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36 Exciting Things To Do In Yerevan, The Pink City Of The Caucasus

Did you know that Yerevan is actually one of the oldest capitals in Europe and even the entire world, dating back to 782 BC? Needless to say, you will find a lot of exciting things to do in Yerevan, also known as the ‘Pink City’. The Soviet-era buildings made of naturally colored volcanic rocks from the surrounding landscape give the sunset in Yerevan an iconic pink shade. That’s where the nickname comes from…

When it comes to its formation and geographical history, Yerevan has had a rough past. The Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans have all at one time, or another owned this small piece of land. However, since its declaration of independence in 1918, Yerevan has been proudly standing on its own as the capital city, and pride and joy of the small but beautiful country of Armenia. It’s still a city that’s not on most peoples’ travel lists for one reason or another and I hope to change this with this article through this ultimate list of exciting things to do in Yerevan

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Getting to Yerevan


Yerevan has only one airport: Zvartnots International Airport, located 12 km outside of the city, and for the cheapest flights to Yerevan, use this special offer by Qatar Airways. Unfortunately, there aren’t any public transport options leading to the city so the only way to get out of it is via taxi or rental car (use this special offer to get 15% off).

A ride to the city center will cost roughly 6,000 drams ($10 euros). Once you settle, don’t expect to cover Yerevan in a day. The city is home to more than one million people and covers roughly 230 square kilometers. You can try to discover Yerevan in 48 hours (or so) but it’s far better to stay at least a few days to see as much as possible.

must-see places in yerevan

In such a big city, the location is incredibly important because getting to places can be more time-consuming than the actual sightseeing. And one of the best locations in the center of the capital is the Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan which is not too far from most of the interesting sites in the city. With that being said, let’s see which are the 10 must-see places in Yerevan you really shouldn’t miss while visiting.

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Historical Landmarks and Museums

We’ll start this list of the best things to do in Yerevan with a few important historical landmarks and museums in the Armenian capital.

The Cascade and Views of Mount Ararat

yerevan cascade

The Cascade is a giant stairwell that was built in 1971 and completely renovated in 2009. Today, Cascade is one of the key landmarks of the city that offers the most iconic view of Yerevan. This monument has over 700 steps and eight levels, out of which every next one has different monuments, fountains, and even gardens. If you’re feeling lazy and 700 steps are just too much, don’t worry, you can use some of the elevators. Additionally, every last Friday of the month, Karin, a local folk dance group organizes FREE traditional dance lessons just outside of the Cascade.

Republic Square: Yerevan’s Vibrant Center

yerevan square

The Republic Square is located in the center of the city, surrounded by 7 major tourist sights. The square covers a staggering 30,000 square meters and you can literally spend a whole day here. The square hosts some of the most impressive landmarks in the city, such as the National Gallery, the History Museum, the Government, and even the fantastic musical fountains. One fun fact about it is that it took Armenians more than 50 years to complete this impressive square.

Mother Armenia Statue: Symbol of Nationhood

mother armenia things to do in yerevan

The Victory Park was built in Yerevan in 1950 to celebrate the end of WWII. Interestingly, the park initially featured a big statue of Joseph Stalin. However, after his death, Stalin’s statue was replaced with an even bigger statue, known as Mother Armenia. This symbolized Armenia’s separation from the Soviet Union and the statue is a really important piece of the Armenian national identity.

Mother Armenia is 50 meters tall and she has a sword in her hand, constantly watching over Armenia’s capital. Next to her, you will find The Grave of the Unknown Soldier, devoted to the eternal memory of the soldiers who died in WWII and the Nagorno-Karabakh War.

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Tsitsernakaberd: Armenian Genocide Memorial


Many people tend to forget the horrible Armenian genocide during WWI caused by the Ottomans. At the time Armenia was still under Ottoman rule and in just two years (1915-1917) the Turks killed more than 1.5 million people, which almost half of the country’s population, and thousands of Armenians fled across the world in horror. There’s no better place to learn about this dark era of Armenian history than the Tsitsernakaberd: the Armenian Genocide Memorial.

History Museum of Armenia: A Deep Dive into the Past

History Museum of Armenia

Yerevan is a very old city with a rich history and one great way to learn about it is its museums. If you read my articles, you know I don’t talk about museums that much but Yerevan certainly has a few seriously worth visiting. One is the National Museum of History which has more than 400,000 artifacts! I can comfortably say that this is the place where you can learn the most about not only Yerevan but Armenia as a country.

