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Why should Poconos be your Next Destination?

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Poconos is an incredible place for family vacations, with beautiful slopes, lakes, and valleys enveloping the Poconos Mountains. It is a spectacular location to enjoy bird watching, zip-lining, hiking, fishing, golfing, and skiing. The glistening natural beauty and the community of small towns make the Poconos a true delight. 

Poconos is a year-long vacation destination, with different attractions and activities offered in different seasons. Every season, there is something unique for everyone – families, friends, and couples. 

Best season for visiting Poconos. 

While all the seasons are perfect for visiting Poconos in its way, the most attractive season for visitors in Poconos is the fall. During fall, the visitors can experience the beautiful foliage all around Poconos. Spring isn’t a bad season to visit, but the guest footfall is the lowest during the season. The Poconos mountain is one of the popular places to visit in the USA as per the Poconos visitors bureau.

Summer in Pocono Mountains

The warm weather attracts many recreational and outdoor activities to the visitors. Many fun activities and places will help you beat the summer heat and make the most of your vacation. 

  • Festivals

There are many fairs and festivals that you can attend around the towns of Poconos. The Poconos is home to unique fairs like no other, like Wayne County fair, Carbon County fair, West End fair, and Greene Dreher Sterling Fair. 

There are many local fairs that you can attend in and around the Poconos throughout the year. Many famous festivals for wineries, music, and cuisines during the summer. 

  • Waterparks 

Waterparks are one of the best places to visit in Poconos during the summer. Despite being favorable to all the seasons, it provides a relaxing and unique atmosphere and experience. There are four popular waterparks all over the Poconos region – Camelback Lodge Waterpark, Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark, Kalahari Resort Waterpark, and Split Rock Resort and Golf Club Waterpark. 

  • Lake activities 

The Poconos region is blessed with many famous lakes like Lake Harmony, Big Boulder Lake, and Lake Wallenpaupack, to name a few. You can enjoy many water sports and lake activities like boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and swimming. Many watersports instructors and rental services like Yeti Watersports, Lake Harmony Watersports, and Pocono Action Sports.  

  • Other recreational activities 

Summer calls for many recreational outdoor activities like ziplining, jet skiing, biking, paddle boarding, and racing experiences offered by many adventure resorts and schools around the Poconos. 

Winter in Pocono Mountains 

There is so much to do during winter in Poconos, thanks to a thick blanket of snow on slopes and frozen lakes spread all over the Poconos region. With snow spread over 2400 square miles, the Poconos area is a hub for snow adventures. Many trails and slopes help you to enjoy winter on your way. There are over 185 slopes and courses all over Poconos for skiing – from steep and challenging to flat and kids-friendly

  • Skiing

The even and thick layer of snow in Poconos makes it a bonafide ski destination. There are many skiing destinations with trails and terrain parks suitable for all kinds of skiers. There are plenty of locations with equipment rentals for beginners and professionals around popular skiing destinations like Blue Mountain Ski Resort, Camelback Mountains Resort, Jack Frost, Big Boulder, Shawnee Mountains, and other snow-filled slopes and state parks. 

  • Snow tubing 

Snowtubing is best for someone who is a beginner to snow activities. It is a lot of fun, whether you are a kid or a senior. Different places in Poconos offer different snow tubing experiences – from double tubes to carpet snow tubing. Some popular places for snow tubing in Poconos are White Lightning Snowtubing, Jack Frost and Big Boulder, and Shawnee Mountain Ski Area. 

  • Ice skating 

Find diverse ice skating experiences at indoor rinks, streams, frozen ponds, outdoor rinks, and lakes. Indoor ice skating is perfect for those who don’t want to ice skate in cold weather. For those who want to enjoy the scenic winter beauty of Poconos, outdoor rinks are just for you. Many state parks like Hickory Run State Park and Promised Land State Park have dedicated ice-skating areas. 

  • Other winter adventure activities 

Other winter activities that are perfect for family and romantic getaways are dog sledding, horse riding, ice fishing, and more! You can also enjoy a campfire or cozy up near a fireplace in vacation homes and rentals in Poconos.

Spring in Pocono Mountains 

  • Biking and Hiking 

Biking is a unique, fun, and healthy way of enjoying the picturesque beauty of Poconos. With trails ranging in intensity and difficulty, bikers with different experience levels can enjoy an unforgettable Poconos biking. 

Promised Land State Park and Delaware State Forest are perfect for beginners as they have smoother and simpler paths. For moderate difficulty, biking trails in Jim Thorpe and Mauch Chunk Lake Park are ideal, with some difficulty and elevation. Biking in Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway and Delaware National Heritage Corridor is worth a try for adventure seekers. 

  • Train rides 

The Poconos Mountains are rich in culture and heritage. It is worth experiencing the history, even by train! Certain train stations carry the long (never forgotten) history of Poconos. Today, these trains offer scenic rides across the historical towns of Poconos. The must-visit railway tours are Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway, No 9 Coal Mine and Museum, The Stroudsburg Line Train Excursions, Steamtown National Historic Site, and Soarin’ Eagle Train Rides. 

What next? Find a stay in Poconos.

It is impossible to savor the Poconos in a day. Suppose you are looking for a weekend getaway or a long vacation with family, friends, or your partner. In that case, there are many options for stay – ranging from cottages and lakefront houses to farmhouses and mansions. Depending on your vacation purpose, you can choose holiday rentals that serve your best interest. 

No matter what season you decide to visit Poconos, the region has gained status as a rejuvenating escape from the bustle of the city – an identity that the place has managed to maintain.

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