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22 Amazing Cafes In Sacramento To Visit On Your Next Trip

Sacramento: It’s not just where the Governator once sat and mused about his next big action flick. Peel back the layers of political hubbub, and you’ll stumble upon a thriving café culture. It’s a scene as rich and aromatic as a freshly brewed cuppa. Dive into the streets of California’s capital, and you’re more likely to be debating pour-over techniques than policy decisions. Because here, between historic theaters and bustling boutiques, there are many fabulous cafes in Sacramento where you can get your daily dose of caffeine and more. So, ready to spill the beans on Sacramento’s best-kept secret? Let’s espresso ourselves!

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Coffee Culture & The Best Cafes In Sacramento

old sacramento

Ah, Sacramento. The city known for… well, let’s be real, many folks primarily know it as California’s capital. But hey, for those in the know, there’s something brewing beneath the surface (pun totally intended), and it’s not just politics. It’s the buzzing coffee culture.

Now, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of lattes and cappuccinos, from the neon-signed commercial chains to that obscure corner cafe with the barista who looks like he might play in a jazz band on weekends. But in Sacramento, coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up or a vessel for your oat milk. It’s practically a personality trait.

Roll into Midtown, and you’ll find yourself amidst a beautiful blend of the modern and the historic. I’m not just talking architecture. The cafes in Sacramento? They echo the same vibe. Vintage espresso machines humming in harmony with the latest pour-over gadgets. It’s like a silent nod to the old and new, co-existing.

Tower Café

Tower Cafe Sacramento

Starting this list of the best cafes in Sacramento, we have the Tower. Nestled right next to the historic Tower Theatre, this place isn’t just about food; it’s about flair. And a flair for what, you ask? Well, for everything! World cuisines, eccentric decor, and a garden setting that makes you question, “Am I still in Sacramento or did I just step into a tropical oasis?”

Their French toast? Let’s just say if fairytales could be eaten, that would be it. And don’t even get me started on the eclectic menu. It’s like the United Nations of food. Whether your taste buds are feeling Thai, Mexican, or maybe some classic American, Tower Café has got your back.

Steamer’s Bakery & Café

sacramento Steamer’s Bakery & Café

Right off the bat, let’s chat about their pastries. Flaky, buttery, and probably holding the secret to world peace. I once overheard someone say they’d trade their sibling for a box of Steamer’s croissants. Can’t blame them; it’s a tough call.

And the coffee? Oh boy. If your morning cuppa had a supercharged cousin who did CrossFit and meditation, that’d be Steamer’s brew. Smooth, robust, and probably can bench press its own weight.

But wait, there’s ambiance too. It’s a vibe that whispers, “Hey, stay a while. Read that book you’ve been putting off. Chat with a stranger. Or just, you know, chill.” It’s the living room you always wished you had (but without the awkward family gatherings).

Temple Coffee Roasters

Temple Coffee Roasters sacramento

Now, I’ve heard of coffee shops and then there’s Temple Coffee Roasters. This isn’t just one of the most amazing cafés in Sacramento, folks. It’s a pilgrimage for anyone with caffeine flowing through their veins. And for those without? Well, Temple might just convert you.

Firstly, their beans have more passport stamps than most backpackers I know. From Ethiopian highlands to Guatemalan valleys, every cup tells a global tale. And the taste? Imagine if rainbows could be distilled into a liquid form with a caffeine kick. Yep, that’s it.

But it’s not all about the coffee. Oh no, Temple’s ambiance? It’s the kind of cozy that makes you question all your life choices about why you don’t live in a café. Modern, rustic, with a dash of “I’m here to reflect on life” – that’s the vibe.

Garden Coffee

Garden Coffee

Garden’s Cafe isn’t your regular ol’ cafe; it’s a sip of nature in the heart of the city. You walk in and bam! It’s like Mother Nature decided to start a café and threw in every plant she had in her arsenal. Every corner, every nook is brimming with greens.

Now, the coffee. Picture this: a brew so rich and smooth, it’s like getting a hug from the inside. And let me tell you, Garden’s Cafe doesn’t play around with their beans. They’re roasted to perfection, with each cup telling you a tale of far-off lands, sun-kissed mountains, and moonlit harvests.

