? Perhaps Edvard Munch’s iconic ‘The Scream’ at the Munch Museum or an evening at the Oslo Opera House, which, by the way, isn’t just an architectural marvel but a vantage point for those cuddled-up sunset selfies. 

If Viking tales tickle your fancy, the Viking Ship Museum awaits. But if you’d rather whisper sweet nothings, let it be amidst the blossoms of Oslo’s Botanical Gardens. And as dusk embraces the city, Oslo’s vibrant nightlife emerges—from sultry jazz lounges to rooftop bars basking in the midnight sun. Cheers to Oslo, the city where every moment feels like a stolen kiss and every night promises a new chapter of romance.


bergen honeymoon in norway

The city where rain is less of weather and more a flirtatious wink from the skies, adding a hint of shimmer to those quaint streets. Now, before you dive into your umbrella collection, let’s sashay down its historic heart—Bryggen waterfront. With a charm so timeless, you’d half expect medieval traders to haggle over fish prices.

If you’re more musically inclined, the city’s repertoire boasts the age-old Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and the vivacious beats of the Bergen International Festival. More into visuals? The Fløibanen funicular offers cinematic views from Mount Fløyen without the pesky exertion of an actual climb. But, of course, Bergen’s crowning jewel remains its title: Gateway to the fjords. A window into nature’s grandeur, from cascading waterfalls to regal fjords, it’s drama minus the cliffhangers. As for the rain, let’s just say it’s Mother Nature’s way of coaxing you into cozy cafés, where a warm ‘kanelbolle’ awaits. 


tromso honeymoon in norway

Nestled in the Arctic Circle, Tromsø isn’t just cold feet and frozen toes; it’s where the skies dance in neon hues and make you question your own reality. Think of it as the universe’s own disco but with no closing hours. First things first, let’s address the shimmering elephant in the room – the Northern Lights. This town doesn’t just get a front-row seat; it gets the VIP backstage pass to the auroras. But don’t mistake it for just a celestial spectator. Oh no, Tromsø has more tricks up its frosty sleeves.

By day, the Midnight Sun turns night into a prolonged golden hour, ideal for those candid shots or candid moments. If you fancy a break from nature’s marvels, the Arctic Cathedral stands tall, an architectural masterpiece that almost rivals the natural wonders. But here’s a pro tip: try a dog-sledding experience. It’s like your favorite roller coaster but fluffier and with an authentic Arctic twist.

Lofoten Islands

lofoten honeymoon in norway

Imagine an archipelago that’s like an artist’s secret portfolio, every nook a masterpiece only a few have seen. Firstly, Lofoten’s beaches defy all Arctic logic. White sandy shores cuddle azure waters under a sun that seemingly forgets to set. Midnight Sun beach volleyball, anyone? But, just as you’re adjusting your sunglasses, the islands toss in a winter spectacle: the Northern Lights. It’s as if the skies looked down at the ocean’s brilliance and said, “Challenge accepted.”

If you’re feeling particularly Viking-esque, and let’s face it, who isn’t after a mead or two, the Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg is your ticket to a time warp. Get a taste (quite literally) of Viking feasts, longhouses, and even their ships. And speaking of tastes, the seafood here? It’s like the fish jump straight into the chefs’ pans, with a dash of Arctic salt, of course.


Geirangerfjord honeymoon in norway

Tucked away in Norway’s sun-dappled embrace, this fjord is less of a destination and more of a sonnet written in deep blues and verdant greens. Now, one might argue that fjords are aplenty in Norway, but Geirangerfjord? It’s like the superstar of the fjord family, often caught stealing the limelight with its cinematic cascade of waterfalls, such as the Seven Sisters and the Suitor. Their liquid ballet is the stuff of legends and postcards, intertwining and dancing in perpetual harmony.

