Most Popular Travel Posts

In this section, you’ll find the most popular travel posts that our audience enjoys the most. From off-the-beaten-track destinations and my personal perspectives of countries I lived/worked in, to creative writeups and honest reviews, this is the best of Passport Symphony. Enjoy!

What is life like in India: Here are 9 important life lessons I learned as an expat living in india

13 common scams in Southeast Asia and how to avoid them

14 surprising facts about Cambodia you should learn today

13 Mind-blowing Underwater Cities That Deserve to be Called ‘Modern-day Atlantis’

Southeast Asia on a budget: how I traveled around with $15 per day

7 deadly sins of travel and how to avoid them

Depression after travel: how does it feel like to live in one place after years of traveling?

Comprehensive travel guide: Discover Singapore in 24 hours

Things I wish I knew before visiting Laos

What to expect when traveling to Turkmenistan, one of the last police states in Central Asia

The 10 most-read travel articles on Passport Symphony

How to cover everything worth seeing in Paris in a day

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