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How to Write An Ideal Essay About Your Travel

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Writing a travel essay is fun as you get to relive all the fantastic moments. However, several folks find it confusing to connect the dots of their travelling memories as they have lived so many. To help you out, we are here with some best advice on writing travel essays.

Recall your best destination

Travelling to strange places on your trips is a good thing as you can not anticipate where your adventure will take you next. Several times this feeling of unpredictability turns out to be a great experience. Although, once in a blue moon, it might turn out to be your worst. Moving forward, you need to make a first good impression. So, the first thing you need to remember is the best place you visited on your travel. Many people disagree with this method as they think it’s necessary to save your best experiences to write in the middle part of your essay. I entirely contradict the latter statement. In my opinion, when a person starts to write an essay, they have a fresh mind, and all of the experiences are recalling itself fluently in their brain. The creativity is at a maximum level in this state which leads to you writing a perfect essay. Don’t forget to explain your moments’ details is what makes your essay interesting. Several people make the mistake of not mentioning their bad travel experiences in their essays. Remember, Do not hesitate to write about all your experiences, whether they were good or bad because honesty is what keeps the reader engaged in your essay. Also, if you only write the mesmerizing things you encountered it would be a cliché and people might think that you must be making this all up. Essay about travel is straightforward to write if a person has actually experienced them in life, but if you find them troubling, sites like Essaykitchen are available online for your help.

Scenic beauty

Every place in the world has its tourist attractions which makes it unique in own its way. When writing an essay for school or college, many people forget about highlighting the attractions of the visited place in their essays. This results in their essay being boring and the reader’s unsatisfaction. However, it is essential to write about every attraction in the place you visited while explaining them in detail later. Mentioning every tourist attraction might get your reader disengaged and bored. So, in order to avoid this situation, trim down your list and go with at least four to five major scenic sites. Blast the bomb of your creativity here. Use adjectives and describe the places as colourful as possible. One of the main things to avoid when writing an essay is not to use the cliché tourist attractions. The reason behind this is that everyone has already used them in their essays, and your reader might already be aware of it. What you need to do is surprise your reader with new ideas, one that would impress them and keep them interested in throughout your essay. That is why you should opt for unique attractions which are uncommon and people are unaware of it. Sometimes you are assigned to visit a place and then construct an essay on it. If you ever come across a situation like this, be sure to jot down all the places you visit on your trip in order to avoid missing out the details.

Use pictures

Nothing expresses like a picture. Explaining the details about the events is necessary as it makes your essay look interesting. However, just adding the details is not enough if you want your essay to stand out. This is where images come in. Adding pictures to your work makes it eye-catchy, no matter if it is an essay or some other assignment from EssayKitchen. Images give your readers a sense of imagination and curiosity. It allows the reader to interpret your essay in many different forms while leaving them curious about what you meant. This is how cliffhanger ending works. It leaves the reader perplexed as to whether what to make of the conclusion of your essay because it could be interpreted in many forms. Furthermore, when visiting the place you want to write about, try capturing several photos with different angles and then eliminate the ones you think are common or does not hold any significance towards beauty. After every paragraph, insert an image to keep your viewers interested.

A good Intro

A good start leads to a right end. In order to do this, you need to construct an excellent introduction, one that symbolizes a start of an incredible journey. You need to make sure that your essay is worth reading and that it would not be just shoved away in the drawer of the table.  Students usually neglect this rule which leaves their essays unread by the teachers, but you are at all cost to follow this rule. Start your essay with a funny or embarrassing story on your trip. If you did not experience any, don’t worry, you can always make up one. Exaggeration is allowed in this part as you need to make sure that the reader is not getting bored. If you still can’t think of any ideas to make your intro engaging , seek help from the internet as there are many online sites available which can write my essay for me.

Increasing word count

Most of the time, students run out of content to write, which leaves them confused on how to achieve their required word count. If you get into situations like these, try expanding your words through the following:

  • Write dialogues
  • Express feelings
  • Be descriptive
  • Do your research

Remember, no detail is too small, not worth mentioning. Writing a detailed essay will not make your essay invalid. Instead, it will make a good impression on the reader as the details will show off your writing skills.

A concrete ending

Your ending should be as enjoyable as your introduction. Summarize all your work, connect all the dots at the end of your essay. Write about your achievements during the journey. Tell the readers what unique thing you learned during the time of your trip.


Constructing a remarkable travel essay requires time, dedication, effort and most of all observation. Sadly, several students lack these qualities these days because of the constant pampering and spoonfeeding. The good news is that we have made this easy for them by mentioning some tips above on writing travel essays.

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