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The Gorgeous St. Gregory Cathedral

st gregory church places in yerevan

In Armenia, you will find a lot of old churches, as the country was one of the first ones to accept Christianity. However, St. Gregory is a fascinating piece of architecture and the biggest cathedral in Armenia and has great historical significance. The cathedral houses the relics of St. Gregory, who was the founder of Christianity in Armenia.

This cathedral is so massive that it has three churches within. One is the main church, and the other two are the chapels of St. Tiridates the King, and St. Ashken the Queen. This also has a symbolic meaning because Tiridates and Ashken were champions of Christianity and the greatest supporters of St. Gregory. Even more impressive, the cross on the top of the church is 54 meters from the ground, which makes it visible from every part of Yerevan.  The cathedral also has 30 arches and enough room to accommodate 1,700 people at a time.

National Gallery of Armenia: Artistic Heritage

National Gallery of Armenia

The National Gallery of Armenia in Yerevan is a vibrant journey through Armenia’s soul. Right in Republic Square, this gallery is a grand old dame of culture, housing over 26,000 artworks. It’s like a visual encyclopedia, where Armenian artistry rubs shoulders with European and Russian masters. What sets this gallery apart is how it mirrors Armenia’s own history. There are sections where you’ll feel the weight of history through somber, reflective pieces. And then, just around the corner, you’ll encounter bursts of vibrant, hopeful art, symbolizing the nation’s resilience and spirit.

Erebuni Archaeological Museum: Roots of Yerevan

yerevan view

Sitting on the top of the hill, the Erebuni Fortress is one of the oldest sites in Yerevan, dating back to 782 BC, when the city was founded. It was one of the several fortresses erected in order to protect the borders of the ancient Urartu Kingdom. Successive Urartian kings chose Erebuni as a place of their residence and despite the numerous bloody invasions, the city surrounding the fort remained constantly inhabited. Obviously, this is a place full of history, one you mustn’t miss out on when visiting Yerevan.

Matenadaran: Repository of Ancient Manuscripts

matenadaram must-see places in Yerevan

The Matenadaran is the world’s richest source of medieval manuscripts. Here, you can find some very old artifacts and manuscripts, as well as the first printed books in the region. The subjects are very varied with arts, literature, medicine, philosophy, history, religion, and the very early mapping techniques. The building itself is a rather fascinating architectural piece.

Many of the manuscripts date far back over 1,000 years which is incredible seeing as the pieces on show are in very good condition. You can really get a sense of what were the key areas of concern for the people back in medieval times when you read the detailed explanations of certain manuscripts.

Blue Mosque: A Glimpse into Persian Influence

blue mosque yerevan

The Blue Mosque is the only surviving mosque in Yerevan. It dates back to the 18th century when Armenia was still a part of Persia. That’s why the mosque is built in a predominately Persian style. Before the Russian invasion, Yerevan had 10 mosques. However, after Armenia became a part of the Russian Empire the only one that survived was the Blue Mosque. The only reason for this is because it served as the official Museum of Yerevan from 1931 to 1999.

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Cultural Experiences

Speaking of the best things to do in Yerevan, we can’t forget about some of the capital’s most popular cultural experiences you should seriously consider if planning to visit.

Walking Tour of Kond Quarter

Kond Quarter yerevan

This historic neighborhood, one of the oldest in Yerevan, is a labyrinth of narrow, winding streets, lined with quaint, crumbling buildings that whisper tales from centuries past. The quarter’s charm lies in its authenticity; it hasn’t been polished for tourists. Here, laundry flutters from the balconies, and locals sit outside their doors, chatting and watching the world go by, seemingly unfazed by the passage of time.

It’s a photographer’s paradise, a historian’s dream, and a curious traveler’s delight.
Taking a guided walking tour can offer deeper insights into Kond’s history and its significance in Yerevan’s urban tapestry.

Yerevan Opera Theatre: A Night of Culture

Yerevan Opera Theatre

Situated in the heart of Yerevan at Freedom Square, the Yerevan Opera Theatre is an architectural masterpiece and one of the most beautiful buildings in Yerevan. The theatre, designed in the 1930s by architect Alexander Tamanian, boasts a majestic blend of Armenian and European architectural styles. Inside, you’ll find plush red seats, gilded balconies, and intricate ceiling murals as you might expect to find in most famous opera theatres across the world.

