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21 Unique Things you can only experience in Georgia and nowhere else

I know that a lot of you probably can’t even find Georgia on a map and you might be here searching for information about traveling to the US state of Georgia. If you did, don’t leave right away and let me share a few things about Georgia, the country located at the crossroad between Europe and Asia. Georgia is a land of rock and stone, hidden monasteries, majestic mountains, deep caves, and the birthplace of wine. It’s a country with a very distinct culture sitting on a crossroad between two worlds it refuses to identify with. As such, there are some unique things to do in Georgia that you can’t find anywhere else on our planet. That’s what this article is all about!


One of the oldest centers of Christianity in the world

Mtksheta Things to do in Georgia country

We start this list of unique things to do in Georgia with a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s the most sacred pilgrimage place in Georgia and home to the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, the second largest in the country. What makes Mtskheta even more fascinating is that it was also the center of Pagan worship in the 5th century B.C. Mtskheta was also the capital of Georgia for more than seven centuries until King Dachi moved the capital to Tbilisi. This ancient town today has only 8,000 residents.

Visit a cave city that used to host 20,000 people!


A town built into the rocks in the far East, Uplistsikhe is one of the oldest settlements in Europe and in the world. It covers an area of eight hectares of narrow underground streets, caves, and interconnecting passages. The most fascinating part about this cave city is that at one point it was home to more than 20,000 people.

Visit the village where wine was introduced to the world

Georgian wine

Talking about unique things to do in Georgia, we simply have to mention Georgian wine and winemaking history. Several archeological findings state that the world’s first wine was produced in a Neolithic village, 30 km south of Tbilisi. A few years ago, researchers from the University of Toronto, discovered pottery fragments which were more than 8,000 years old in Gadachrili and Shulaveris. This means that this popular drink we all love today was first created in Georgia. This traditional Georgian method of winemaking in a clay jar (Qvevri) is a part of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage of humanity list.

Take a peek at the deepest cave on Earth

Located in the Arabika Massif in the western part of Abkhazia, Krubera is the deepest cave on Earth. This massive cave extends up to 13.5 kilometers (8.5 miles) and is 2,197 meters (7,200 feet) deep. It’s the only cave on Earth deeper than 2,000 meters. Interestingly, the geology community was (for some reason) largely ignoring this cave for years. It wasn’t until 2012 that the researchers actually reached the point of 2,197 meters. In order to fully explore this cave, you would need scuba diving gear, as the cave has a deep, mostly-vertical system and a lot of tunnels in the cave are under water.

Listen to polyphonic vocal songs

Svans are an ethnic subgroup of Georgians, who inhabit the northwest of Georgia. Svans were traditionally known as gatekeepers of mountain passes and in this part of the country, a traditional, authentic way of life is preserved. Villages in this part of the country are scattered across the hills and a lot of households are encircled with a protective wall. The region has a turbulent history and that’s why this system is still in place and a lot of Svans still practice blood revenge.

Svans are also famous for their polyphonic vocal songs. Many of these melodies are even older than Christianity and contain Pagan elements. No wonder this chloral folk music is a part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Take a look at the cave in which Prometheus was chained to

georgia caves

No list of unique things to do in Georgia can be complete without the mesmerizing Prometheus Cave. The legend says that Prometheus the Titan was given the task of creating man but he angered the gods by stealing fire from the Gods and gifting it to humans. As a punishment, he was sent to the Caucasus Mountains and chained to a rock for the rest of his life. According to the legend, that cave was this neon-lit cave outside of Kutaisi, in the western part of Georgia.

Even if you’re not a fan of legends and Greek mythology, that won’t make this cave any less fascinating. The Prometheus Cave boasts an array of stalagmites, cave pearls, underground rivers, lakes, and even waterfalls.

The Georgian Romeo and Juliet

ali nino only in georgia

We all know the legendary story of Rome and Juliet but have you heard about Ali and Nino? The story from the 1930s’ whose author remains anonymous today portrays the unfortunate story of an Azerbaijani Muslim, Ali, who falls in love with the Georgian Princess, Nino. This story has become a literature classic in the Caucasus and is even the national novel of neighboring Azerbaijan.

This sad romance inspired Georgian artist, Tamara Kvesitadze to design this stunning moving sculpture in 2010. This giant metal artwork consists of two figures of stacked who slide towards each other every day at 7 o’clock and almost merging, without fully connecting. The statue is probably the most recent monument on this list but that doesn’t make it any less fascinating.

