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5 Ways to Travel from Johannesburg to George

If you’re in South Africa for a visit or a vacation, then you’ve probably visited Johannesburg. It’s the second-largest city in Africa with a lot of interesting things to do; and you can imagine how bustling its streets and airports are. A city with over 5 million people surely has a lot to present, not just for tourists, but also to its own inhabitants. Johannesburg is a city that spans over 120 years and was founded right after the discovery of gold in its lands. The contrast between the city’s ancient and modern buildings is an extraordinary spectacle that attracts people from all around the world. If you’re thinking about which are some of the other cities that you should visit on your trip to South Africa, you’ll surely love George. In this article, we’ll share some of the best ways to travel from Johannesburg to George.

George was founded about 200 years ago. It’s one of South Africa’s oldest cities. Along the Garden Route, a 300KM stretch that connects the Western Cape with the Eastern Cape, George is considered the largest town. Leaning a bit away from commercial and modern architecture, George has a lot of very old and attractive buildings including churches over 100 years old. We’ll be presenting you with the best 5 ways to travel from Johannesburg to George.

By Plane

There is a reason that traveling by plane is many people’s most preferred way of traveling; it’s fast and it’s also convenient. A non-stop flight to George would take less than 2 hours, and this is literally the fastest way to reach George if you’re in a hurry for a business meeting or to catch someone before they leave. It’s quite easy to find cheap flights to George as it’s in high demand. The convenience of your flight will depend on the airline you’re booking with; you should do some research and read reviews to know which one would best accommodate you. Remember that sometimes the destination isn’t everything. Sometimes, the whole journey can be more exciting than reaching the destination. 

Driving Along Garden Route

This is definitely one of the most adventurous ways to reach George. You’ll be driving on a route sandwiched with glistening-blue seas and ancient forests with many types of animal species waving you goodbye. A non-stop drive from Johannesburg to George is about 11 hours; this means that a non-stop drive is probably not recommended. It’s not advisable just because of the exhaustion and safety factors, but also because you’ll be missing out on a lot if you simply drive without stopping to check out what the amazing Garden Route has to offer.

By Bus

A bus is one of the most common “touristic” ways to travel to George. It will probably take more than a car drive as the bus can be slower and stop more frequently. The slow speed and longer time to reach your destination is a great way to absorb the natural beauty passing you by. If you’re with a big group, a bus is definitely the best way to go. If you don’t have a car and you’re on a tight budget, a bus can save you a lot of money in exchange for great scenery, especially if you’re sitting by the window. You get to relax and enjoy the ride without the hassle of having to stay fully alert behind the wheel.


The luxurious way is the best way if you want to pamper yourself. A cruise along the Garden Route can make you feel like a king discovering new lands. Beautiful blue beaches and the cool breeze are going to be your company for most of your trip. Usually, a cruise isn’t the cheapest option but if you can find yourself a lucrative deal you shouldn’t hesitate to get it. Stepping off a cruise ship into George is sure a great way to start your visit. 


One of the most classical ways to travel the land. It’s a bit slower than a bus, yet even more convenient for long rides. The train journey is about 25 hours, but fear not, the train service is a sleeper class where you can rest conveniently and read that book you’ve been telling yourself you were going to read for 3 years. It’s considered a bit pricier than a bus, but that’s the price of an authentic experience filled with natural beauty. 

There is more than one way to arrive at George if you’re departing from Johannesburg. Both cities are filled with charms that allure tourists from all around the world. You’ll want to try your best to absorb all the magic of both locations, and if you’re feeling adventurous with enough time, check out the other cities and towns around George while you’re on the way.

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