Exploring the Bohemian Saryan Street

Saryan Street

Saryan Street in Yerevan is a vibrant street named after the famous Armenian painter Martiros Saryan, who according to local legends was one of the greatest poems of his time. Saryan can best be described as a colorful canvas of urban life and artistic flair. As you might already be guessing from my so-far modest description, this is the place to be for bohemians and hipsters alike, and as such, it’s home to a lot of trendy wine bars, cozy cafes, and quirky art galleries.

Outdoor Adventures

Worry not, outdoor enthusiasts, this is a relatively green city and there are a lot of nice outdoorsy things to do in Yerevan. Let’s quickly go through them.

Fun at Yerevan Water World

Water World

Yerevan Water World is a refreshing escape from the urban buzz with a variety of water slides, each offering its own thrill level. From the adrenaline-pumping twists and turns of the more adventurous slides to the gentle, lazy river that meanders through the park, there’s something for every type of water enthusiast.

Ice Skating at Swan Lake in Winter

Swan Lake yerevan frozen

This list of the best things to do in Yerevan couldn’t be complete without ice skating at Swan Lake during winter. When the colder months roll in, this charming spot in the city transforms into a magical outdoor ice rink, complete with twinkling lights and a festive atmosphere that could warm even the coldest of days. It’s not just about skating in circles; it’s about embracing the joy of winter. The sound of laughter echoes against a backdrop of music, as skaters of all ages glide (or wobble) across the ice.

Hiking in the Surrounding Hills for City Views

yerevan view

If you’re looking to find some great viewpoints in and around Yerevan, here are a few of our favorite options.

Mount Ara: A rewarding 3-4 hour hike near Yerevan, offering breathtaking views of Mount Ararat and the Ararat Plain.

Hatis Mountain: A challenging full-day adventure to Hatis Mountain’s summit, showcasing the stunning Geghama Range.

Garni Gorge: A scenic trek through Garni Gorge, featuring basalt columns and the historic Garni Temple.

Teghenyats Monastery: A serene hike combining nature and history, leading to the secluded medieval Teghenyats Monastery.

Shopping and Local Markets

This list of the best things to do in Yerevan can’t be complete without a few shopping experiences and some of the finest local markets around.

Treasure Hunting at Yerevan Vernissage

Yerevan Vernissage

This list of the best things to do in Yerevan couldn’t be complete without the Vernissage, a bustling open-air market where you can find pretty much anything you can think of, from intricate handicrafts and handmade jewelry to Soviet-era relics and traditional carpets.

GUM Market: The Local Food Bazaar

GUM Market yerevan

GUM Market is a bustling bazaar brimming with local color and taste where you can find fresh herbs, spices, and local produce, haggle over prices, sample local cheeses, try some homemade Armenian wine and get a taste of everyday life in Yerevan.

Shopping Along Northern Avenue

Northern Avenue yerevan

And if getting a taste of life in Yerevan via its farmer markets or flea markets isn’t quite your cup of tea (understandably, places like this aren’t for everyone), Northern Avenue is the place for you. It’s the city’s sleek, modern shopping district lined with chic boutiques, international brands, and trendy cafes/

Visiting the Dalma Garden Mall

Dalma Garden Mall yerevan

If you’re more of a mall person, then the Dalma Garden Mall is one of the best places for shopping in Yerevan. It’s one of the city’s most modern contemporary hubs where shopping, dining, and entertainment intersect with a range of stores from local brands to international chains.

Food and Drink Experiences

If you’re a foodie and have heard some nice things about Armenian food, it’s probably too and in this section, we’ll cover the best things to do in Yerevan when it comes to culinary experiences.

Tasting Armenian Brandy at the Ararat Distillery

Ararat Distillery

Nestled at the foot of Mount Ararat, the Ararat Brandy Factory is one of the most iconic establishments in Yerevan. Dating back all the way to 1887, it’s one of the oldest continuously running such establishments in the country. If you visit, you’re in for a treat, not only because you get the chance to try some of the finest Ararat brandy but also learn about its history, the traditional preparation methods Armenians have been using for centuries, and explore the range of flavors that have made this brandy the national drink of Armenia.