See the most picturesque monastery in the world

Gergeti Church

If you want to have the most Georgian experience ever, you absolutely must visit the Gergeti Trinity Church. The isolated location of this church on the top of a steep mountain surrounded by the endless vastness of nature made it a modern symbol of Georgia. Because of its remote location, during dangerous times and invasions, all important relics from Mtskheta were brought here for safekeeping.

I’ve visited hundreds of different churches and monasteries around the world and if you ask me, I would say Gergeti is by far, the most picturesque one I have ever seen. This list of unique things to do in Georgia wouldn’t be complete without it!

Stay in a luxury hotel that was a refugee camp

The Iveria Hotel became one of the first prime luxury hotels in Tbilisi in the 1960s’. At the time, Tbilisi was a primary choice for a lot of wealthy people from around the SSSR because of its thermal baths. However, this changed after the fall of the SSSR and tourism suffered. The Abkhazia War and the high number of Georgian refugees forced the local authorities to turn the hotel in a refugee camp.

In recent years, tourism in Georgia started booming again and the Iveria Hotel went back to its old luxurious self. Talking about luxury hotels, if you’re looking for one for your upcoming trip to Georgia, check out this website and save up to 20% on your luxury hotel booking.

A mosque where Sunni and Shia Muslims pray side by side

jumah mosque

When it comes to unique things to do in Georgia, the sight you can get inside the Jumah Mosque is one of the most fascinating things I’ve come across. Tbilisi has been a crossroads of religions and cultures for centuries and it’s no wonder you can find such a rare sight right here, in Georgia’s Capital. Around 10% of Georgia’s population is Muslim, a lot of which reside in Tbilisi. Prior to the 1950s, Tbilisi had two mosques where Sunni and Shia Muslims worshiped separately.

However, during the Soviet era, the Blue Mosque of Tbilisi was completely demolished. After this event, the Shia community lost its only worship place in Tbilisi and the Jumah Mosque opened its doors to them. In the beginning, there was a black curtain dividing the mosque in half but since 1996, the curtain was removed and Sunni and Shia Muslims have been performing religious rituals side by side in the same mosque. This makes the Jumah Mosque the only such mosque in the entire world.

Step into nature’s very own art gallery

Completely surrounded by lush forests, Sataplia’s cave us the ultimate subterranean wonder of nature. The cave features spectacular stalagmites and stalactites and one of them looks like a giant human heart! Many of these fascinating formations are dramatically lit, giving the whole cave a beautiful eerie atmosphere.

Experience an ancient teatime tradition

sabir chaikana tbilisi

Tbilisi’s ancient bath district also hides the last remaining ancient chaykhana (teahouse) where an ethnic teatime tradition is well-preserved. Once upon a time, the district housed five teahouses but the whole area was devastated by political unrest. However, that didn’t make the owner of this chaykhana give up. He decided to resist the gentrification and renovation and keep his ancient tea shop.

You’ll find a lot of new buildings and souvenir shops in the area today and if you look hard enough, you’ll discover this nameless chaykhana hidden between the narrow, charming streets, still standing proud and trying hard to defy the test of time. Most tourists don’t know about it but it’s very popular among people who remember the old days when Tbilisi was filled with this type of community spaces.

Georgians have their own version of pizza


A trip to Georgia is not complete without trying Khachapuri. This famous Georgian dish comes in a variety of forms but most of them include bread and ridiculous quantities of cheese. The most famous one is probably Adjaran Khachapuri. It has an egg on the top and it might not fit your definition of pizza but it’s absolutely delicious.

A monument in which the whole Georgian history is engraved

tbilisi view things to do in georgia country

Speaking of unique things to do in Georgia, this is probably the only country in the world that has its whole history engraved in giant pillars. Sitting at the top of the hill overlooking Tbilisi, it’s surprising that this place is so unfrequented. You can get to the Chronicle of Georgia by metro and taxi, or by taking a long walk from the city.

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Stay in an old Soviet sewing factory

One of the most unique things to do in Georgia is staying in Fabrika Hostel. This building was once a typical Soviet sewing factory. Today, the building is a hostel and a cafe-bar and its courtyard has a lot of quirky shops. If you’re into hip and arty things, you should definitely check out this place. It’s one of the most unique and interesting properties I’ve ever seen.

