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Get Blogged Review: How to make money from blogging with Get Blogged?

Whether you’ve been blogging for some time or you started recently, you’re probably looking for more ways to monetize your blog. One easy way to start earning money from your blog is to join Get Blogged’s platform. They have some great opportunities for bloggers with a higher DA but they’re also one of the rare websites on the internet that also has opportunities for blogs with a domain authority lower than 10. In this Get Blogged review, I’ll share my experience of working with them and I’ll also tell you everything you need to know about the platform.

What is Get Blogged?

get blogged review

To put it simply, Get Blogged is a platform that connects bloggers and brands. It’s an easy solution for bloggers seeking for more monetization options and for businesses who need help with their outreach.

If you’re a blogger, you can sign up and use the platform to land some paid opportunities or product reviews. They have three types of paid collaborations; sponsored posts, sponsored social media mentions, and product reviews. Furthermore, if you’re a brand looking for some advertising, you can opt-in for blogger outreach, link building, and/or social outreach.

How often do they have sponsored opportunities?

Get blogged opportunities

Get Blogged has new opportunities all the time. If you’re a blogger and choose to sign up and create your profile, you’ll be notified via email every time they have a new opportunity that’s suitable for you. Sometimes, I even get several emails per week from them about their new opportunities. If you’re a new blogger looking to make a name for yourself, this platform is perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you’re a well-established blogger, you might find better opportunities elsewhere. However, it’s useful to follow their updates because you never know when you’re going to have a slow month. The opportunities on the platform are divided into several categories, depending on the blog DA; DA 5+ opportunities, DA 10+ opportunities, DA 20+ opportunities, DA 30+ opportunities, and DA 40+ opportunities. Naturally, the highest paying gigs are the ones reserved for the higher DA blogs. This leads us to the next point…

Get Blogged review: how much do they pay?

DA 5+ assignments usually pay between £10 and £15 but there are exceptions. Assignments for blogs with a DA 10-20 vary between £20-£35 and DA 20-30 assignments pay between £30-£50. Furthermore, DA 30+ assignments- between £55 and £75, and finally, DA 40 assignments can pay up to £150. The payments are always on time; I worked with them several times and never waited more than 24 hours for payment.

How to get more opportunities (for bloggers)?

As they mention on their website, the key to getting more opportunities is to make brands love you. But, if you want to achieve this, you first need to allow Get Blogged to get to know you. The first thing to do is to link your website and your social media. Even though not as frequently, they also have some social media campaigns too. It takes some time for their team to verify your website and after this happens, you’re ready to apply for your first campaign.

However, before you do, it’s better to update your profile and share some information about yourself and your blog. You can do this at the “Complete your profile” section. After this, add your PayPal account in the “Earn Money” section and copy-paste the code that displays a Get Blogged badge on your website and you’re ready to start applying. If you do all this, I’m sure you’ll land your first gig with Get Blogged in no time.

Now, you can head to the opportunities section and see all available opportunities. Here, you can apply to all the opportunities you’re eligible for. When applying, pay attention to the anchor text, the deadline, the payment conditions, and whether the topic is a good fit for your blog. In the end, don’t forget to write a short but compelling cover letter. This isn’t only a mere formality and all letters are sent to the brand running the campaign and sometimes, it helps them distinguish bloggers who are passionate about the opportunity from those who are not.

After you get approved for an opportunity, their quality team checks the article and if everything is alright, you’ll receive your payment in no time.

How to promote your website (for businesses)?

If you have a business, delivering your marketing message to as many people as possible is key. And this is something Get Blogged can certainly help you with. By using their services, you can get in touch with a lot of professional bloggers from different parts of the world without spending a lot of money on agencies and other intermediaries. Another advantage of using this platform is that you get a fully-customized service; you can choose the terms and conditions of your blogger outreach or social campaign. You can choose the DA of the sites you want to get featured on, select your own guidelines for the article you’re mentioned in, and even set your own deadline. If you’re still having second thoughts about this check out this article by Get Blogged which explains what are the benefits of working with a blogger or a micro blogger

For example, I participated in one of Get Blogged’s campaigns in the past and helped one of their clients attract several hundreds of visitors from my website. And it’s safe to assume that I was not the only blogger participating in this campaign. This means that as a brand, you can get tangible results relatively quickly without spending a ridiculous amount of money on an outreach agency or a digital marketing agency.

Get Blogged review: how to sign up?

Get Blogged

If this sounds interesting and you want to sign up, you can use this link. As described above, the sign-up process is relatively simple and you should be able to start working with Get Blogged as soon as you add all relevant information about you and your blog.

Did you know about Get Blogged before reading this article? Was this Get Blogged review helpful? Would you consider using this platform? Let us know in the comments!

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get blogged review


Wednesday 13th of May 2020

I've never yet seen a DA5+ every time I've gone on, I have yet to do one but am not sure if I can do a DA10+. I am also a little confused by how many links they are looking for, the rest of the instructions are usually pretty good, but I am not sure if they want the same link repeated more then once or if there will be more then one link listed if they want it more then once. I'm not sure either really what DA5+, DA10+, etc means. I wish they had a bit better support.