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21 Fabulous Beach Resorts In Norway For A Peaceful Getaway

Norway is primarily famous for its majestic fjords, the Northern Lights, and Viking heritage, but let’s not forget that Norway also has one of the world’s longest coastlines, stretching across 100,000 kilometers! And of course, across this long coastline, you’ll come across some beautiful beach resorts. In this article, we’ll focus on the most fabulous beach resorts in Norway. Most of the resorts mentioned in this article are postcard-perfect and offer a taste of Nordic luxury at its finest. So pack your swimsuit and your woolly sweater (it’s still Norway, after all), and get ready to discover some of the country’s finest beach resorts!

Overview Of Norway’s Beach Resorts

norway sea resort

Norway may be more famous for its fjords, Vikings, and the Northern Lights than for its beach resorts, but don’t let that fool you. This Scandinavian treasure is home to a delightful collection of beachside havens where you can take in some rays, frolic in the waves, and feel the sand between your toes.

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Beach Resorts In Norway For Nature Lovers

We start off this list with the best beach resorts in Norway with a few suggestions for nature lovers. These secluded peaceful getaways allow you to sleep in modern sea cabins that offer unobstructed views of the scenic archipelago and are for people looking to reconnect with nature and discover the magic of Norway’s coastal beauty.

Sandvika Fjord- og Sjøhuscamping, Kabelvåg

sandvika camping

Nestled in Northern Norway, this charming beach resort is the ultimate destination for those who like their vacations with a side of the unexpected. Whether you’d like to go sunbathing at midnight, spot some playful porpoises while sipping your morning coffee, experience the northern lights, or just go bird watching and relax, Sandvika Camping– og Sjøhuscamping has you covered.

The resort is as if a postcard has come to life right in front of your eyes! But don’t let the quaint exteriors fool you – these cozy cottages come equipped with modern amenities that will make even the pickiest traveler feel right at home.

Stokkøya Strandhotell, Troningveien

Stokkøya Strandhotell

If you’re an avid adventurer that doesn’t mind swapping their flip-flops for a pair of hiking boots, you’ll probably like Stokkøya. Situated on Norway’s rugged central coast, Stokkøya Sjøsenter is one of the finest beach resorts in Norway, famous across the country for its breathtaking seascapes.

The resort has a series of seemingly minimalistic yet ultra-modern, fully equipped beach cabins that blend effortlessly into the surroundings. All cabins have beautiful panoramic windows that offer an unobstructed view of the vast ocean and the resort also has a fully-equipped beach bar and restaurant where you can savor some of the finest local dishes the region has to offer.

Sommarøy Arctic Hotel, Sommarøy

Sommarøy Arctic Hotel

Nestled in Northern Norway, the Sommarøy Arctic Hotel is a beautiful hotel located in the part of Norway where the midnight sun meets white sandy beaches, and the Northern Lights dance across the sky. It’s a beach resort without the classical palm trees and coconut cocktails but there are pink coral beaches and ice-cold aquavit. (Yes, you read it right, pink beaches). The pink color comes from the crushed shells that give the sand a rosy hue that strongly resembles a Wes Anderson movie.

The Sommarøy Arctic Hotel consists of traditional Norwegian “rorbu” cabins, painted in a cheerful red color that perfectly contrasts the stark Arctic landscape. Inside the cabins, you’ll find all the modern amenities you might need and a front-row seat to some of the most spectacular Arctic scenery Norway has to offer.

Håholmen Havstuer, Averøy

Håholmen Havstuer

What was once a fishermen’s village was turned into a charming hideaway island resort that offers visitors an intriguing mix of history, natural beauty, and Nordic hospitality. The best part about this picturesque resort town is that you can only get there only by boat.

The Håholmen Havstuer consists of a quaint collection of traditional fishermen’s cottages that were restored to preserve their rural charm. Inside the cabins, you’ll discover a unique Nordic ambiance with a touch of rustic charm. There are a lot of wooden elements, cozy fireplaces, and some of the most stunning views of the Norwegian Sea.

Manshausen Island Resort, Manshausen

Manshausen Island Resort

Created by famed polar explorer Børge Ousland, Manshausen is a place tailored to nature-loving adventurers. Instead of the usual palm trees and hammocks, you’d expect to find at most seaside resorts, here, you’ll find sleek, minimalist sea cabins perched right on the water’s edge. With their floor-to-ceiling windows, you can marvel at the rugged coastal scenery and the mesmerizing display of the Northern Lights from the comfort of your cozy cabin.

