The 10 best life-changing wellness holidays in 2019

Gone are the days of simply spending holidays lounging around the buffet tables and flopping onto plush couches after a day of doing nothing. Nowadays, people long for true retreats from the bustle of daily life. More and more people want to have a holiday that combines relaxation with introspection, meditation, health, and education. The benefits of wellness holidays stretch beyond those two weeks you got off work – resulting in a happier, healthier you. If you’re one of those people looking for their next wellness holiday destination, keep reading; here are the best wellness destinations for 2019!

Surf’s up – Surf Star, Morocco

Morocco Beach wellness holidays

Nothing beats grabbing your surfboard and paddling out into the ocean to catch some waves. For a lot of people, surfing is a favorite method of relaxing at the end of a long day – or, if you’re a morning person, the best way to wake up. Surf Star Morocco is nestled perfectly within reach of famed surf spots such as Anchor Point and Boilers. This retreat is famous for its daily yoga camps and also, its great surfing instructors, who will make sure you make the most out of your holiday. Beginner to expert, Surfstar welcomes all surfers or surfers enthusiasts with open arms. Incredible sea and mountain views, paired with simple rooming styles, make this retreat a real treat for both, the eyes and the soul.

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Unleash your inner yogi – Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

Thailand resort

It is well known that practicing yoga comes with many health benefits. If you can’t make it to a yoga retreat this holiday, Youtube offers many yoga tutorials that you can follow in your own time. However, if you can, Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand is the place to unwind. Resting at the foot of a mountain thick with jungle vegetation, this resort offers multiple yoga classes every day. Even more, many different types of yoga are practiced in these exceptional studios. Finally, there’s also an infinity pool onsite that allows guests to relax after a session and rejuvenate their body. When it comes to life-changing wellness holidays, only a few places on our planet can compare to the Absolute Sanctuary.

Be mindful – Ananda in The Himalayas, India

himalayas wellness holidays

Over the past few years, meditation has been gaining popularity – and for good reason. Many applications, such as Headspace, allow people to follow guided meditations remotely. However, if you’re looking to head out and center yourself more seriously, there are plenty of stunning retreats available. Ananda in the Himalayas, as well as being a renowned spa, boasts exceptional meditation facilities. The meditation music pavilion gives guests the unique opportunity to meditate amidst the tranquil mountainesque scenery. With a focus on spiritual and physical well-being, this retreat offers beautiful surroundings, delicious food, and helpful staff.

Massages & manicures – BodyHoliday, St Lucia

st lucia resort

There isn’t anything that can’t be cured with a deep massage and essential oils. If you need a sensual getaway from daily life, TheBodyHoliday in St Lucia is the perfect get-away-from-it-all resort. Even more, BodyHoliday combines spirituality, fitness and spa activities; hence, it’s no surprise that this resort was voted the World’s Best Destination Spa by Conde Nast’s readers. Beautiful waterfalls and rainforests form part of the idyllic scenery, where guests can relax and partake in many different spa treatments.

Advanced weight loss – Longevity Wellness Resort, Portugal

Monchique wellness holidays

If you’re looking to get back in shape, a retreat aimed at weight loss will surely help you achieve your goal. Often, you are thoroughly assessed in terms of your strengths and weaknesses, and dietary requirements. Longevity Wellness Resort tailors your weight loss experience through a structured program. Nestled in Monchique, and surrounded by undisturbed mountains, the resort offers guests many group activities and workshops designed to improve health and aid in their weight loss journey. Notable activities include hiking, boxing, and yoga – which are paired with well-managed diets.

Nature is a healer – Quintessence Sports and Health Retreat, France

France Alps resort

Whether you prefer looking over the landscape from the top of a mountain, or simply taking a walk through a rustling forest, nobody can say that nature doesn’t do wonders for the soul. Quintessence Sports and Health Retreat combines the beauty of the French Alps with fitness and health. A social environment, the retreat offers an open dining facility which serves healthy foods and snacks. After a long day packed with various activities, guests can relax and forget about everything in the resort’s well-equipped spa center.

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Get away from everything – The Digital Detox Holiday, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka resort

If you’re looking to get away from your stressful everyday activities and disconnect from the rest of the world, The Digital Detox Holiday in Sri Lanka is a great choice. Here, technology is banned in public areas and you can feel the difference the second you step a foot in the resort. Moreover, you can also indulge in different kinds of activities, like yoga camps, meditation sessions, group hikes, and mountain biking. The Digital Detox Holiday also helps their guests “detoxicate” their bodies too with their detox programs that include a detox meal plan and indulgent spa treatments.

The ultimate healing retreat – Revivo Emotional Balance, Bali

Bali resort wellness holidays

We’ve all heard that the right mindset can create positive changes to one’s life. We all face emotional hurdles at some point in our lives but fortunately, there are places like REVIVO in Bali where you can rediscover yourself through some of the holistic therapies the resort offers. Revivo Emotional Balance provides guests with Reiki and chakra balancing therapies, daily yoga camps, and meditation sessions. Staying here even for a short period of time will surely help you channel your energy more productively, recover your emotional strength, and achieve inner peace.

The best of Cambodia – Pravassa, Cambodia

Cambodia wellness holidays

You might not think Cambodia is a great choice for wellness holidays but you’d be wrong. Unlike the resorts on this list, Pravassa is a company that helps travelers plan their wellness holiday in Cambodia, combining the best of Cambodia‘s rich culture with wellness elements that help their guests recover from the consequences of leading a stressful life. The itinerary is customizable according to your personal requirements and includes accommodation at luxury retreats around the country and special treatments with local healers.

