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24 Most Beautiful Places In Slovenia You Must Visit

Hemmed into the Adriatic by Croatia, Italy, Austria, and Hungary, Slovenia is an earthly paradise of snow-capped peaks, Venetian-looking coastlines, cosmopolitan cities, and a myriad of natural treasures. Slovenia is located at the intersection separating the German, Italian, and Slavic worlds, making this small but lovely country an exciting mix of the best of each culture. When visiting, you will find a lot of beautiful places in Slovenia, including remnants of Habsburg, Slavic, and Venetian architecture lined in perfect harmony and amazing food similar to the one you will find in other Slavic nations but yet still different. However, despite its perfect location in Central Europe, it wasn’t until recently that Slovenia started gaining the attention of international travelers.

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What Makes Slovenia So Special?

slovenia square

Slovenia was administered by German-speaking Habsburg overlords for over 5 centuries, all the way to 1918. Slovenians absorbed the culture of their rulers but managed to retain their strong sense of ethnic identity and their Slavic language. That’s why other Slavic people often refer to Slovenians as Slavs with a German temper.

Furthermore, Slovenians managed to avoid a more serious conflict back in 1991 when Yugoslavia fell apart. Afterward, Slovenia quickly integrated into the European Union and joined the Eurozone in 2007.

Today, Slovenia is one of the countries with the best living standard in Europe. Also, according to a UN survey of 2017, Slovenia is the world’s most sustainable country.

Additionally, despite being one of the smallest countries in Europe, Slovenia has 7,000 kilometers of hiking trails, massive caves, the cheapest ski resort in Europe, a surprisingly large population of brown bears, and it even has a 30 miles long coastline in the Adriatic.

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Things To Know Before Visiting Slovenia

Slovenia mountains

Make sure you check the visa requirements. If you come from a European country, you can enter without a visa. There are several other nationalities that can stay up to 60 days without obtaining a visa. Make sure to sort out your visa before departing as Slovenia still doesn’t give visa on arrival.

If you’re coming by road, there are many buses from Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb, and Northern Italy. Alternatively, if you are coming via flight, note that Slovenia has only one international airport, 25 kilometers out of Ljubljana. However, unless Ljubljana is your only stop in Slovenia, you should learn a few things about…

Getting Around Slovenia


There are multiple bus companies that provide bus rides to most cities and villages across the country. However, keep in mind that the bus lines have a limited-service during weekends.

The trains are a bit worse compared to the ones in Slovenia’s western European neighbors but still more than decent. Slovenia still has a few steam trains and riding in one was an awesome experience.

However, the most flexible way of getting around when visiting Slovenia is renting a car. There aren’t many buses and trains that can take you to the remote areas and trust me, those are the most beautiful parts of Slovenia.

If you’re driving with your own car or motorbike, you should know that all vehicles driving on Slovenian motorways must carry a vignette. Are you wondering where to book a car for your Slovenia trip? Use this link and save up to 30% on your car rental for your upcoming trip.

Slovenia Accommodation

village Slovenia

Besides the typical hotels, motels, and hostels, Slovenia has a couple of more popular accommodation options. One is the campgrounds, which are a great budget option if you want to stay in the remote countryside locations. In most places, you can choose between bungalows and tents.

The other popular option is a farm stay. This is an amazing alternative, as you can stay on a farm in the countryside for free in exchange for helping the hosts with the chores. This way, not only do you get free/very cheap accommodation but you also get to experience rural life.

Slovenian Cuisine

slovenian food

Like I mentioned in the beginning, Slovenia’s cuisine borrows influences from Western European cuisines, Hungarian, as well as Balkan cuisines. Most of the meals are meat-based, with veal, beef, and pork being the most popular. Cured meats are also loved among Slovenians and similar to other Balkan countries, you will find some amazing and cheap bakeries.

If you’re a vegetarian, you might struggle in Slovenia but there are more options, especially in recent years. As for the drinks, Slovenia is a big wine producer. The most famous wine-producing region is the Primorska region. Slovenians also love beer and the two most famous local brands are Zlatorog and Union.

Best Time To Visit Slovenia

Slovenian forest

Slovenia has warm summers, pleasant springs and autumns, and pretty cold winters. The average temperature in the summer is around 20 °C and the average winter temperature is -3°C. If you’re a nature lover, the best months to enjoy nature are April and May, when the spring starts.