However, what makes this one of the best beach resorts in Norway is Manshausen’s outdoor activities. Kayaking through pristine fjords, hiking the rugged mountain trails, or diving into the icy waters of the Norwegian Sea are just a few of the thrills you can expect to experience here.

Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel & Restaurant, Fjærland

Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel & Restaurant

Fjærland Fjordstove is the perfect gateway to exploring the natural beauties of the Norwegian fjords. The hotel is nestled in the cozy village of Fjærland that comes to life during summers when visitors from around the world visit to discover the beauties of the region.

On the interior, the hotel doesn’t look special but its interior with its timber walls, antique furniture, and cozy nooks offer guests an interesting blend of old-world grandeur and modern comfort. Of course, the best part about staying here are the stunning views of the fjord and the surrounding mountains.

Family-Friendly Beach Resorts In Norway

Now that we covered some great choices for nature lovers and adventure seekers, let us show you a few beach resorts in Norway perfect for people traveling with their families (or perhaps having a honeymoon in Norway, a unique honeymoon destination, although far from being one of the cheapest ones).

Scandic Ishavshotel, Tromsø

Scandic Ishavshotel

Scandic Ishavshotel is one of the most unique beach resorts in Norway. Its unusual shape closely resembles a ship ready to set sail away from the port. Perched on the edge of the quay of Tromsø’s harbor, the resort is the perfect gateway to exploring the polar treasures of Norway. Its location offers views of the harbor on one side and the famous Arctic Cathedral on the other side (and occasionally, a few frolicking seals here and there).

Last but not least, the hotel’s interior is another great reason to stay here; the interior is using nautical themes and will make you feel like you’re on an Arctic expedition (but of course, with all the modern amenities).

Solstrand Hotel & Bad, Os 

Solstrand Hotel & Bad

Solstrand is a hotel that was built by a ship owner back in 1896, making it one of the oldest still-operating beach resorts in Norway. The hotel’s interior smells of maritime history and some visitors say it even makes them feel like stepping back in time as they wander through the hotel’s grand halls decorated with rich woodwork and opulent chandeliers. However, don’t let the old-fashioned decorations fool you; the hotel is as modern and comfortable as they come.

Solstrand’s real pièce de résistance, however, is its stunning location on the shores of Bjørnefjord. In addition to this, every room offers sweeping fjord views, mineral-rich seawater pools, private saunas, and its own spa center.

Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda, Kristiansand

Scandic Ishavshotel

Located in the heart of Norway’s sunniest city, Kristiansand, this hotel offers the ultimate Norwegian seaside experience. Located at Bystranda Beach, one of Norway’s finest, Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda will give you a taste of the best Norway’s coastline has to offer. True, the water might be colder than you’d expect from a summer retreat but the sandy beaches are just as good as most tropical beaches out there. The resort also has a beautiful Nordic interior with large windows and a lot of open spaces that allow visitors to unwind after long days of exploring the coastal beauties of Kristiansand.  

Hotel Norge by Scandic, Bergen 

norge hotel beach resorts in norway

Nestled in the heart of the charming coastal city of Bergen, this resort is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Hotel Norge has been around since 1885 and it hosted a lot of famous people over the years. Its long-standing legacy is proudly woven into the city’s fabric, and the recent makeover by Scandic has breathed new life into this historic gem.

The resort also has one of the most prominent locations in Bergen, right on Torgallmenningen Square, at the heart of the city’s vibrant cultural scene. Whether you’re here to explore the historic Bryggen Wharf, lose yourself in the colorful Fish Market, or soak up the sounds of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, you’re in a prime position to experience it all.