Traditional Armenian Dining at Lavash Restaurant

Lavash Restaurant

Stepping into Lavash, you’re greeted by an ambiance that’s as warm as freshly baked lavash bread. Start with appetizers like Dolma (stuffed grape leaves) or a refreshing Yerevan Salad, each bite offers a mix of fresh ingredients and rich history. Don’t miss the Manti (tiny local dumplings), or the Ghapama (a pumpkin dish). For the main course, try the Khorovats (Armenian BBQ)or the eggplant-centric Imam Bayildi if you’re a vegetarian. And of course, don’t forget the restaurant’s namesake, the iconic Lavash bread that goes along with pretty much anything.

Sampling Apricot and Pomegranate Wines

things to do in yerevan

Ah, the world of Armenian wines, where apricots and pomegranates don’t just end up in fruit baskets but in wine glasses too! Tasting apricot wine is a bit like sipping on liquid summer – it’s fruity, slightly sweet, and carries a whisper of tartness. It pairs wonderfully with a sunny afternoon or a light dessert.
Pomegranate wine is the feistier cousin in the fruit wine family. It’s bold, a bit tart, and wears a stunning ruby robe. This wine is great for those who like their drinks with a bit of an edge, and it pairs beautifully with spicy foods or rich, savory dishes.

Enjoying Coffee at a Streetside Café

cafe yerevan

In Armenia, coffee is strong, often sweetened, and always served with a side of warmth and there are a lot of cafes in the capital where you can experience first-hand the quintessential local coffee culture. First, there’s ‘The Green Bean’ in Yerevan. It’s modern, eco-friendly, and serves perhaps the best coffee in town. For a more historic vibe, ‘Mirzoyan Library’ offers a unique setting in a 19th-century building, blending history, culture, and of course, great coffee.

Arts and Entertainment

This list of things to do in Yerevan wouldn’t be complete without a few of the capital’s best arts and entertainment experiences.

Viewing Contemporary Art at Cafesjian Center for the Arts

Cafesjian Center for the Arts

Housed in the Cascade complex, this museum is home to sculptures that seem to defy gravity and installations that make you wonder about the meaning of life. The center frequently hosts new exhibitions, so every visit can offer something different. It’s like a never-ending art buffet – you can come back for seconds or thirds, and always discover something new.

Attending a Performance at the Stanislavski Russian Theatre

Stanislavski Russian Theatre of Yerevan - 2021-12-03

Stanislavski is Yerevan’s most famous Russian theatre. Whether you’re catching a classic play, a modern drama, or an experimental piece, the performances here are visceral. The Stanislavski Russian Theatre is a bastion of Russian dramatic arts in Armenia. The performances here often have that distinct Russian depth and intensity, a blend of soul-searching dialogue and raw emotion. Even if you don’t understand every word, the performances transcend language barriers – they speak in the universal language of art.

Exploring Street Art in Yerevan

yerevan street art

Yerevan’s street art scene is like the city’s pulse made visible. You’ll find everything from bold political statements to whimsical illustrations that seem to giggle at passersby. The best part? You don’t need a map; just wander. Sure, you’ll find some famous pieces around Pushkin Street or the artsy vibes of the Cascade area. But the real gems? They’re tucked in alleys, peeking out from behind corners, waiting to surprise you.

Relaxation and Leisure

If you’ve had your fair share of exploring the Armenian capital, you’ll need to pause and relax for a while. For that purpose, here are the best relaxing things to do in Yerevan.

Relaxing in Lovers’ Park Or English Park

yerevan lovers park

Yerevan has a lot of parks spread across the city where you can sit back, relax, and have a picnic. However, the two that left the strongest impression on me were Lovers Park and English Park. Lovers Park was recently transformed and today features a traditional Japanese landscape. It’s by far the most popular park in the city and seems to be the oldest one as well. English Park is another very interesting place, interestingly, located on Italy Street.  This is the biggest park in the city, covering almost 6 hectares of greenery.

Relaxing in the Yerevan Botanical Garden

Yerevan Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is Yerevan’s ultimate green haven in the heart of the city and a living, breathing space where nature takes the lead role. From local Armenian varieties to exotic species, the range of plants here is staggering, and the garden changes with the seasons, so there’s always something new to see. Spring blossoms? A riot of colors. Autumn? A mosaic of golden hues.

Day Trips

Before we conclude this ultimate list of things to do in Yerevan, we’ll also share a few interesting day trip ideas you should consider if you have some extra time.

