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Unspoken Rules: Etiquette You Need to Have When Flying

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Most people would agree that flying on the economy is almost always unpleasant. With so many people and so few things to make it more bearable, people would always choose to upgrade if they have the money. 

Airlines are always making things worse to improve their razor-thin margins, resulting in them cutting more corners and people opting out of the flying economy. It’s a stupid cycle that, honestly, many people are getting more and more tired of.

Luckily, if you don’t have the cash to upgrade, you can find a lot of cheap flights on the internet like Next Vacay. Not only that, but there are also little things that make your trip in the economy much more pleasant, but they depend on everyone’s cooperation. To play your part, there are some unspoken rules as to how to make your flight much more bearable. 

These rules cover many things, from what to do when going through security to things you shouldn’t do when you’re on your seat. If you follow these rules and as long as everyone does the same, the flight should be great. Here are some of them.

Remember How Security Works

This rule is about being preemptively prepared before the security checkup. The security checkup will check your luggage and your person to see if you’re carrying something illegal. 

That said, before you get to the x-ray machine, take everything out of your pockets and put it all in your bag. This will make their checkup much shorter. After you get your things from the machine, find a nearby spot where you can stand aside, and then you can put your belt and shoes on.

Don’t Hog the Overhead Bin

This is a simple one, but many people seem to not get the memo. Sometimes, we tend to carry a lot of bags when traveling. It’s completely normal, and everyone can relate. But just because you have a lot of bags that you’re bringing with you doesn’t mean you can hog the overhead bins. 

If you have two carry-on bags, you can opt to keep the smaller one at your side. Also, don’t put your bags horizontally. Put it vertically to make space for other people’s bags.

Put Your Phone on Silent

Most of the time, the only way to survive a long flight is to just sleep. Which, as we all know, is not an easy thing to do with the engine humming, kids kicking the back of your seat, and the chattering sound from other people’s conversation. Once you manage to go to sleep, you suddenly hear a blaring ringtone coming from someone’s phone. Everyone hates this, and unless you don’t want to be that person, you might want to put your phone on silent.

Speaking of phones, please don’t fight the attendants when they tell you to turn off your phone during takeoff and landing. They’re just trying to do their job, which you’re making worse for them because of your stubbornness. You’re allowed to take them out anyway when you’re cruising anyway. It’s only for a few minutes.

Respect Your Own Space

In the cramped confines of your seat, respecting your own space goes a long way, not just for you but for everyone. This will make the flight much smoother and without trouble. You can let the middle-seat passenger have the middle armrests and keep your legs within your space. 

Also, keep your personal belongings within your space as much as possible. Avoid putting your bags in the way that other passengers might hit them and if you want to hear some music from your phone, use headphones. Also, when you sit down, make sure you have everything you need. 

It’s always bothersome to have somebody try to reach the overhead bins because you forgot something. It’s bothersome and uncomfortable. You’re in a limited space, after all. Also, don’t take off your shoes. It might not smell that much but remember, you’re in a pressurized vehicle, and no air can come out. So unless you want to spend several hours smelling your feet, don’t do that.

Speaking of smell, you might also want to stay away from eating smelly food. Plane food is expensive, and they’re not the best. So, by all means, bring your own snacks but avoid smelly snacks. Again, no air can come out from a plane, so bringing smelly food will be hell for everybody on board.

Always have a spare passport-size photograph

Maybe you are thinking right now: is it very complicated to prepare a passport size photo on my own? Am I able to do it and avoid mistakes? Sure you are! Just read our guidelines and create your perfect document photo by yourself. 

Ready? Great! You do not need to go to the photography studio and wait in a line. You can organize your atelier wherever you wish, even in your kitchen or bathroom. Don’t worry about the proper background, correct crop or image resolution. Our smart photo editor can process your image and after a few seconds, you will receive the photo ready to upload to the online application or to print.

Reading the rest of the text below will take you not more than 7-8 minutes and after further reading, you will know: 

  • how to pose in the picture
  • what to wear and what to wear not capturing the photo
  • what is allowed and forbidden in official images
  • how to avoid the most commonly made mistakes

Once you decide to capture a passport photograph at home you need to know some general rules. We will talk about each of them, in a nutshell, to help you save your time.

Converse With Caution

If you’re that person who passes the time with idle chatter, be mindful of the people you talk to. Sure, chatting with fellow passengers is fine and dandy, but leave them be when the other person doesn’t want to talk. 

It might seem rude to you, but when you keep squeezing them out for a conversation, you’re the one being rude. If they show signs that they’re uninterested in talking, leave them alone.

Final Words

These rules are maybe very basic, but you might be surprised that many people seem to ignore them. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow them. Do your part, and if everyone else does the same, then you will most probably have a smooth flight for once.

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