If you would like to visit the sea coast, the best time would be July/ August. September is a great month for hiking and the winter months for skiing and other winter sports.

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Lake Bled: A Serene Lake With A Picturesque Island Church

Lake Bled

Located in the northwestern part of Slovenia, Lake Bled is one of those places where anyone can be a photographer. It’s also one of the most popular places on Instagram and Pinterest and even if you didn’t know anything about Slovenia before, I’m sure you must have seen Lake Bled somewhere. The lake is surrounded by lush green forests and it has a small, green island in the middle with a 17th-century church with 99 stone steps leading to the building.

Soča Valley & Its Emerald Green Waters

Soča Valley

The Soča Valley is famous for being one of the premier adrenaline destinations in Slovenia. Some of the activities you can indulge in here include white-water rafting, which the Soča River is famed for, zip lining, paragliding, hiking along its banks, and a lot of great camping spots​​.

Skocjan Caves: UNESCO-Listed Underground Marvel

Postoina Cave

Slovenia is home to four World Heritage Sites and one of them is the Škocjan Cave. This is one of the largest underground canyons in the world covering an area of 413 hectares. It hides four miles of underground passages, underground rivers, waterfalls, and vast chambers, and boasts one of the most exceptional limestone cave system

Postojna Cave: Europe’s Most Visited Cave

postojna cave most beautiful places in slovenia 2

Another stunning cave is Postoinska Jama, one of the most visited sites in Slovenia. This cave is 20 kilometers long and it is home to the endangered Proteus anguinus, commonly known as the human fish because of its skin color.

Triglav National Park: Home To The Majestic Julian Alps

Triglav park

This list of the most beautiful places in Slovenia couldn’t be complete without the country’s largest national park- Triglav. The park, a crown jewel of Slovenia, is a sanctuary where the air is crisp, the landscapes are pristine, and every view is a postcard waiting to be captured. Timing your visit can enhance the experience significantly. Late spring to early autumn offers the best conditions for hiking and exploring, with most mountain huts open from late June through September​​.

Kozjak Waterfall: A Hidden Gem With Turquoise Waters

Kozjak Waterfall

Kozjak Waterfall is one of my favorite hidden gems in Slovenia. It’s basically a vibrant Waterfall that cascades from a height, tumbling into a stunning, emerald-green pool encased within a rock amphitheater. The water’s color is one of the most vibrant shades of turquoise and contrasts against the dark moody backdrop of the cave beautifully.

Peričnik: Majestic Falls That You Can Walk Behind​


Speaking of stunning waterfalls and most beautiful places in Slovenia, we can’t forget about Peričnik. This magnificent waterfall, with its thunderous roar and misty veil, invites adventurers to not just witness its beauty from afar but to step behind its cascading waters for a view that can only be described as otherworldly. The hike to Peričnik Waterfall is divided into two main parts: a leisurely 10-minute walk to the lower section and a slightly more demanding 15-minute trek to the upper section.

Vintgar: A Fairy-Tale Like Gorge


Located a short ride away from Lake Bled, Vintgar Gorge is one of the most beautiful gorges in Slovenia. It’s nestled in the Julian Alps along the banks of the Radovna River. The trail through the gorge is an easy walk, accessible to most people, and takes you on a journey along a narrow path where you’re flanked by towering cliff faces and the tranquil Radovna River below​​. One of the most enchanting aspects of Vintgar Gorge is the color of the water—shades of teal and emerald that in abscense of other words, I’d describe as otherworldly, as corny as that may sound.

Kranjska Gora: A Very Underrated Ski Destination

Julian Alps

According to a report by The Post Office, the cheapest ski resort in Europe is Slovenia’s, Kranjska Gora. The cost of equipment hire, lift passes, ski lessons, and lunches for a family of 4 people for a week costs around $1,200. Just for comparison, the average cost for the mentioned categories in most Swiss resorts is around $2,500.

