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Where to Travel To For The Best Casinos

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Casinos are as popular as ever with many people wanting to try them out. There are multiple land based casinos in the U.S, with Nevada gathering a lot of the gambling revenue. However, there are also many casinos outside of the U.S ready to be experienced. So, if you want to try something new and perhaps even more exciting then read this list to find the best foreign casinos.

Sun City, Rustenburg in South Africa   

If you want to travel far away, then look no further than Sun City in South Africa! This beautiful casino venue is packed with entertaining slot machines, poker and all other things casino related. You are also able to play at a high stakes table, but be aware – the money can disappear very fast, if you aren’t careful!

If you are new to the whole casino-game and the thought of going to a casino for the first time seems daunting, you can always seek advice and practice at The site offers casino reviews and guides to the casino world. If that still isn’t enough for you, Sun City also offers a gaming school that helps beginners learn the techniques to get you properly started. As you can tell, it’s quite the casino experience. 

However, it’s so much more than that. The amazing resort lies right next to the waterpark and other idyllic surroundings. If you visit the Sun City, then you will get much more than you bargained for, as it is an experience you will cherish forever. It’s definitely worth considering if you want the grand experience of traveling. 

Grand Lisboa Casino, Macau in China

If you want to visit a casino that seems straight out of a movie, then the Grand Lisboa Casino in China is worth considering. China is known for its big, amazing buildings, and the Grand Lisboa Casino is no exception. The casino is easy to spot as it is the highest building, covered with massive LED-light on top, in fact the largest in the world. 

The casino is amazing with 800 tables to play at and 1000 slot machines. When entering this casino, you feel as if you have entered a completely different world. If you, at some point, would want to take a break for your casino adventure, then there is nothing wrong with going out and enjoying some more of China. 

The city of Macau has a lot of great attractions to check out, ranging from the ruins of St. Paul’s, A-Ma templet to Senado Square. Enjoy the many fun attractions and the great casino!


Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Finally, we have Singapore – a great country with many options! One of these being the Marina Bay Sands Casino. This Casino is located at a mall, which means that you are able to alternate between gambling and shopping. This casino is not the biggest casino in all of Singapore, but it’s cozy and attracts a broad audience. 

Even though it isn’t the biggest casino available, it still has 600 tables and 1500 slot machines, so you will surely find a way to enjoy some time at this casino. A fun fact is also, if you are not local, then you can enter the casino for free, whereas locals must pay 100 dollars to do so. Therefore, make sure to bring your passport. 

Singapore has much more to offer than just casinos. You can enjoy Gardens by the Bay, Avatar: The Experience and so much more. However, don’t forget to read about Singapore before traveling so you know what to expect! 

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