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9 Cheap Ways To Travel The World

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If you’re planning to visit Canada on a budget there are a few things you should be aware of. Actually, it might be better to first pick up some general budget travel tips to better prepare for the journey and we strongly suggest you do that before your trip but in this post, we’ll focus on sharing some Canada-related budget travel tips. 

Using a credit card

Booking your next holiday on a credit card, rather than paying cash, could offer you more protection should your holiday be cancelled. This is especially helpful if you are sticking to a budget and spend only the amount you have decided on your holiday.

When you book a holiday, hotel or flights on your credit card, you will generally be protected under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. This means that if anything goes wrong, and you were not responsible, the credit card company are liable to give you a refund.

This protection is particularly valuable if you decide to book your accommodation, flights and transfers separately, or if you are going on a trip that isn’t Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing (ATOL) protected.

This protection is also valid if you have only put down a deposit or made a partial payment for your holiday, making it extremely convenient to book a summer holiday on a credit card.

Use Travel Apps

Suppose you love traveling there moments where you will reach a place where there is no internet. When you are on a bus or have a long flight and are going through the countryside, such places might not have any internet for you to access hence being disconnected for a long time. Or you are in a situation whereby you are moving from one place to another, and you do not have a working sim card, or you have just reached the country, and you do not have the opportunity to buy yourself a new sim card. That is obvious when you need it most. Even in a place that is numerously connected with the internet, there will come a time when you will be disconnected from the internet.

Here is some good news, there are certain apps that at least can work without your phone even having access to the internet. Find more content concerning this topic on writing services online. Below are the offline travel apps you can use to take notes, planning, entertainment, reading, emergencies, and navigation.

 Use Coupons and Discount Codes

Always check sites that offer discounts and coupon codes on travel; for budget and luxury travelers alike, there are potential savings available. Never pay full price, check for discounts and coupons first before you book things. Also, make sure to compare prices and know which Airlines offer the best deals for which destination. For example, if you’re traveling in Europe, opt-in for Easy Jet, Ryanair or some other budget airlines, if you’re flying to the Middle East,consider Emirates, if you’re flying to the US, check out Delta deals, etc.

Check Change and Cancellation Fees Carefully

This tip applies to saving money in the event that your travel plans change. Always read terms and conditions carefully before booking things like last minute cheap flights, so that you know you will get a refund if things don’t go as planned.

Use Less Popular Sites for Better Deals

Booking sites and comparison sites are great to use and offer lots of assistance and great deals, but you should remember that they are competing with other sites. Less popular sites can sometimes offer better deals to get more customers, so do your own comparison before you pick which deal to go with.

When you make enough research you can find good deals for anything, from simple things like hotel deals and tours to cheap flight deals and even sailing adventure packages in the Mediterranean. However, you still can enjoy spectacular views and of course, the many picturesque Christmas markets and events.

Get the Best Currency Rates

The exchange rates are always terrible at airports as they know it’s a last-minute option for lots of travelers, so don’t fall into the trap and prepare your currency in advance. You should compare exchange rates in advance and change it before you travel.

Get a great deal on your visa

There are a lot of websites online offering or claiming to offer visa services for Canada. However, unfortunately, only a handful of them are trustworthy and professional like Be careful and always do your research before choosing your visa.

Live Like the Locals

Learn about the local shops to buy groceries from such as local markets instead of bigger chain stores and find out about which restaurants are more affordable to eat at. Learn about public transport too – you will save money on taxis if you travel by the local bus instead. Doing a bit of research is always helpful and you will save money too. Plus, you can often discover hidden gems in less touristy areas.

Turn Off Roaming

Mobile phones are great but can rack up huge bills if you forget to turn off roaming. To avoid these bills, have a look at what deals your phone service provider offers for international rates. You might find they offer good deals, but an even better option for long trips is to buy a local SIM card. Using a local carrier or switching to international fees on your current carrier will help you get the most out of your phone when traveling.

 Pack Lightly

If your trip isn’t really long and you can pack efficiently, packing lightly and fitting your things into one carry-on backpack can save you additional baggage fees. Just make sure you check the size and weight restrictions for luggage first. You should also leave extra room in your luggage so you can bring home a souvenir or two. Even if you want to take a camera, consider some light options. Whether you’re going snorkeling, hiking, cycling, or paragliding, there’s no better tool than an action camera that can capture all the exhilarating moments you’ll never want to forget in your lifetime.

Here are some further tips on how to pick out the perfect camera for your videography needs.

Use Guides and Passes

If you are going to be a tourist, do it the right way. Make the most of what is to offer and take advantage of those 5-week passes and multi-day deals. Pick up free guides that include coupons and vouchers for tourist attractions – never pay full price for things!

Hopefully, these tips can help you save money so that you can start saving up for your next trip!

Rent a bike

Most of the time, renting a bike is much cheaper than renting a car. Moreover, you might have other options, though, depending on where you’re going. For instance, you can go for a road bike or tour bike and explore on your own.

Before you hit the road, you’re going to need to do some serious planning. And not just your route. You’ve got your safety to think about, after all the last thing you’ll want is to have your road trip cut short because of a road accident that could have been avoided – speak with a local motorcycle accident lawyer if you’ve had a crash on your motorcycle.

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