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40 Beautiful Places In Serbia You Simply Have To Visit

Serbia has always been one of the most important political players in the Balkan region but has always been overlooked by travelers visiting the Balkan. This was the case even during the peak of tourism in Yugoslavia in the 1970s and 1980s and I always wondered why. Correct, Serbia is landlocked between the Adriatic coastline on the east and the Black Sea coast on the west, with Hungary and the tourist hub Budapest up north but there are still a lot of beautiful places in Serbia you simply have to visit.

Obviously, most people just go around Serbia to get to the Adriatic Coast or to some of the stunning summer towns at the Black Sea. Some people even pass through on their way to some of Greece’s popular beaches. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that traveling to Serbia isn’t going to be an amazing experience.

Traveling to Serbia might not lead you to any tropical beaches but it will show you a rich cultural life with rural market towns that still hold on to traditional ways, jaw-dropping landscapes, forests, and remote, hidden monasteries in the endless lush green hills. However, if you’re like me, you will see the lack of visitors as an advantage. The tourist attractions aren’t crowded and the prices for everything is relatively low.

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Cities of Heritage and Culture

We’ll start this list of beautiful places in Serbia with a few of its most historical cities that you really shouldn’t miss when visiting Serbia, starting with…

Belgrade– The Capital And Cultural Hub

belgrade night

Let’s dive into the heart of Serbia’s capital – a city where history and modernity dance together on the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers. The vibrant Republic Square is always buzzing with the iconic National Museum and the National Theatre in the background and Skadarlija, the city’s bohemian quarter is a cobblestoned time capsule that offers a piece of Serbian culture.

Novi Sad– The Close Second

Novi Sad

Novi Sad is Serbia’s gem by the Danube with a blend of old-world elegance, Austro-Hungarian architecture, and modern buzz. The heart of the city is Liberty Square (Trg Slobode), dominated by the grandiose Name of Mary Church. Novi Sad’s most famous landmark is the Petrovaradin Fortress, perched on the banks of the Danube. Climb up there for sunset, and the whole city unfolds before you in golden light but also don’t forget to stroll along the Danube’s riverfront.

Niš– The Third-Largest And Often Overlooked City


Niš is Serbia’s third-largest city and it’s often overshadowed by Belgrade and Novi Sad. One of its main highlights is the Niš Fortress, this massive stone structure in the heart of the city. Then there’s the unique and somewhat eerie Skull Tower (Ćele Kula). It’s a bit of a macabre spot, built from the skulls of Serbian soldiers. But Niš isn’t all about history lessons. The city’s got a lively vibe, especially in Kazandžijsko Sokače, the city’s Bohemian quarter with narrow streets lined with cozy restaurants and pubs.

Kragujevac– A Beautiful Historic City

Kragujevac beautiful places in serbia

Kragujevac is a ciy in Serbia that’s often not on every tourist’s radar with a vibe that’s a mix of rich history and youthful energy. The city’s main landmark is the Kragujevac Memorial Park, a somber reminder of the past and a tribute to the victims of WWII. The city has a lively side too, thanks to the University of Kragujevac. There’s a youthful buzz around, with students filling the cafes and parks and for a touch of nature, a trip to Šumarice Park is always a great idea.

Subotica– The Charm Of Austro-Hungary


Subotica is the largest city in Vojvodina, right near the Hungarian border, and one of Serbia’s most charming and underrated destinations famous for its stunning Habsburg architecture, colorful streets, and vibrant quarters. Some of the city’s most beautiful landmarks include the Subotica Synagogue, the City Hall, Raichle Palace, and the Orthodox Church of The Ascension. In addition to culture and architecture, the city is also home to Palic Lake, one of Serbia’s smallest but most beautiful lakes.