There And Back Café

There And Back Café sacramento

Speaking of the best cafes in Sacramento, we just can’t forget about There and Back. Now, between you and me, if you’re hunting for an escape without leaving the cozy corners of Sacramento, I’ve got a tip. Ever heard of There and Back Café? If not, let’s just say it’s the closest thing to teleportation we’ve got in the city.

Step inside, and you’re immediately in a different world. Or worlds, to be more accurate. It’s like this place picked up bits and bobs from every continent. Think of it as one of the best friendly neighborhood cafés in Sacramento with a penchant for global gallivanting.

Their brews? A caffeine lover’s dream passport. One sip, and you might find yourself in the lush landscapes of Ethiopia. Another gulp? You’re wandering through Colombian coffee farms. It’s geography, botany, and pure pleasure in a cup.

The Mill

The Mill cafes in sacramento

Hang on to your mugs, dear reader! Dive into Sacramento’s coffee scene, and you might find yourself swirling in a whirlwind of options. But among the whirls, twirls, and occasional squirrel (hey, city life!), one name emerges like that last drop of perfect brew: The Mill Café.

Now, this isn’t just some brick-and-mortar caffeine stop. Oh no, my friend. It’s more like stumbling upon an oasis in a desert, only the desert is Monday morning and the oasis is that expertly brewed coffee.

The ambience? Think industrial chic meets your favorite reading nook. It’s as if a modern art museum and your grandma’s cozy living room had a love child.

Ettore’s Restaurant & European Bakery


Listen up, culinary globetrotters! Ever dreamed of whisking away to a European patisserie without that pesky 10-hour flight? Say hello to Ettore’s Restaurant & European Bakery. It’s like someone took a slice of Europe, sprinkled it with California sunshine, and tucked it neatly in Sacramento.

This isn’t your standard munch-and-go joint. It’s an experience, a love affair with food that transcends borders. Each bite is a symphony, a melodious union of flavors that whispers sweet nothings to your soul. Melodramatic? Maybe. True? Absolutely.

The decor? Imagine if an Italian villa had a rendezvous with a chic Parisian café, and Ettore’s was their charming offspring. It’s got swagger, style, and a certain je ne sais quoi that makes you want to sit, linger, and perhaps pen a poem or two.

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Selland’s Market Café

Selland’s Market Café

Alright, foodie pals, gather around for a lil’ tidbit. Have you ever stumbled upon a place that feels like a culinary embrace? No? Well, enter Selland’s Market Café, Sacramento’s foodie haven with a side of sass.

It’s not just one of the best cafes in Sacramento, folks. Think of it as a food bazaar with flair, where every dish sings its own tune, and together, they create a harmonious chorus. Kind of like a culinary boy band, but with more flavor and less drama.

The ambiance? Picture this: a farmer’s market had a love child with an upscale European deli. Rustic charm meets gourmet finesse. The kind of place where you can rub shoulders with Joe from next door and maybe, just maybe, a wandering sommelier.

Nour’s Café

Nour’s Cafés in sacramento

Alright, my gastronomic comrades, lean in a little. If the culinary world of Sacramento was a theatrical play, Nour’s Café would be that scene-stealing, unexpected twist. A soliloquy of flavors that makes you go, “Where have you been all my life?”

This isn’t just any café on the block. Oh no! It’s like stepping into an artist’s secret studio, where every dish is a canvas, and the ingredients? Well, they paint stories, memories, and a whole lot of pizzazz.

The vibes? Think bohemian rhapsody with a sprinkle of Sacramento spirit. It’s as if a cozy Middle Eastern den decided to waltz with a hip Californian café, and voila, Nour’s was born.

G Street Café

G Street Café

Have you ever yearned for a café that’s less mainstream buzz and more ‘hidden vinyl record track’? Enter the realm of G Street Cafe, Sacramento’s quirky corner of caffeine dreams and bite-sized epiphanies.

It’s not your run-of-the-mill coffee stop. It’s like a secret club where every member understands the sacred bond between a good read, a snug nook, and that perfect cup of brew. Only difference? No secret handshake required (though they might just invent one).

The setting? Picture a vintage bookstore sidling up to a modern-day espresso bar. There’s an air of nostalgia, yet everything feels fresh, kind of like hearing a remix of your favorite 80s track.