As you serenely cruise its crystalline waters, you’ll notice the steep mountain walls whisper tales of ancient farmers, with abandoned farmsteads like Skageflå proving the tenacity of the human spirit. To say the views are breathtaking would be like calling the Mona Lisa a “nice sketch.” The panorama from the Eagle Road or Dalsnibba Mountain Plateau? It’s akin to standing atop an artist’s easel, witnessing a masterpiece in real time.


alesund honeymoon in norway

First off, this isn’t just a town; it’s an Art Nouveau dream, thanks to a 1904 fire followed by a whimsical rebuild. You see, Ålesund doesn’t merely have buildings; it has artworks that folks live in! Winding streets, ornate turrets, and delightful dragon motifs — it’s as if Elsa from Frozen decided on a side career in architecture.

But this town isn’t content with just charming you at ground level. Oh no, it invites you up – 418 steps to be precise – to the Aksla Viewpoint. The reward? A panoramic embrace of the town, the surrounding archipelago, and perhaps a fleeting wish that your drone camera could capture feelings. Now, for those tender moments, nothing beats a walk along the Brosundet canal. As the sun dips, it’s almost as if the water borrows a bit of the sky’s blush, turning your stroll into a canvas of pastel romance.


Stavanger honeymoon in norway

For all the history buffs turned lovebirds, Stavanger’s Old Town will make you swoon (and not just for your partner). Picture cobbled streets lined with white wooden houses, each one seemingly competing in a quaintness contest. And while you’re lost in these bylanes, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a modern mural — Stavanger’s sly nod to its burgeoning street art scene.

Now, for a touch of adrenaline with your amour: the Pulpit Rock or “Preikestolen” awaits. A hike that promises to elevate both your heart rate and your love for nature. Standing atop, with the fjord below, it’s a rendezvous spot for lovers and eagles alike.



Speaking of an unforgettable honeymoon in Norway, we just have to mention Trondheim; Norway’s ancient heart with a youthful pulse, perfect for those honeymooners who fancy a waltz through history with modern tunes playing in the background. If cities were music genres, Trondheim would be a classic vinyl with a pop remix.

Kick things off with the Nidaros Cathedral – a Gothic marvel that’s not just old but timelessly elegant, much like the best love stories. As bells chime and history surrounds you, you might find yourselves thinking of forever in a place that feels timeless.

But hey, this isn’t just a city of yore! As you saunter across the Old Town Bridge, affectionately dubbed “The Portal of Happiness,” let the charming Bakklandet district lure you in with its wooden houses on stilts. They’re more than just buildings; they’re postcards from the past with a dash of Instagrammable charm.

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Think of Hardangerfjord as the classic Hollywood starlet – timeless, elegant, and with a penchant for dramatic landscapes. It’s the perfect honeymoon in Norway for people who believe their love story deserves nothing short of an epic backdrop. Dive right into its embrace and you’re treated to a symphony of towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and orchards that seem to have mastered the art of seduction. Seriously, those fruit blossoms in spring? It’s as if the trees themselves are toasting to love and new beginnings.

But let’s talk drama – and no, not the newlywed type. The fjord’s Vøringsfossen waterfall plays it out loud and proud, plummeting with such gusto, you’d think it’s trying to compete with your own heart’s palpitations. As it crashes and mingles with the fjord’s serene waters, it’s a gentle reminder of how passion and tranquility can coexist. Speaking of coexistence, Hardangerfjord isn’t just about nature’s theatrics. The region’s idyllic villages like Eidfjord and Ulvik offer a slice of Norwegian charm. Imagine strolling hand-in-hand, discovering local crafts, and perhaps pausing to sip on some of the freshest apple cider.


senja norway

Now, for those who consider Lofoten too mainstream (no judgment!), Senja is like its serene, less-trodden cousin. Majestic peaks dip their toes into cerulean waters, while fjords carve through the landscapes, playing hide and seek with the fishing villages dotting their shores.