Unwind yourself – The Barai Spa, Thailand

Thailand resort spa

Located in a charming coastal town, the Barai Spa is one of the best choices in Thailand when it comes to wellness holidays. The spa resort has a very unique offer that combines traditional Thai massages with contemporary, rejuvenating spa therapies. One of the resort’s most rejuvenating treatments is the 2-hours-long caviar facial, perfect for reviving and restoring dull skin. The property has eighteen spacious treatment rooms that have their own outdoor pool, a daybed enclave, and a vanity area.

Daily life is stressful. Taking time to care for your mental and physical health is something that will unlock many benefits. Should you get the chance, wellness holidays are something that everyone should dabble in.

Finally, let me know did you like this list of the best wellness holiday destinations? Which one was your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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38 thoughts on “The 10 best life-changing wellness holidays in 2019”

  1. Thailand and Bali. 2 of my favorite places in the world Daniel. Unlimited inspiration in these spots bro. I love ’em. Magic, pure magic. Amazing for your overall wellness. Especially Bali. Dripping with culture.


  2. So many amazing suggestions. Nature truly does do wonders to both the mind and body and Quintessence Sports and Health Retreat would be my top pick! It looks like a fantastic place with stunning views!

  3. Oh my goodness! All I can say is “yes”! I’ll do everyone of these. I don’t surf, but to surf in that beautiful water, I’ll certainly learn. I love the idea of going to France and being super active in the French alps. Never thought of that before.

  4. Glad I found your post. I have never done a wellness retreat, but have always had interest in doing one. Quintessence Sports and Health Retreat in France sounds appealing. I like the idea of having a lot of fitness activities in nature.

  5. Wellness Retreat – just saying it , makes me already feel more relaxed. I loved the photos too – Surfstar Morocco beckons mysteriously to me. 😀 I have been to both Thailand and Indonesia and the massages are great , so I’m happy to see them on your list.

  6. Thanks for sharing! I have never taken a wellness vacation, but I think this list makes it sound like something I’d like to do one day. The Himalayas and Cambodia look especially interesting.

  7. It is great to see so many detox and wellness retreats all over the world in one page. I have heard about the Barai Spa in Thailand where I live and I have checked their packages seem to be a bit costly but definitely it’s worth to try out. The Ananda in Himalayas also seems to be fantastic what’s up I did not know they had a health retreat in Cambodia as well. Have you been to one of these and tried their packages?

    • Yes I have, Shreya. True, most of the places on this list are a bit costly but worth every penny if you ask me 🙂

  8. Such an amazing list of wellness getaways! We had a memorable time during our visit to a wellness retreat in Kerala – it was relaxing and rejuvenating. Would love to experience other such holidays. Thanks for all the suggestions.

  9. These retreats all sound fantastic. I especially like the idea of the digital detox in Sri Lanka. I think that is something we could all use. I’ve actually been looking into a yoga retreat recently so I appreciate the additional suggestions.

  10. This is such a good list, and a very unique idea for a post! Now that I’m based in Vietnam, so many of these retreats are well within reach. The digital detox in Sri Lanka sounds especially interesting, and Pravassa Cambodia definitely draws my interest as well. It’s definitely important to consider wellness activities like the ones you’ve mentioned while on holiday; vacations where it’s just non-stop on the go every waking hour can definitely leave you even more tired than before!

    • Thank you, Kevin. I’m really glad to hear you liked this post and got some travel inspiration from it. I hope you use the fact that you’re nearby to check out some of these destinations 🙂

  11. I have read a lot about Ananda in the himalayas. Even though it is out of my budget for now, I think it is great that such places are now present in India. The Barai Spa also sounds intriguing.

  12. I love the concept of digital detox in Sri Lanka. I will probably take that one and the Revivo in Bali. I am sure some yoga and meditation in Bali will leave me energised and make me more productive. Haven’t ever taken a wellness holiday. Am excited to try out one and find out if it really helps.

  13. I would go for each of the points of the list, as I love wellness experiences and I think well-being while traveling is very important. I would put yoga and meditation first on my list and get spoiled with massage.

  14. I have never rewarded myself with a wellness holiday and I do not know why! I was reading through your post and wondering why Bali wasn’t featured and then I saw that it is! It is one of the top wellness and yoga destinations in the world. Having said that, I would love to visit Ananda in The Himalayas one day, it is my top pick from the places you’ve mentioned. Shouldn’t be a difficult task, given that I am from India. Also, the French Alps would be a great place to unwind and relax!

  15. Morocco has been high up on my list for awhile now for its beautiful riads and the Sahara Desert. Didn’t know you could surf there too! All of these sound super tempting but I think Quintessence Sports and Health Retreat is definitely my top choice to visit first. That mountain scenery is just breathtaking and I love that they have a well-equipped spa. Perfect after a full day of adventure like you said!

    • Thank you, Jas. I’m glad you liked it and I hope you get the chance to visit Morocco and the Quintessence Sports and Health Retreat soon

  16. Well well 🙂 Those look like places, where I would like to relax after having some sort of a challenging trip?
    But what wellness is? I have seen that people associate it with yoga and stuff… I do completely different things to feel well.

    • Relaxing in a place like these sounds like a good plan 🙂 As for what wellness is, I don’t think there’s an exact response- different people, different preferences, hence, different definitions of wellness.

  17. I love wellness holiday and it is great that you have shared a wonderful list. Quintessence Sports and Health Retreat in France is truly a nature healer place.


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