Sremska Mitrovica– A Small Town Full Of History

Sremska Mitrovica

Located in the heart of the Srem region, Sremska Mitrovica is like that quiet kid in class who turns out to be super interesting once you get to know them. Formerly known as Sirmium, one of the four capitals of the Roman Empire, the city is home to a handful of archaeological sites, including the Imperial Palace and the old Roman streets. However, ancient history isn’t Sremska Mitrovica’s only offering; some of the city’s other highlights include (for nature lovers) Zasavica Nature Reserve, (for museum buggs) the Museum of Srem, and (for spiritual travelers) Šišatovac Monastery, just to name a few.v

Vršac– Serbia’s Wine Capital


First things first, Vršac is mainly known for being one of Serbia’s premier wine destinations. The vineyards here roll on for miles, and let me tell you, the wine tasting is something else. The city is also home to a few important historic landmarks like the Vršac Tower, a beautiful piece of architecture located on top of a hill and Mesić Monastery, a spiritual retreat with gorgeous architecture.

Kraljevo– The Base For Exploring Serbia’s Nature


Alright, let’s dive into Kraljevo, a place in Serbia that’s not on every traveler’s radar, but it’s got its own quiet charm. Nestled in the heart of Serbia, Kraljevo is the main gateway for exploring Serbia’s most popular natural attractions (more about this below) One of the big draws in Kraljevo is the Žiča Monastery, the city’s old town, Maglich Castle, Lord Vasa’s Inn, and the Spomen-Park.

Beautiful Places In Serbia- Architectural Gems

Next on this list of beautiful places in Serbia, we’ll cover a few Serbian castles, monasteries, fortresses, and other famous architectural landmarks.

Petrovaradin Fortress– The Guardian Of Novi Sad

Petrovaradin Fortress

Petrovaradin Fortress is one of Serbia’s most famous historical sites and the grand old guardian of Novi Sad. It’s nicknamed the “Gibraltar of the Danube” for a good reason. You walk up there, and it’s like stepping back in time, but with the best view of Novi Sad and the Danube. The place is dotted with art studios, little galleries, and cafes. Walking around, you get this cool blend of old stone walls, art, and a laid-back vibe and let’s not forget, this fortress turns into the heart of the EXIT music festival every summer.

Niš Fortress– The Historical Protector Of Niš

nis fortress

Niš Fortress is the main landmark in Southern Serbia and the city’s pride and joy. Right in the heart of Niš, it stands as a reminder of the city’s historical depth. The fortress has been around since Roman times and has seen Ottomans and Austrians, among others. Niš Fortress isn’t just a historical site but a part of the Niš’s daily life and a popular hanging spot for locals and tourists alike.

Studenica Monastery– A 12th Century Spiritual Retreat

Studenica Monastery

Founded in the 12th century, Studenica is one of Serbia’s oldest and most significant monasteries. The monastery houses some of the most stunning (and surprisingly well preserved) Byzantine frescoes you’ll ever lay eyes on. Last but not least, the surroundings are breathtaking and feature a tranquil valley, with streams and forests all around.

Golubac Fortress– The Impregnable Stronghold

Golubac Fortress

Golubac Fortress is another majestic medieval fort located on the banks of the Danube. This fortress has ten towers, rare Serbian Medieval frescos, and is famous for successfully repelling over 120 attacks during its heydays, mainly due to its unique location- the fortress lies right next to the Danube at the part where the river is the widest which also accounts for some majestic views once you get inside.

The Ancient Roman Palace Of Gamzigrad-Romuliana


Gamzigrad-Romuliana is an off-the-beaten-path attraction that houses a Roman palace complex in the heart of Serbia. The site was built in the late 3rd century AD, it’s very well preserved, it’s home to fascinating mosaic flours and towers, it’s one of Serbia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and visiting feels like uncovering a hidden chapter of history

The Royal Mausoleum Of Oplenac


This list of the most beautiful places in Serbia couldn’t be complete without the Oplenac Mausoleum. Picture this: You’re in Topola, and you decide to visit Oplenac. As you approach, the first thing that strikes you is the church’s stunning architecture. The church, part of the larger Oplenac complex, is dedicated to Saint George and is the final resting place of the Karađorđević (Serbia’s last) dynasty.