Kjørnes Camping & Fjordhytter, Sogndal

kjornes camping

Picture this: you’re on a picturesque peninsula, nestled alongside the Sognefjord – Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. Welcome to Kjørnes, one of Norway’s finest glamping destinations. You’re spoiled for choice here; you can lay under the stars in a tent, park your camper right by the water’s edge, or cozy up in a snug cabin. Whichever you choose, the stunning views and soothing sounds of nature are your constant companions.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: a camping site might not exactly spell luxury. But, trust me, Kjørnes has got you covered. There’s nothing ‘roughing it’ about this place. You’ve got spotless sanitary facilities, a kiosk stocked with everything you need, and – wait for it – Wi-Fi. Yes, you can stay connected even as you disconnect from the hustle and bustle. And for the little adventurers, there’s a playground that will keep them entertained for hours. In short, you’ll have all the comforts of home while surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Budget-Friendly Resorts

Although most beach resorts in Norway might be expensive (just like most other things in this country), there are a few exceptions out there for budget-savvy travelers…

Sjøgløtt Hotell, Kristiansand

Sjøgløtt Hotell

Hey, budget-savvy travelers, have I got a tip for you! If you’re dreaming of Norway but don’t want to empty your savings, meet Sjøgløtt Hotell, the perfect blend of coastal charm and wallet-friendly comfort. Tucked away in the picturesque town of Kristiansand, it’s a sight for sore eyes – and, thankfully, not a strain on the purse.

Here’s the scoop: Sjøgløtt Hotell has been around since 1896, winning hearts with its vibrant façades, snug interiors, and – best of all – its surprisingly affordable rates. So, yes, you really can have it all: a prime harbor-side location without the usual hefty price tag. You can thank me later!

And before you start thinking ‘budget equals basic’, think again. Sjøgløtt Hotell is anything but run-of-the-mill. Each of its 16 one-of-a-kind rooms is designed with a personal touch, combining all the modern perks with charming maritime decor that’ll make you feel like you’ve found your home away from home.

Kjerringøy Bryggehotell, Kjerringøy

Kjerringøy Bryggehotell

Kjerringøy is an idyllic Norwegian coastal village famous for its crystal clear waters, rugged coastline, and beautiful surrounding mountains. In the central part of the village, you’ll discover one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Norway; Kjerringøy Bryggehotell, the ultimate cozy haven by the sea. The Bryggehotell is run by a family, and in the village of Kjerringøy that translates to warm hospitality and a lot of heart. All of the rooms are decorated around the theme of the region’s rich maritime history and all of them offer beautiful views of the coastline.

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Luxury Beach Resorts

This list of the best beach resorts in Norway couldn’t be complete without a few of the country’s most luxurious seaside resorts. Here are some of our favorite choices.

Hamn i Senja, Skaland

Hamn i Senja

Okay, let me paint a picture for you. You’re standing at the edge of the world, gazing out at the untouched beauty of the Arctic Circle. You’re at Hamn I Senja and trust me, it’s as magical as it sounds. This place is all about losing yourself in the awe-inspiring views of majestic fjords, snow-kissed mountains, and – depending on when you visit – the enchanting dance of the Midnight Sun or Northern Lights.

But don’t think it’s just about kicking back and taking in the views (although that’s highly recommended). Nope, this place is a goldmine for adventure seekers. Fancy sea kayaking? Check. Want to cast a line and go fishing? You got it. Prefer hiking or snowshoeing? It’s all here, waiting for you.

After all that excitement, you’ll be ready to crash, and Hamn I Senja has got you covered. You can choose from modern suites, roomy apartments, or adorable cabins – all with the comfiest digs and views that’ll make you swoon. And if you’re feeling like a MasterChef moment, you’ve got a fully-equipped kitchen to whip up a meal with the freshest local ingredients. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Strand Hotel Fevik, Fevik

Strand Hotel Fevik

Strand Hotel Fevik is a glamorous seaside resort decorated in the 1920s style. In addition to being one of the finest beach resorts in Norway, the hotel is also an architectural gem with its Art Nouveau-style exterior dotted with graceful curves, ornate details, and expansive windows that offer stunning coastal views. The hotel has 89 accommodation options (all of which have a view of the resort’s private beach), ranging between hotel rooms, apartments, and suites, one of the finest banquet venues in Norway, and an exquisite restaurant.

Farris Bad, Larvik

farris bad beach resorts in norway

Perched on the shores of Larvik, Farris Bad is the ultimate beachfront haven to get away from it all. The first thing that inevitably pops into your eye is the hotel’s striking architecture, with sleek lines and floor-to-ceiling windows which overlook the scenic Skagerrak strait. The resort also has its own spa center and a group of very capable masseurs that allow the resort to advertise itself as a “temple of wellness” with saunas, steam rooms, and mineral-rich pools that draw water from a natural source 55 meters below the resort. Last but not least, all of their room comes with a private balcony and have a luxurious interior with all the modern amenities you might expect (and more).