The town also has thermal springs and an unrealistically beautiful cobalt-blue lake with a tear-shaped island near the western tip of the lake. The island also has a small church that was built in the 15th century. According to a local legend, if you climb up to the ‘wishing bell’ and ring it, your wish will come true. Since we’re already mentioned natural beauties, I must tell you about…

Predjama Castle: A Renaissance Castle Built Into A Cave​

Predjama castle

This list of the most beautiful places in Slovenia can’t be complete without Predjama, a renaissance castle built within the cave mouth and one of only a few such examples in the whole world. The castle is 800 years old and is located in the village of Predjama in the historical region of Inner Carniola.

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Ljubljana: The Charming Capital


Ljubljana is one of Europe’s smallest capitals (home to less than 300,000 residents) and a perfect example of Slovenia’s briliant decentralization and tidiness. Ljubljana is a small city with a cosmopolitan spirit but small town vibe. It’s home to countless historical landmarks and a fabulous Old Town, a beautiful riverside (next to Ljubljanica River), charming bridges, and gorgeous architecture, with the Ljubljana Castle, proudly overlooking the city from top of a hill being a prime example.

Piran: The Coastal Gem​​​


Slovenia’s Adriatic coast is very short; it only stretches across 46 kilometers but it’s home to one of the most beautiful yet underrated cities on the Adriatic- Piran. Immerse yourself in the charm of Old Town Piran by meandering through its narrow alleys, where history feels alive at every turn. The heart of the town, Tartini Square, offers a vibrant atmosphere perfect for people-watching, surrounded by stunning Venetian buildings and the legacy of composer Giuseppe Tartini​​.

Skofja Loka: A Picturesque Town With Medieval Charm​

Skofja Loka

A walk through the old town’s cobblestone streets reveals the architectural splendor of Škofja Loka Castle, perched atop a hill offering breathtaking views of the town and the lush valley below. The castle, a blend of historical museum and the well-preserved Škoparjeva hiša, or House Škopar, dating back to the 16th century, invites visitors to delve into the life of a peasant in the region during this era. Other notable castles like Tavčar Manor and Stara Loka Castle, though mainly visible from the outside, add to the town’s historical allure​​.

Kamnik: Known For Its Medieval Old Town

kamnik slovenia 2

Next on our list of most beautiful places in Slovenia, we have Kamnik and one of the best preserved medieval old towns in Slovenia. With its red-roofed houses and historical significance as a trading hub, Kamnik invites visitors to explore its natural and cultural heritage. One of the town’s highlights is the Kamniška Bistrica valley, known for the crystal-clear Kamnik Bistrica River, one of Slovenia’s cleanest and coolest rivers, the Snovik spa, the highest altitude spa in Slovenia, and the town also happens to be a gateway to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Wine Tasting In Brda: Slovenia’s Answer To Tuscany

brda slovenia

Often compared to Italy’s Tuscany for its rolling hills and verdant vistas, Brda stands out with its unique charm and deeply rooted wine culture. From light, fruity wines perfect for a casual gathering, to aged, prestigious bottles, Brda’s wines are nothing short of spectacular. The Brda Wine Cellar, for instance, unites over 400 family winemakers, showcasing the community spirit that underpins the region’s wine-making tradition.

Logar Valley: A Serene Alpine Paradise With Lush Meadows​​​​​

Logar Valley

This list of the most beautiful places in Slovenia can’t be complete without Logar Valley, one of the most secluded corners of Slovenia that unfolds a landscape that seems untouched by time​. While here, you can visit Slap Rinka, a majestic 90-meter waterfall, hike to the Okrešelj Glacial Amphitheater​​, take some of the more leisurely strolls in the valley, and of course, taste the local hearty cuisine.

Velika Planina & Its Traditional Herdsmen’s Culture

Velika Planina

The journey to Velika Planina begins with a scenic cable car ride, that offers only a glimpse of the awe-inspiring views that await. The heart of Velika Planina is its herdsmen’s settlement, where wooden huts with steep, shingled roofs and smoke rising from stone chimneys create a scene reminiscent of a medieval fairytale. From June to September, herdsmen bring their cattle to graze on the rich alpine grass, and produce Trnič cheese, a symbol of the region.