Natural Wonders of Serbia

We continue this list of the most beautiful places in Serbia with some of the country’s most famous natural wonders, starting with…

Zlatibor– Serbia’s #1 Nature Retreat


Zlatibor is one of Serbia’s finest nature retreats and one of the best places in Serbia to unwind. It’s this charming mountain region where the air is crisp, the views are like postcards, and every day feels like a chance to reset. In winter, Zlatibor turns into this snowy wonderland, perfect for skiing or just finding a cozy corner to enjoy a hot drink and watch the world go by in a blanket of white. Last but not least, Zlatibor also is dotted with quaint villages where tradition is still a way of life.

Tara National Park– Miles Of Untouched Nature

Tara National Park

When we talk about nature spots in Serbia, Tara National Park naturally pops up in the conversation. It’s home to some of the densest forests in Serbia, some of its most picturesque deep gorges, and a myriad of clear, surreally beautiful mountain streams. But we also shouldn’t forget that Tara is also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts; you can hike through dense forests, try river rafting, go bird watching, or maybe even meet some of the park’s residents (the list is quite extensive but some of the most prominent species are) brown bears, wolves, and even lynxes.

Uvac Special Reserve– The Curves Of Nature

uvac meanders

Uvac Special Nature Reserve is one of those beautiful places in Serbia that look like nature decided to show off a bit. Here, the mighty Uvac River dances through the landscape, weaving these mind-blowing, serpentine curves that look like they’ve been lifted straight from a fantasy movie. The reserve also offers the unique chance to see Griffon vultures, large birds wit wingspans that can reach up to 3 meters. Some other activities you can indulge in here include taking a boat ride along the river, trekking, or use the park as a base for exploring the surrounding mountains like Zlatar, Murtenica, Javor, and Čemernica

Ivanjica & Mount Golija– The Moravica’s Gems

ivanjica most beautiful places in serbia

Ivanjica is a little town in Eastern Serbia where life seems to go at a slower pace that’s home to specific to this region traditional timber houses and the picturesque Moravica River but the town’s perhaps most prominent landmark is Mount Golija, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with lush forests, green meadows, and some of the most breathtaking landscapes you’ll find in Serbia.

Zlatar– Mountain Beauty At Its Finest


You know, Zlatar in Serbia is a spot that might not make the usual tourist brochures, but it’s a total gem. Zlatar is actually a region (more than just a single spot) that lies between towns of Prijepolje and Nova Varoš . It’s home to several mountains and peaks with the highest one being Velika krseva at 1,627 meters above sea level, and four mountain lakes like Radoinjsko Lake and Zlatarsko Lake.

Mileševa Monastery– Medieval Fresco That Was Sent To Space

Mileševa Monastery

Mileševa Monastery is another medieval Serbian monastery that dates back to the 13th century. In addition to its unique medieval architecture another thing that makes this monastery special is the White Angel fresco, something that has become a symbol of Serbia The fresco depicts an angel in white robes showing the empty tomb of Jesus to the myrrh bearers. The angel’s facial expression is often compared to that of Mona Lisa and interestingly, the fresco was sent as a message in the first satellite broadcast signal to be sent from Europe to America (in 1963).

Lepenski Vir– A Settlement As Old As History Itself

Lepenski Vir

Lepenski Vir is an ancient archaeological site by the Danube River that dates back to around 9500-7200 BC, making it one of the oldest settlements in Europe. You get to see these unique trapezoidal houses and sculptures, typical for the early hunters-gatherers settlements. Lepenski Vir consists of one large settlement and around a dozen satellite villages with numerous piscine sculptures and architectural remnants being found at and around the site.

Deliblatska Peščara– The European Sahara

Deliblatska Peščara

Picture this: in Serbia’s Vojvodina region lies Deliblatska Peščara, a remarkable natural phenomenon often dubbed the ‘European Sahara.’ This sprawling sandy area, the largest of its kind in Europe, came into being during the last ice age and now covers around 300 square kilometers of vast dunes, some towering as high as 70 meters. This reserve is a haven for biodiversity, home to over 900 plant species, and a myriad of migratory birds.