The Thief, Oslo 

The Thief, Oslo 

This list of the best beach resorts in Norway couldn’t be complete without The Thief, Oslo’s most glamorous hideaway. Comfortably situated in the heart of the capital’s trendy Tjuvholmen district, The Thief is an iconic hotel that offers the perfect blend of cosmopolitan chic and Scandinavian cool (as unbelievable as that might sound). One of the thief’s most famous features is its impressive art collection that’s tastefully distributed across the hotel’s interior (the collection features works from renowned artists, such as Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and Julian Opie among others).

However, one thing that makes The Thief one of the finest beach resorts in Norway is its impeccable service and attention to detail which make guests from all walks of life feel like they’re VIPs. All of the hotel’s rooms have private balconies that offer gorgeous views of the Oslo Fjord but the hotel is also home to one of the most luxurious spa centers in Oslo and one of the capital’s most popular restaurants, headed by a Michelin-starred chef.  

Kragerø Resort, Stabbestad

Kragerø Resort

Set on the shores of the fjord, Kragerø Resort offers panoramic views of the sparkling water, dotted with islands and surrounded by lush forests. In addition to being one of the most luxurious beach resorts in Norway, the resort is also home to a fine spa center, a golf course and a golf club, a private beach with its own beach club, and one of the finest restaurants in the region.

As per the interior, all of the rooms and suites have all the modern amenities a resort should have and tasteful floor-to-ceiling windows with staggering views of the coast and surrounding forests. The resort is also a haven for nature enthusiasts because of its location and all the trekking routes and forests that surround the area around the resort.

Eco-Friendly Resorts

Last but not least, we’ll wrap up this list of the best beach resorts in Norway with a few eco-friendly resorts for all the conscious sustainable travelers out there.

Juvet Landscape Hotel, Valldal  

juvet landscape beach resorts in norway

Nestled in the heart of the Valldal Valley, Juvet Landscape Hotel is a haven for the eco-conscious traveler seeking an authentic connection with the natural world. At first glance, the hotel does give a futuristic vibe with its minimalist design, enormous windows, and modern wooden elements but despite its avant-garde appearance, Juvet is firmly rooted in the traditions of Scandinavian design and sustainable living.

The hotel has seven landscape rooms, all of which are built from locally-sourced materials with a minimal ecological footprint, an impressive feat when one looks at their huge tinted windows that offer spectacular views of the forests and nearby river. It’s almost like sleeping under the stars but without missing out on all the modern amenities.

Canvas Hotel, Telemark 

canvas hotel

Tucked away in the heart of Telemark, Canvas Hotel is a glamping retreat, perfect for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike. At a glance, Canvas Hotel has a very unusual appearance; all of their rooms are basically yurt-style tents but despite their minimalistic design, they’re incredibly comfortable and equipped. And all that is achieved without disrupting the rugged beauty of the surrounding landscape. The tents are equipped with wood-burning stoves, cozy beds, and private terraces with a sitting area.

The whole site is entirely powered by solar panels and every detail about the resort’s functioning has been thoughtfully designed to minimize the impact on the environment. In addition to this, the resort also participates in a range of activities that promote conservation and wildlife protection, so by staying here you’re directly supporting these initiatives as well.

Treetop Fiddan, Konsmo

treetop fiddan

Nestled high in the canopy of Norway’s southern forests, Treetop Fiddan is an eco-retreat that can be described as the ultimate paradise for eco-adventurers. The property has two kinds of facilities, both entirely built of wood. The first one is called the Cliff Cabbin and is a log cabin sitting at the edge of a cliff in the forest, completely surrounded by other trees. The cabin is 50 square meters large and can accommodate up to 8 guests.

The second one is called The Wilderness Tower and it is basically a treehouse tower on 4 levels located next to an old moose trail on the shore of Svartevann Lake. Each cabin is 20 square meters large and can accommodate up to 7 guests.

Another important characteristic of the Treetop Fiddan is their farm-to-tree approach that uses locally sourced ingredients from local farmers for all of the food that’s served on the property. The resort also has a communal dining area that (you guessed it) is set amidst the treetops…

How did you like this list of the best beach resorts in Norway? Did you have any favorites? Do you know of any other resorts that you think we should include in this list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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