Lipica: Famous For Slovenia’s Elegant Lipizzaner Horses​

lipica most beautiful places in slovenia

Visiting Lipica, the cradle of the world-renowned Lipizzaner horses is a must for all animal lovers visiting Slovenia in Slovenia. For over four centuries, the Lipica Stud Farm has been dedicated to the breeding and preservation of these noble horses, renowned for their remarkable physique, intelligence, and grace. Lipica is located a short drive away from Ljubljana, making it one of the best day trip options you can take from the capital.

Vršič Pass: Slovenia’s Highest Mountain Pass

Vršič Pass

Nestled in the Julian Alps within the Triglav National Park, the pass serves as a gateway to some of the country’s most majestic hiking trails and one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia for people looking to get off the beaten track. The drive itself is an adventure, with the road to the pass winding through 50 hairpin turns, each numbered and offering its own unique view of the surrounding alpine scenery. And if you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can always rent a bicycle and try to make your way up the mountain.

Lake Bohinj: Another Tranquil Lake

bohinj lake

Slovenia has some stunning lakes that will take your breath away. The biggest lake is Lake Bohinj, a glacial lake dammed by a moraine stretching across 318 hectares located in the Julian Alps, in the the northwestern Upper Carniola, which is, by the way, one of the most pristine and beautiful places in the country.

Virje: A Picturesque Cascade Into A Crystal-Clear Pool​


Nestled in the Soča Valley, Virje Waterfall is a natural wonder fed by the karst spring of Glijun that offers visitors a mesmerizing display of two streams of water flowing into a carving deep basin below. Reaching Virje is straightforward, with a simple drive from nearby Bovec, just past the small settlement of Plužna. The area is also known for its beautiful reflective views and the natural karst springs, like the permanent spring of Glijun.

Great Soča: A Mesmerizing Gorge Along Soča River​

Great Soča

If I had to describe The Soča Gorge, I’d say it’s a meticulously carved 750-meter-long stretch of the river that gets up to 15 meters deep, luring visitors with its serene atmosphere. Accessible by both car and public transport, this gorge is conveniently located 10km from Bovec and 35km from Kranjska Gora via the Vršič Pass. The Soča Gorge is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia but it’s especiall famous for its unique vibrant hues of autumn when the Gorge becomes even more picturesque (even though it’s too cold to swim in its waters).

Ptuj: Slovenia’s Oldest Town


This list of the most beautiful places in Slovenia couldn’t be complete without the historic city of Ptuj. The heart of Ptuj beats strongest at its castle, perched on a hill overlooking the town but you also shouldn’t miss the Old Town and see the Orpheus Monument, a symbol of the town’s Roman heritage, the St. George’s Church, showcasing Gothic architecture at its finest., and the inorite Monastery, home to an ancient library housing more than 5,000 books, some of which dating back to the 16th century (but this is just the beginning, honestly, the city has a lot more to offer).

Celje: A Historic City Known For Its Castle

cell cathedral

Last but not least, we conclude this list of the most beautiful places in Slovenia with the city of Celje. The city’s main landmark is undoubtedly the Old Castle Celje, the largest fortress in Slovenia. The city is also home to the Celje Cathedral of Saint Daniel, a Gothic architectural marvel and the tallest building in town.

More Than Half Of Slovenia’s Land Is Protected

Visiting Slovenia

53% of Slovenia’s territory is protected by the government. The only country with a higher percentage of protected land in the world is Venezuela. But that’s a different story.

It seems like the government in Slovenia truly cares about nature and deforestation isn’t really a thing. Half of the country is still covered in forests, which makes Slovenia one of the greenest countries in the world. Hence, it’s no surprise that in 2017, Slovenia was declared the world’s most sustainable country according to a research funded by the United Nations. Slovenia achieved a score of 96 out of 100 in detailed sustainability indicators, including climate, environment, culture, and biodiversity. I bet you didn’t know that Slovenia is actually a haven of biodiversity.

Despite accounting for only 0.004% of the Earth’s surface, Slovenia is home to 1% of the organisms you’ll find on this planet. Finally, its capital, Ljubljana, was anointed as Europe’s Greenest capital the year before (2016). But that’s not all…

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Helpful Tips For Discovering Beautiful Places In Slovenia


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Are you planning on visiting Slovenia? Was this article helpful? Do you think we forgot to mention some other beautiful places in Slovenia? Let us know in the comments!

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Traveling to Slovenia and everything you need to know about

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