Fruška Gora National Park– The Jewel Of Serbia

Fruška Gora National Park

This list of the most beautiful places in Serbia couldn’t be complete without the place that is known as the “Jewel of Serbia”. Located in northern Serbia, Fruška Gora is the oldest national park in Serbia (established in 1960). The park is home to over 700 plant species, dozens of migratory bird species, and a handful of medieval monasteries hidden deep in the untouched parts of Serbia.

Đavolja Varoš– The Devil’s Very Own Town

Đavolja Varoš

Đavolja Varoš translates to Devil’s Town but don’t let the name scare you; this is actually one of Serbia’s most fascinating natural landmarks. The site is home to eerie, tall rock formations (actually, over 200 of them) topped with stone caps that look like nature’s version of skyscrapers and can only be seen in a handful of other places around the world. Interestingly, the “town” is also home to two springs with highly acidic water which adds another layer to the whole devil town story.

Gornje Podunavlje– Marshlands Galore

Gornje Podunavlje

Gornje Podunavlje is part of the larger Danube River system that consists of marshes, forests, and waterways. It’s one of the hottest birdwatching spots in Serbia but that’s not all it offers. You can also go kayaking, trek through the forest or just relax by the water at one of the region’s many pristine spots.

Ovčar-Kablar Gorge– A Trekker’s Paradise

Ovčar-Kablar Gorge serbia

Tucked away in western Serbia, the Ovčar-Kablar Gorge gives the Uvac Gorge a serious run for its money. The gorge is known for its sheer cliffs – some of them go up to 300 meters high which makes hiking here one of Serbia’s highlights if you’re an avid trekker. The river is also a big draw, especially for kayaking and rafting enthusiasts but the cherry on the top is the medieval monasteries that are scattered across the area.

Silver Lake– Danube’s Scenic Bend

silver lake serbia

Silver Lake is a scenic waterfront in eastern Serbia near the town of Veliko Gradište. The lake is actually a bend of the Danube River and it’s the perfect spot for a laid-back getaway; you can go fishing, boating, or just lounge by the water. The area surrounding the lake is no slouch either; Golubac Fortress isn’t too far away and the town of Veliko Gradište is an interesting destination in itself.

Kopaonik- The Premier Skiing Resort


This list of the most beautiful places in Serbia couldn’t be complete without one of its premier skiing destinations. Kopaonik, often called the “Mountain of the Sun,” is Serbia’s largest ski resort and a total playground for winter sports enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find over 60 kilometers of ski runs to choose from. During the warmer months, the snow melts away to reveal these lush, green landscapes that are just begging to be explored, so yeah, Kopaonik is a year-round destination.

Hidden Gems and Lesser-Known Locales

Passport Symphony is all about hidden gems and can we really complete this list of most beautiful places in Serbia without mentioning at least a few of our favorite hidden gems (the answer is, of course not).

Sremski Karlovci– Small Town With Habsburg Architecture

Sremski Karlovci

Sremski Karlovci is a small town in northern Serbia with rich history and one of my personal favorite hidden gems in Serbia and a perfect day trip from Novi Sad. The town played a significant role in Serbian history, especially during the Habsburg Monarchy which can still be noticed from its baroque buildings and quaint squares and even though its importance today has been reduced it’s still one of Serbia’s most beautiful town and also one of the best wine destinations in Serbia.

Đerdap National Park– Serbia’s Largest

Đerdap National Park

Covering an area of 1,330 km2, Đerdap National Park is Serbia’s largest national park and one of the largest ones on the Balkan. The park is located along the Danube River on the border between Serbia and Romania. The star attraction of the park is the Iron Gates gorge, one of the most impressive ones in Europe. Đerdap is also home to hiking trails, boat trip spots, and several archaeological sites, including the previously mentioned Lepenski Vir.

Rajačke Pimnice– Ancient Wine Traditions

Rajačke Pimnice

In Eastern Serbia, near a village called Rajac, you find Rajačke Pimnice, a collection of old-school wine cellars with rustic, stone-and-wood interior that have been around since the 1700s. The cellars are designed to keep wine at the perfect temp all year round, the old-fashioned way. The most famous wine cellars are Zvonko Bogdan’s Cellar, known for top-notch wines and Rajac Wine Cellar, famous for sticking to the traditional way of doing things.