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Drink Chacha

chacha drink georgia

If you like hard spirit drinks everywhere you go, then you definitely have to try Chacha while you’re in Georgia. Chacha is the Georgian version of vodka. It’s a pomace brandy that consists of either grapes, oranges, tangerines or tarragon ranging between 40% and 65% of alcohol. If you come across a Georgian that invites you to their home, they’ll probably offer you some chacha. Many Georgians will also tell you that chacha has medical properties. In fact, a lot of people use it and suggest it as a remedy for a number of ailments.

Visit one of Europe’s oldest cities


Kutaisi in western Georgia was the capital of the Colchis Kingdom as early as 2,000 B.C. This ancient city has seen hundreds of conflicts throughout the years between Georgian kings, Russians, and Ottomans and was even an industrial center during the Soviet era. Kutaisi is also home to one of the best-equipped museums in the country. This museum features over 16,000 artifacts related to Georgian culture and history. If you’re planning to visit, you should also check out this list of the best restaurants in Kutaisi.

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Explore the archeological remains of the oldest human skull in Europe


The discovery of primitive tools in Dmanisi in the 1980s increased the interest for this archeological site. This lead to a very important discovery in the 1990s. According to the archeological findings of Dmanisi, the first humans traveled from Africa to Europe through Georgia. The skulls found on the site are more than 1.8 million years old! This makes it safe to say that Georgia was the homeland of the first Europeans.

Experience 12 different climates in 70,000 square kilometers

weather in Georgia

True, Georgia might be a small country barely covering 70,000 square kilometers. But did you know that these 70,000 square kilometers feature 12 different climate zones ranging from subtropical to alpine to semi-desert? Georgia also has 49 different types of soil! All this makes this beautiful country arguably the most ecologically diverse one on Earth.

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Visit Europe’s highest permanent settlement

bochorna unique things to do in georgia country

Finally, we round up this list of unique things to do in Georgia with the highest human settlement in Europe; Bochorna (2,345 meters). The second highest is in Ushguli (2,100 meters). Both of these villages are located in the remote Georgian mountains and are pretty difficult to reach, which allowed them to preserve their timeless feel.

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Did you ever hear about some of the experiences in this post? Do you have some more suggestions on unique things to do in Georgia? Let me know in the comments!

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Friday 26th of April 2019

Believe it or not, I was actually looking into information on Georgia as I wanted to visit this part of Europe! And now I am sure that I would very soon visit this little gem. The country has so many unique experiences to offer. I am really fond of Greek mythology and would love to visit the cave of Prometheus. The monasteries also look so enticing. Georgia is definitely on my current plans now.

Passport Symphony

Saturday 27th of April 2019

That's great to hear, Amrita. I'm really glad you could find what you were looking for! I hope you get the chance to visit Georgia soon- I'm sure you will have a great time!

Cat Lin

Monday 14th of January 2019

I wasn't familiar with Georgia so this is a great overview post that introduces me to the many beautiful sights in the country! I would love a chance to visit Gergeti Trinity Church. I hope it is not too difficult to get to. Teatime at an ancient chaykhana would also be lovely!

Passport Symphony

Tuesday 15th of January 2019

Thank you, Catlin and I hope you get the chance to visit soon.


Sunday 13th of January 2019

I too loved Georgia for all these reasons and I agree that it is really a worth visiting place. The culture, traditions and ancient history of Georgia is really worth appreciating. I loved monasteries of Georgia as they are located on beautiful hills and good to know that Georgia is one of the oldest Christianity centers. Chacha is truly interesting drink and I too loved Georgian version of Pizza.

Passport Symphony

Tuesday 15th of January 2019

Thank you, Yukti- I' really glad to hear that from a fellow traveler that visited Georgia


Thursday 10th of January 2019

Uplistsikh looks absolutely fascinating with those caves and so do the Chronicle of Georgia and Sewing factory.The latter looks vibrant with the paintings. This is the first time I am reading about Chacha...An interesting and intriguing post about Georgia !

Passport Symphony

Thursday 10th of January 2019

Thank you, Meenakshi- I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed this article.

Archana Singh

Thursday 10th of January 2019

Been wanting to go to Georgia for long. After reading your experience, I am sure I would love this is country a lot. The caves, the natural beauty, the Gergeti Trinity Church, the swanky hotel and great food and wine are the things I love. I'll be most excited to experience 12 different climates in an area of 70,000 square kilometers.

Passport Symphony

Thursday 10th of January 2019

Thank you, Archana. I'm glad to hear you loved this post and I hope you get the chance to visit soon.