Etchmiadzin: The Armenian Vatican


Etchmiadzin, often referred to as the Armenian Vatican, offers you a journey into the very soul of Armenian Christianity. It’s the headquarters of the Armenian Apostolic Church and a symbol of Armenian spirituality. Just like the Vatican, it’s a large religious complex and the main spiritual epicenter of Armenia. Built in the early 4th century, it’s one of the oldest cathedrals in the world. If you’re thinking of visiting, I warmly recommend this guided tour of the complex.

Garni: Armenia’s Greco-Roman Wonder

garni armenia

Nestled in the Armenian landscape, Garni is one of the only Greco-Roman pieces of architecture in Armenia and an architectural marvel far from the Mediterranean but echoing its grandeur. Garni is an ancient temple and a stunning example of Hellenic architecture. Built in the first century AD, this is one of the oldest remaining structures in Armenia (and that’s not an easy contest, by the way).

Geghard Monastery: A Rock-Cut Architectural Marvel

geghard must visit places in yerevan

Talking about must-see places in Yerevan, I can’t forget to mention Geghard Monastery. Geghard is a UNESCO-protected medieval monastery that is literally carved into the rocks and is a perfect demonstration of the stunning medieval Armenian architecture. The main chapel in the monastery was built in the 1200s’ but the complex was founded in the 4th century. If you want to explore the surroundings of Yerevan, this place would be a perfect opportunity for a one-day trip.

Dilijan National Park: The Armenian Switzerland

Dilijan National Park

Think of Dilijan National Park as Armenia’s own slice of Eden. Picture rolling hills, dense forests, and meandering streams, pathways lined with towering beech trees, and hidden monasteries. The park’s landscapes are a feast for the eyes. From the serene Parz Lake, perfect for a peaceful paddle, to the lush Ijevan Gorge, every corner of Dilijan is a photographer’s dream.

Bonus: Experience Vardavar

vardavar festival

If you happen to visit Armenia in July, you have to try this holiday. Vardavar is an Armenian pagan holiday where people go out in the streets with buckets of water, looking for victims to splash. People of all age groups participate in this event, which makes it even more fun!

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Have you ever visited the Armenian capital or have some other must-see places in Yerevan you think I didn’t mention in this list? Let me know in the comments below.

Cool Places to Visit in YEREVAN ARMENIA
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Yerevan Armenia Must go to places


Wednesday 2nd of January 2019


Thanks for your great advice in Yerevan city. I have been there this Autumn and looks like I have visited about half of your recommendations. Did you visit Geghard by public bus or how did you reach it? I would add if someone is already in that area not to skip Garni and it is even possible to make ~10 kilometers hike between Garni and Geghard.

Also my favorite thing in Yerevan for breakfast or dessert were ponchiks (sweet buns with different stuff inside). I ate them at Grand candy shop in Yerevan, near the Cascades. Looks like they have many shops around the town. Check this out - .

Hope to visit this lovely city again and see other places which you have recommended.


Passport Symphony

Tuesday 8th of January 2019

Hello Joseph and thank you for your comment. I'm glad you visited some of the recommendations from this list and that you had a great time in Yerevan. I love ponchiks too :) As for your question, yes you can reach Geghard via public transport. the buses that go that way are the buses with number 22, 26 or 36 and if you marshrutkas number 9, 69 or 73. They depart every 30 minutes and I think the ticket price is 250 AMD ($0.50)

Clement II

Wednesday 14th of November 2018

I would definitely include this on my travel wishlists!

The photos look amazing, and captures the destination itself. Thanks a lot for sharing this to us!


Tuesday 13th of November 2018

Yerevan looks like an amazing city with great architecture. I had no idea Yerevan has a blue mosque as well and Vardavar looks like an exciting thing to do there, loosen up and have some bit of fun with water.

Passport Symphony

Wednesday 14th of November 2018

Thanks, Esther- I'm really happy to hear you liked it


Monday 12th of November 2018

This city is gorgeous! I shamefully had no idea it existed and I learned so much thanks to your post about Armenian history. Great discovery!

Passport Symphony

Tuesday 13th of November 2018

Thanks, Claire- I'm glad you could learn a few new things :)


Sunday 11th of November 2018

Geghard looks like a place you would see in movies. So cool, I would love to visit just for that place alone. Yerevan looks amazing and thank you for sharing top places to visit while there.