Viminacium– The Ancient Roman Archaeological Park


Viminacium is an an ancient Roman city, now an archaeological park, located near Kostolac that’s a must-visit for all history buffs visiting Serbia. What’s fascinating about Viminacium is how much of it is still being unearthed. You’ve got these massive ruins – amphitheaters, baths, streets – and they’re still digging up more.

Sirogojno Open-Air Museum– A Slice Of History

Sirogojno Open-Air Museum

Located in Western Serbia, Sirigojno is an atypical museum and one of the most beautiful places in Serbia. Sirigojno basically represents a 19th-century village with authentic wooden houses, barns, and workshops. Each building in Sirogojno is like a snapshot of rural Serbian life back in the day but you don’t get to only see it but experience it too; You can watch artisans weaving, making pottery, or cooking up some traditional Serbian dishes.

Leskovac– Serbia’s Finest Culinary Spot


This list of the most beautiful places in Serbia couldn’t be complete without Leskovac, one of the best culinary destinations in Serbia, famous across the region for its delicious barbecue (something like the Texas of the Balkans). But Leskovac isn’t just about the food. The city was a major textile center back in the day, earning it the nickname ‘Serbian Manchester’. Today, one of the coolest things about Leskovac is its annual events like the Leskovac grill Festival.

Drvengrad– A Quirky Producer’s Wooden Town

Drvengrad beautiful places in serbia

Drvengrad, also known as Küstendorf, is this unique little village in Serbia, created by the film director Emir Kusturica. Picture a traditional Serbian village, but with a twist – it was actually built for a movie! Located in the mountains of Mokra Gora, the whole place has this quirky, artsy vibe. Walking through Drvengrad is like stepping onto a movie set, except it’s real.

Resavska Pećina– A Dramatic Underground Marvel

Resavska Pećina

Resava Cave, or Resavska Pećina is an underground marvel about 20 km from Despotovac. It was discovered in the 1960s but estimated to be over 80 million years old and visiting it feels like entering a massive natural cathedral. The cave formations consist of dramatic stalactites and stalagmites with colors ranging from rich red to gleaming white.

Vrnjačka Banja– Serbia’s Finest Spa Town

Vrnjačka Banja

Nestled in central Serbia, Vrnjačka Banja is a beautiful small spa town that’s been on the relaxation map since Roman times. Think of it as a mix between a historic retreat and a modern wellness destination. The town is famous for its mineral springs, beautiful promenades, old buildings, and famous festivals, like the annual Love Fest.

Sopotnica Waterfalls– Nature’s Hidden Gem

Sopotnica Waterfalls

Tucked away in southwestern Serbia, near the town of Prijepolje, Sopotnica Waterfalls is a series of cascading waterfalls and small lakes and one of the most beautiful and peaceful recreation spots in Serbia for nature lovers (especially ones looking for a peaceful swimming spot without any people around). The area around them is a hiker’s paradise with scenic trails winding through the dense forest, and the sound of water constantly in the background.

Rtanj Mountain– The Quirky Pyramid

Rtanj Mountain

Speaking of the most beautiful places in Serbia, we just can’t forget about Rtanj Mountain. Located in eastern Serbia, Rtanj is a beautiful but mysterious mountain that looks like a giant pyramid with one of the pointiest mountain tops I’ve ever seen (it’s actually named Siljak which translates to “pointy”). And if the mountain’s unique shape isn’t a reason enough to visit, its steep trails that wind through the forest certainly are.

Mokra Gora

traveling to serbia

Finally, no trip to Serbia is complete without visiting Mokra Gora. Mokra Gora literally means wet forest and offers some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes in Serbia. The region also hosts a village that has been restored to its original 19th-century appearance. Something you must do while visiting is taking the train through the valley and enjoy some of the most spectacular views of the Balkan. 

Cultural Festivals And Events You Have To See

gucha beautiful places in serbia

Although technically not a place, we’ll round up this list of the most beautiful places in Serbia with a few suggestions on places to visit during some of Serbia’s most vibrant festivals.

