Why getting a Vanuatu citizenship is a great idea?

We live in a dynamic world where you can never be sure about tomorrow. This makes us uncertain about our lives, family, business, and assets. For this reason, whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, aristocrat, travel enthusiast, or just an ordinary citizen it’s smart and prudent to acquire a second passport from another country you can call your second home. A lot of people get a second passport but some people go even a step further and acquire a second citizenship. This guarantees you freedom, saves your life in case there are strife and turmoil in your home country, and presents numerous opportunities to working professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to diversify their investments or expand their business empires. This article will give you five reasons why you should seriously consider getting a Vanuatu citizenship.

1. One of the last remaining tax havens in the world

Vanuatu, a remote archipelago in the South Pacific tucked in the deep seas between Australia and Fiji is probably one of the last remaining tax havens on the planet. This exotic microstate has been a well-known tax haven since 1971. Even more, the tax haven industry makes up for approximately fifteen percent of Vanuatu’s GDP. This makes the economy of Vanuatu heavily dependent on offshore companies. Finally, International Business Companies (IBCs) registered in Vanuatu pay absolutely no taxes for the initial twenty years. This makes Vanuatu the business destination of choice for startups and companies aiming to reduce their tax expense.

2. No breach of confidentiality

The government of Vanuatu preserves confidentiality by implementing stringent measures preventing public access even by foreign governments, to an offshore company’s financial information, business and personal details of the owners, and their beneficiaries. This information is kept private under all circumstances except in isolated cases where there is evidence that a company has been engaging in illegal activities such as terrorism, fraud and money laundering. This anonymity is critical when operating in a very competitive business environment. The more confidentiality, the more a company has control over its activities.

3. The advanced and secretive banking system

Vanuatu is a great investment destination since banks are prohibited by law from disclosing a businesses’ income to the authorities. Additionally, most banks in Vanuatu operate viaasystem where it’s up to the business to report its income to the relevant bodies. The banking system guarantees the privacy of financial information of everyone who opens an international bank account by ensuring that no other entity gets access to critical information.

4. Visa-free travel to 122 countries

The Vanuatu passport allows you Visa-free travel to over 122 countries and territories. That makes it the 36th strongest passport in the world, something that travel enthusiasts and travel writers will surely like. This includes 26 countries in the Schengen Zone and other key destinations such as the UK, Singapore, and even Russia. This makes the Vanuatu passport a primary choice for global investors who want ease of access to various financial centers in the world.

5. An amazing destination

This chain of 83 islands has been voted the happiest place on the planet twice, according to the New Economics Foundation and Friends of the Earth and the 2016 Happy Planet Index. Additionally, Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment is one of the easiest and fastest to acquire in the world. After applying, you will get a new passport in up to 45 days. However, to be eligible for a Vanuatu passport you must obtain citizenship first.

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19 thoughts on “Why getting a Vanuatu citizenship is a great idea?”

  1. In all fairness, its great that is a good backup option to have a second citzienship with Vanuata but how easy is it to get it and what are the requirements?

    • Hi Danik, thank you for your comment and for the question. I’ll try to give a brief answer. Becoming a resident is actually fairly simple. Besides the normal visa procedures for employment, spouses, and dependent children, a Vanuatu residency can be obtained merely by providing a proof of stable income or by making an investment in the country.

      If you have a monthly income of $2,250, you need to go to a bank and ask the bank to certify your ability to deposit 250,000 Vanuatu vatu (about US$2,250) per month. Becoming a resident can be as simple as applying as a β€œself-funded resident” and that’s a major advantage. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  2. Uhm… Why is almost everybody calling it Vanuata instead of Vanuatu in the comments? Did I miss something? 😐
    Anyway, it sounds like a very nice option. It reminds me a bit of “Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life”, by Neil Strauss. There, he gets a passport on an island for confidentiality & co., but I can’t remember if it’s part of Vanuatu or somewhere else. While it is a very nice destination and the passport offers many perks, I’d love to have a passport from a place I can visit often. And Vanuatu is just too far from me. πŸ™

    • Hahaha, good remark. I guess one person misspelled it and a bunch of others followed. That sounds like an interesting book, I might even end up reading it. Thanks for the recommendation πŸ™‚

  3. It all sounds so nice when the place is so beautiful, and no breach of confidentiality, tax haven, and more. It seems like you must have the second citizenship of a country like that. Sadly I am not allowed to have dual citizenship. But best wishes for you.

    • I am aware of that Shreya and it’s really sad that a country in the 21st century doesn’t allow dual citizenship but it is what it is. Thank you for your comment.

  4. I had no idea Vanuatu’s citizenship is one of the easiest one to obtain. Also the fact that its passport allows you to travel visa-free to over 122 countries makes it very appealing. It wouldn’t be too bad to have a second home in a Pacific island after all πŸ˜€


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