The island is a dramatic symphony of contrasts. To the north, craggy cliffs and mysterious caves beckon the wild-hearted, whereas to the south, gentle hills and lush forests provide a soothing serenade. But no matter where you tread, there’s always that tantalizing tease of the Northern Lights, or during those endless summer days, the mesmerizing dance of the Midnight Sun.

Beyond its natural allure, Senja is also a treasure trove of cultural delights. Dive into its rich fishing heritage, savor the fresh catch of the day, and perhaps share tales with the locals over a warm fire. Trust us, these stories, much like the island’s charm, are hard to forget.



Nestled in Norway’s dramatic western coastline, this is where nature went, “Let’s turn it up a notch…or ten!” It’s the perfect honeymoon in Norway for people who believe their love saga deserves the grandeur of an Oscar-winning epic. You see, Sognefjord isn’t just another fjord; it’s the fjord. Stretching over 200 km inland and diving over a kilometer deep, it’s like the universe’s very own love letter etched onto the Earth. Dramatic cliffs? Check. Emerald waters? You bet. Glaciers that seem to wink under the Nordic sun? Oh, absolutely.

But the beauty of Sognefjord isn’t just in its sweeping vistas. It’s in the silent moments: a shared gaze with your loved one as the soft ripples of water echo your heartbeats, or that collective gasp as you stumble upon a hidden waterfall, its mists intertwining with your whispered promises.

Honeymoon Activities and Experiences

Now that we covered some of the best places for a honeymoon in Norway, let’s give you a few more crucial tips and ideas for your upcoming romantic trip, starting with…

Fjord Cruises: Exploring Norway’s Stunning Waterways

norway fjord scenery

Picture this: As you stand on the deck, the world seems to unfurl in Technicolor. Majestic cliffs rise like ancient sentinels, their reflections painting the crystal-clear waters below. Cascading waterfalls, seemingly tumbling from the heavens, playfully flirt with the fjords, creating ripples that echo tales of yore. And if you’re lucky, a pod of orcas might just decide to match pace, their dorsal fins cutting through the water like nature’s very own maestros.

But a fjord cruise isn’t just about soaking in the sights. It’s about feeling the pulse of Norway. From the soft lullaby of the waves to the distant echoes of folklore and legends whispered by the locals at each port, it’s a sensory symphony. Think of it as nature’s Spotify playlist, curated especially for your soul.

Scenic Rail Journeys: Oslo to Bergen & The Flåm Railway

flam line best scenic train journeys in europe

Picture a train journey where every clickety-clack on the tracks is a rhythmic prelude to the visual symphony that awaits. This, my friend, is the magic of Norway’s scenic rail adventures: from the cosmopolitan vibes of Oslo to the storybook charm of Bergen, and the cherry on top? The jaw-dropping Flåm Railway.

The Oslo to Bergen line isn’t your run-of-the-mill train ride. It’s akin to a moving art gallery, where each window frames a constantly evolving masterpiece. As the urban chic of Oslo gives way, vast landscapes unfold. The train, like a dapper maestro, orchestrates a show of sprawling forests, pristine lakes, and mountain plateaus that feel plucked straight from a Nordic fairy tale.

But let’s press pause on Bergen for a moment. The Flåm Railway, or what we like to call “the David Attenborough of train journeys,” deserves its own fanfare. In just about an hour, this marvel of engineering whisks you from the high-altitude serenity of Myrdal down to the quaint village charm of Flåm, nestled deep in the fjord’s embrace. With gravity-defying tracks and panoramas that challenge the very definition of beauty, it’s no wonder this little rail journey often bags the title of the world’s most beautiful train ride.

Sami Cultural Experiences

sami people norway

The Sami, the indigenous nomads of the Arctic, offer newlyweds a heartwarming dance between tradition and the ethereal beauty of the North. Kick things off in a lavvu (traditional Sami tent). Imagine this: you and your loved one, ensconced in the warm embrace of reindeer pelts, as the soft glow of the fire casts dancing shadows on the walls. Outside, the Northern Lights might just put on a celestial performance, painting the sky in hues of green and pink, making your hearts flutter in harmony.