  • EXIT Festival in Novi Sad: Picture a medieval fortress turned into a mega music bash. It’s like history meets modern beats.
  • Guča Trumpet Festival: Imagine a small town bursting into life with brass bands and folk dances. It’s loud, proud, and unapologetically fun.
  • Belgrade Beer Fest: Think riverside chill vibes, a cold beer in hand, and tunes from all around. It’s a laid-back party in the heart of the city.
  • Nišville Jazz Festival: Jazz in a fortress – cool, right? It’s where smooth jazz meets ancient walls.

The Best Time To Visit Serbia

serbia waterfall

Like most countries in Europe, Serbia has four distinct seasons and the average air temperature is 12 °C. Autumn is longer than spring, winter is not that sharp with only 20-25 days per year when the temperature is below zero. Finally, summers are super-hot for European standards, with July and August often seeing temperatures above 40°C. The best time for traveling to Serbia would be spring, between the months of April and June. If you’re into winter sports, on the other hand, then you will probably want to visit between December and March.

The most famous events are the  EXIT Festival in Novi Sad in July, the Dragačevo Trumpet Festival (Gypsy brass bands) in Guča in August, the Belgrade Music Festival (classical) in October, and of course the Orthodox Easter. Visiting any of these events is an extraordinary experience but keep in mind that accommodation prices are at a premium level during these events.

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Getting To The Most Beautiful Places In Serbia

traveling to Serbia

Serbia has a well-developed public transport network for commuting between the big cities. However, Serbia also has a lot of hidden gems that are off-the-beaten-track but getting to these places might be a bit tricky. This is the case mainly because the public transport network was built for locals rather than tourists. However, the best choice to get places is still the bus.

Trains are cheaper but also slower and if you ask me, the best way for traveling to Serbia is by car. Getting help for directions might be tricky in the remote areas because there aren’t many English speakers outside of the big cities. However, locals will do everything they can to help you get where you want to get. If you want to rent a car and get off the beaten track in Serbia, use this link and save up to 30% on your car rental.

To get the best deal for flying to Serbia, save up to 50% with Qatar Airways’s Discover the World at a Low Price.

Helpful Tips For Traveling To Serbia

traveling to Serbia

Do you know that feeling when you have a favorite meal that you just make for yourself without trying to impress anyone? That simple thing that you don’t think anyone else would find it delicious. And if someone actually likes it, you think they’re being polite. That’s exactly how I felt traveling around Serbia. Serbians are extremely proud of their country and their history. However, I couldn’t help to think that they always wondered ‘what was this guy thinking coming here?’

When traveling to a different country, there are always certain dos and don’ts. In Serbia, there are a lot of dos and only a few don’ts! Serbians are a bunch of cheerful, easy going people that want to celebrate every occasion. Sometimes they don’t even need an occasion but they want to spread their joy with others. That’s one reason why most of them are really fun to be around.

Don’t talk about politics– This might sound a bit odd but you have to remember the late 20th-century bombings. The wounds from these events are still fresh and a lot of people get an outburst of emotions when talking about them. Serbians are generally opinionated when it comes to politics and this can easily spark an argument. Hence, my suggestion is to avoid talking about politics completely. Especially avoid talking about Kosovo’s recent independence- that’s also a painful topic.

Tea for English=Coffee for Serbians– Just like that title says, whatever tea is for England, coffee is for Serbia. So, if someone invites you over to their place for a cup of coffee, that’s a completely common thing. The most common Serbian invitation for a friendly chat is ‘Svrati na kafu’, which literally means stop by for coffee. The array of different coffee shops in every big city and small town are just another proof of Serbians’ love for coffee.

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A Few Words For The End

That’s briefly, the story of the most beautiful places in Serbia, a country located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, which is unable to capitalize on the tourist increase in the region. Unfortunately, Serbia is struggling to define itself within the international travel community but I hope this article proves that there are a lot of amazing things to see and do in this marvelous country. Finally, check out my article with the most common tourist scams in Eastern Europe before you visit.

Did you enjoy this article? Is traveling to Serbia something you might consider in the future? Did you like this list of most beautiful places in Serbia? Let us know in the comments!

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