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Best Historical Sites in Greece

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Are you thinking about visiting the beautiful, historical country of Greece? Want to know what the best historical monuments in Greece are? We are here to help you!

With important ancient greek historic places as old as the 7th BC, from the Mycenaean period to the Classical times till the Modern Era, you will find something for everyone.

When it comes to traveling locations and spots for history buffs, it can be a little tricky to choose a place where your inner geek will be satisfied, content, and happy. Greece provides you with endless possibilities with its plethora of important historical sites such as temples  in Antigone, Athens, Dion, etc.

All of the historic sites in Greece are fascinating in their own right with 18 UNESCO world heritage sites there, such as the Acropolis of Athens, Meteora, and Delos. Let’s take a brief look at some of the most important monuments that you can visit when you are in Greece.

1.      Minoan Palace of Knossos

Present almost 5 km from Heraklion Town in the Crete Island is the ancient Greek city of Knossos. It was discovered by Sir Arthur Evans, a British Archaeologist, in the early 20th century. Archaeologists believe that it was destroyed in a tsunami in about 1,500 BC. However, the castle is still a remarkable sight, with its interesting wall paintings and architecture.

The Knossos Palace is the largest Bronze age archeological place. This famous ancient Greek site is rumored to be the palace of the King Minos, who is famous for building a mythical labyrinth for the creature, Minotaur.

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2.      Ancient Epidaurus

Love open theatre and music? Well, you would have a great time in Ancient Epidaurus, which is known for its open theatre with amazing acoustics. This theatre was designed by the architect Polykleitos in the 4th century AD.

Imagine the rich history here when you go around the theatre, envisioning a crowd of ancient Greeks, immersed in the performance of famous plays in the city! The theatre was built next to the Sanctuary of the healing god, Asclepius, in Ancient Greece.

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3.      Dion

This Sanctuary was dedicated to the powerful god Zeus. Since it is located on the grounds of the famous Mount Olympus, where the gods were supposed to reside, it was considered as the gateway to their kingdom.

Even though there was always an altar thee to honor the gods, Dion was developed largely in the Macedonian times. Alexander the Great used to make sacrifices here to the gods, so for those of you who are history buffs, it would be a nice place to visit!

Dion also developed in Roman times, and if you visit, you will be able to see the remains of mosaics and a Roman villa.

4.      Acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis of Athens was constructed in the golden century of Athens, which is in the mid of 5th century BC. Although there are several other buildings in the Acropolis such as the Erechtheion, Temples of Athena, Propylaea, etc. but the most famous is the Parthenon.

The craftsmanship of Acropolis is amazing, and it is made of the finest Pentelic marble. Even though it was destroyed in wars, it is still a sight to behold and a place you must-visit when you are in Greece! Moreover, this archaeological site is a UNESCO world heritage site as well!

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5.      Ancient Delphi

Who doesn’t love a little bit of mystery and mystique, right? Dwelling on the slopes of Mount Parnassus is the most interesting ancient monument and historic site of Delphi. The Oracle of Delphi dates back to ancient times when pilgrims from all over the world used to come to the Oracle to get a prophecy of the Greek God Apollo.

Later on, it was the center of military and political association in Central Greece as well. You would absolutely love the Temple of Athena, the Ancient Stadium, the Ancient Stadium, and the Temple of Apollo while you are here.

6.      Ancient Dodona

Another historic site that is a must-see is the ancient place of Dodona. After the Oracle of Delphi, the Oracle of Dodona was the most famous in Greece. The historic site of ancient Dodona is present in the region of Epirus. Originally, it was devoted to a Mother Goddess, either Gaia or Rhea. However, it became a temple dedicated to the god Zeus. Until the rise of Christianity, it remained a very important religious sanctuary.

7.      Ancient Olympia

Who hasn’t heard of the Olympic Games, right? Well, wouldn’t you want to visit the place where it all started? You will have to go to Olympia for that, where the first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC.

According to some myths, these games were started by Hercules to honor the god Zeus within the city. Slowly and gradually, these games gained importance and popularity, and athletes from all over Greece started participating in it, and it became an inter-city event. Even though excavations are still being done, you can see the remains of the temple of Hera, the temple of Zeus, and the Ancient Stadium.

With its iconic, mystical places dating back centuries, crystal blue waters, and relaxed lifestyle, Greece is a land mixed with culture, life, and antiquity. From the incredible natural wonder of Meteora to the beautiful island of Rhodes, you are going to love visiting and traveling here.

So next time you want to go on a historic trip, pack your bags, and book a ticket to Greece!

Happy Traveling, Folks!

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