Tree House Café

Tree House Café

Hold onto your cappuccinos, my café aficionados! Ever dreamed of reliving those treehouse fantasies but with gourmet food and fancy brews? Welcome to Tree House Cafe, where childhood wonder meets adult indulgence.

This isn’t just one of the best cafés in Sacramento – it’s a retreat. It’s as if an enchanted forest and a chic downtown bistro decided to collaborate, creating a magical alcove right in the heart of Sacramento.

The atmosphere? Imagine a sanctuary where the rustle of leaves competes with the soft murmur of espresso machines. There’s a sense of being cocooned, lifted away from city hustle, and set down amidst nature and nostalgia.

Now, let’s dive into the menu, shall we? Each plate seems to whisper tales of forgotten recipes with modern twists. And the beverages? I’ve heard murmurs (or was it a chirpy bird?) that their lattes are like liquid hugs, warming you from the inside out.


orphan cafes in sacramento

Ever wondered about an eatery that feels less like a routine pitstop and more like a delightful discovery? Drumroll, please… Orphan Cafe is here to end your quest, and no, it’s not looking for its long-lost relatives.

This isn’t just one of the best cafes in Sacramento; it’s a passion project. Imagine if a modern art gallery and a boho-chic kitchen had a rendezvous. The result? An aesthetic space where every corner beckons, every aroma intrigues.

The ambiance? Think open spaces with a dash of intrigue. It’s like they invite you to unravel a culinary mystery, one dish at a time. Each bite, a clue; each sip, a revelation.

Dive into their menu, and it’s apparent – there’s a love story in every dish. Whether it’s a sandwich that’s been crafted, not just made, or a coffee that seems like it was brewed with stardust (or perhaps just top-notch beans), Orphan Cafe doesn’t adopt trends; it sets them.



Don’t be fooled by its humble facade; Ambrosia’s a culinary Pandora’s Box. Step inside, and it’s like flipping through a travelogue penned by flavors from around the globe. A dash from here, a sprinkle from there, and voilà! A masterpiece on a plate.

Setting the scene? It’s where industrial chic gets cozy with homely vibes. Exposed beams whisper tales of the past, while vibrant dishes herald a future bursting with promise.

Treat yourself to their delectables, and you’ll realize: this isn’t just food; it’s a symphony. From heartwarming soups that remind you of rainy days to desserts that are a veritable carnival in your mouth, Ambrosia’s Cafe is truly one of the best cafes in Sacramento for foodies.

Cafe Connection

Cafe Connection

If you’re scouting for that one joint where convos flow easier than the coffee, you’ve just struck gold with Cafe Connection. This isn’t just your average coffee nook; oh no! It’s like the universe decided to cross-pollinate a dynamic co-working space with your grandma’s comfy living room. The outcome? A haven that’s dripping with character and caffeine.

Dive into the ambiance, and it’s clear as your go-to cold brew: there’s a dash of urban pizzazz matched with the warmth of a community meet-up spot. Got a start-up idea? Scribble it on a napkin. Overheard an old-school joke? Share it across the table.

As for the menu, it’s a merry dance of classic comforts and quirky twists. Think of croissants that have gone on a world tour or smoothies that seem to have attended a jazz concert. Everything at Cafe Connection feels like a familiar tune but with a refreshing new beat.

Bacon & Butter

bacon & butter

Speaking of the best cafes in Sacramento, we can’t forget about Bacon & Butter. Let’s be candid, folks. The name itself is a clear signal: this spot doesn’t do things halfway. It’s like the breakfast gods convened and whispered, “Why not craft an eatery where simple joys like bacon and butter are elevated to celestial levels?”

The milieu? Envision a place where retro vibes court modern flair. It’s a dance of sunlit spaces with little pockets of nostalgia, making you oscillate between feeling hip and wonderfully homey.

And oh, the fare! From pancakes that are fluffier than cloud nine to bacon strips that could very well be ambrosial threads of heaven, every plate here is a passionate ode to morning munchies. Each bite is a little wake-up call, reminding you that dawn delights are truly the unsung heroes of gastronomy.

Kind Bean Café

kind bean cafe

Now, don’t let the name’s gentleness bamboozle you. This spot is fierce in its mission: to serve wickedly good brews, eats, and vibes. It’s as if someone took a dollop of kindness, sprinkled some coffee magic, and voila, crafted this haven.