Now, speaking of reindeer, you can’t immerse yourself in Sami culture without experiencing their deep bond with these majestic creatures. Opt for a reindeer sledding experience, where these gentle beings guide you across the snow-kissed landscapes, their hooves crafting poetry with every step. And while you’re at it, lend an ear to the hypnotic joik (Sami song) that resonates with the very soul of the North.

Spa Retreats & Wellness Experiences

spa in norway

In a land where the landscapes themselves feel like a therapeutic hug, Norway turns the spa game up to 11. Picture this: You’re ensconced in a wood-fired hot tub, the gentle caress of steam on your face, while the Northern Lights play peek-a-boo in the sky above. Somewhere in the distance, a fjord’s waters softly lap against the shore, while the tranquil hum of nature becomes the only soundtrack you need. Sigh. Goosebumps, right?

But wait, spending a honeymoon in Norway isn’t just about your regular steam-and-soak routine. Ever fancied a seaweed bath while gazing at towering cliffs? Or how about a stone massage, where each smooth pebble feels imbued with the energies of the ancient Vikings? Yes, the Norse know their wellness game, intertwining modern luxury with age-old traditions.

And for those craving a dash of spiritual zing, the land of the Midnight Sun doesn’t disappoint. Be it meditative hikes under the ever-present sun, or yoga retreats where the mat next to you is occupied by a wandering reindeer, Norway delivers soul-soothing experiences with a quirky twist.

Romantic Dining Spots & Recommendations

norway restaurant

Start in the vibrant capital with a rendezvous at Ekebergrestauranten. Overlooking the city and the Oslo fjord, it’s where modern gastronomy meets panoramic vistas. Each dish, a canvas of local flavors, is best enjoyed as the sunset bathes the city in a golden hue. For something edgier, Maaemo (when last checked in 2021) is Norway’s three-Michelin-star delight. It’s less a meal and more an epicurean saga.

Wander over to Colonialen, a gem tucked away in the beautiful coastal city of Bergen. This spot melds the coziness of a rustic bistro with the finesse of gourmet dining. With every bite of their seasonal menu, feel the embrace of Norway’s lush landscapes and oceanic bounty.

Chase the Northern Lights, and then settle into Fiskekompaniet. Overlooking the Tromso harbor, it offers fresh seafood that feels like a passionate kiss from the Arctic Ocean itself. Combine that with its intimate ambiance, and you have a date night for the ages.

Credo in Trondheim will woo you with its farm-to-table philosophy. Every ingredient sings of the region’s purity and the chefs? Well, they’re more poets than cooks, crafting dishes that tell tales of Trondheim’s heart and soul.

Don’t miss Krambua Restaurant in Henningsvær. With views of the rugged coastline, indulge in dishes that mirror the islands’ wild beauty. Think fresh cod, tender lamb, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, whale meat.

Last but not least, perched by the harbor, Fisketorget in Stavanger is seafood galore. But if you’re vying for a sky-high dining experience, check out the Gastronomy Tower. It’s less of a restaurant and more of a culinary lighthouse, guiding food enthusiasts toward gustatory bliss.

Accommodations: From Cozy to Luxurious

Now before we conclude this guide to spending a honeymoon in Norway, we just have to share a few lovely accommodation options that will make your trip even better.

Traditional Norwegian Cabins

norway cabins

If you’ve decided to spend your honeymoon in Norway, these cabins are the ultimate cocoons of coziness, giving you the perfect backdrop for those newlywed cuddles and fireside chats.

Reine Rorbuer: Once humble fishermen’s cabins, the rorbuer of the Lofoten Islands have now donned a chic avatar. Think scarlet walls, turf roofs, and views of the majestic fjords right from your window. As you snuggle under a blanket, listening to tales the Arctic winds whisper, you’ll realize that ‘cozy’ just found a new benchmark. 