The ambiance? Think earthy meets artsy. Wooden beams play footsie with quirky art pieces, evoking a space that’s as grounded as it is imaginative. You’re as likely to spot a student lost in books as you are an artist sketching dreams.

The fare is just… wow! It’s like the menu was curated by Mother Earth herself. From heartening vegan treats to coffees that whisper tales of far-off lands, there’s a narrative in every nibble.



Picture this: A bistro that feels like it’s straight out of a classic French film, but with a playlist that wouldn’t be out of place in downtown Sac. Yes, that’s Franquette for you, an eclectic rendezvous of worlds!

The charm doesn’t end there. Oh la la, the food! Crepes that twirl tales of Montmartre mornings, and sandwiches that bring the zest of Sacramento summers. Every plate seems to play a delightful tug-of-war between French finesse and Californian flair.

Now, let’s chat ambiance. It’s chic but never snobbish. Think rustic wooden tables playing footsy with gleaming, contemporary bar stools. Every corner feels like an Instagrammable moment, waiting for your lens to discover.

Pachamama Coffee

pachamama cafe sacramento

Now, for those fumbling with their Spanish, ‘Pachamama’ means ‘Mother Earth’. And trust me, one foot in this cafe, and you’ll feel the essence. It’s like a cozy nook of the globe, humming with global rhythms, nestled right in our dear Sac-Town.

Dive into the menu, and there’s a symphony there. Beans that have trekked from Ethiopian highlands, to Peruvian valleys, landing gracefully in your mug. It’s a sip that’s as enlightening as it is energizing.

And the vibe? Imagine a space where urban industrial chic dates bohemian flair. Every brick, every plant, every sketch on the wall feels like a nod to the world’s wonders.

Old Soul Co.

Old Soul Co.

This list of the best cafes in Sacramento can’t be complete without Old Soul. Step inside, and it’s almost like a sepia-tinted dream. The ambiance is a love letter to times gone by, yet it has this uncanny knack of making the present moment feel oh-so-special. It’s where Edison bulbs flirt with rustic wooden beams, all while jazz notes tiptoe in the background.

Now, let’s get to the main gig – the coffee! This ain’t your run-of-the-mill brew. Oh no, siree! It’s like someone went back in time, snatched the finest beans, roasted them over stories of yore, and presented them in your cup. Every sip? Pure nostalgia.

Hungry for more than just memories? Their grub won’t disappoint. Imagine classic favorites being serenaded by artisanal twists. It’s hearty, it’s hip, and every bite screams: “Why, hello there, old soul!”



Strut right in, and it’s like a French postcard sprung to life. And no, it’s not just because of the Eiffel Tower sketches. It’s the intoxicating scent of crepes — wafting, wooing, almost winking. Think of it as Montmartre tucked cozily into our city’s embrace.

Now, let’s dish about the crepes. Flimsy? Nope. Fluffy? You betcha! Whether you’re all about savory sensations or have a sweet-tooth as tall as the Tower itself, there’s a crepe just crooning your name.

But, wait! It’s not just about the crepes (though they sure steal the show). It’s the chatter, the laughter, the occasional clatter, and that feeling that you’re sipping more than just a coffee — you’re sipping a slice of Sacramento’s own Francophile fantasy.

Café 33

cafe 33

Last but not least, we round up this guide to the best cafes in Sacramento with Cafe 33. The chairs might not hug you, but the aroma? Boy, it wraps around you like a long-lost friend! It’s where casual meets classy, and where morning grumpiness gets drowned in mugs of coffee as frothy as clouds.

Now, let’s gab about the grub. It’s not just food; it’s an emotion served on a plate. Whether you’re all in for the sumptuous stacks of pancakes or more of the ‘keep it light with a salad’ kinda soul, Cafe 33 doesn’t just serve, it celebrates.

But what’s breakfast without a bit of banter, right? There’s chit-chat, the clinks of cutlery, and an atmosphere that whispers, “Hey, Sacramento, take a breather, have a bite, and bask in the moment!”

How did you like this list of the best cafes in Sacramento? Did you ever visit any of them? Do you know of any other cafes that we can add to this list? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments below.

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