Stalheim’s Alpine Retreat: Tucked away in the heart of Fjord Norway, the cabins near Stalheim offer alpine allure like no other. Vintage log cabins with mossy roofs blend seamlessly into the lush green landscape, offering views of waterfalls and misty valleys. Inside, it’s all about wooden interiors, hearty fireplaces, and that intoxicating aroma of aged pine. 

Strandafjellet Panorama Lodge: Stranda, a region rich in folklore and history, houses some of the most enchanting forest cabins. Cloaked in mystery and woodland wonders, these cabins offer a heady mix of tradition and comfort. With hand-carved wooden details, historic art, and the sound of distant loon calls, it feels like stepping into a romantic saga penned by the woods themselves.

Boutique Hotels in City Centers

norway hotel

Nestled in the swanky Tjuvholmen district, The Thief is less a hotel and more an art lover’s dream with a postal address. As you walk through its chic corridors, don’t be surprised if a Warhol or a Hockney casually greets you. And the view feels like the Oslo Fjord just stretches out like a languid cat, asking you to soak in its beauty.

Just a heartbeat away from the historic Bryggen Wharf, Klosterhagen Hotel is a contemporary nod to Bergen’s monastic past. Once the grounds of a 13th-century nunnery, today it’s where minimalist design plays peek-a-boo with historic brick walls. 

With a legacy stretching back to 1870, the Britannia isn’t just in the heart of Trondheim; it is the heart. A recent makeover has spruced up its classic elegance with a dash of modern pizzazz. Think plush fabrics, mood lighting, and a spa that might just make you forget about sightseeing altogether.

Ice Hotels for a Unique Experience

norway ice hotel

Positioned in Norway’s frosty far north, Sorrisniva isn’t just a hotel, it’s an ephemeral ice masterpiece reborn every year. Sculpted hallways lead you to intricately carved rooms, each telling tales of Sami culture and Arctic life. And when the icy elegance gets a tad too nippy, their sauna awaits, promising warmth and maybe a spontaneous snowball fight later. 

Near the Russian border, the Kirkenes Snowhotel is where Arctic allure meets reindeer neighbors. With rooms that are chilly yet cozy -5°C, it’s like snuggling inside a snow globe. Each suite is a canvas, showcasing carvings by artists from around the globe. And the cherry on this icy cake? A resident team of huskies, ready to whisk you away on snowy adventures or just playfully nuzzle for a selfie.

Okay, I’m sledding slightly outside of Norway, but no ice hotel list is complete without Icetel, a legendary frozen fortress in Swedish Lapland. Established in 1989, it’s the world’s original ice hotel. From ice chapels to chiseled lounges, it’s a frozen fantasy brought to life. At night, drift into frosty dreams on beds made of ice but warmed with reindeer hides. 

Seaside Resorts With Fjord Views

norway sea resort

Steeped in history and basking on the shores of Lustrafjorden, the Walaker is a property that’s seen nine generations of hosts since 1690. Each room is like a canvas where sunsets paint daily masterpieces, and the fjords play muse. Their garden, lush and lovely, gently slopes down to the fjord, offering tranquil spots to sip on a glass of wine or two.

Nestled by the Hardangerfjord, Ullensvang isn’t just a hotel; it’s a panoramic theatre. With the Folgefonna glacier on one side and the golden apple orchards of Lofthus on the other, it’s a setting that might make even the Norse gods a tad jealous. Fancy a swim? Their shoreline pool offers the luxury of a warm paddle with icy fjord views

On the shores of Nordfjord lies a retreat that merges luxury with nature’s raw beauty. At Alexandra, you can luxuriate in a spa that seems to float on the fjord or dine in restaurants where the catch of the day waves hello from the waters below. With snow-capped peaks reflecting in the deep blue fjord, it’s the kind of place where romance doesn’t need an invitation.

How did you like our guide to honeymoon in Norway? Did this article make you put Norway on your list? Did you get some important information from this article? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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