10 Best Places to Find Free Fonts

Typography plays a big role in all types of designs and believe it or not, a simple change in fonts can make a huge difference. You should always experiment, be brave and try something new, whether you’re creating promo materials for a destination, a new e-book or even creating travel pins for Pinterest. That’s why we created this resource; to help you find free fonts and make the entire design process a lot easier. Let’s start

Google Fonts

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Google Fonts. Google’s library features more than 800 families of fonts and is widely used by a lot of web designers because of its reliable font hosting. In addition to this, most fonts are downloadable and all of them are open-source, meaning you can use them in any way you like.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is another very reliable resource that can help you download a lot of free fonts. Most of the fonts here come with a commercial license and Font Squirrel makes it very easy to check a license before downloading a font. On their site, you can also find a lot of useful tools like ‘Font Identifier’, ‘Font Generator’, etc.


If you’re looking for free fonts, FontSpace is one resource you should know about. This platform has almost one million members and features 32,000 free fonts. If you become a registered member, you can get access to a collection of fonts that you can use at all times and even contact the designers and make a donation if you like their work.

Urban Fonts

Urban Fonts is a platform where you can find hundreds of free and commercial fonts. One of the best things about UrbanFonts is that you can write in a textbox and see your text changing as you tweak around the font style, size, and color. This way, you can get the look-and-feel before you actually download anything.

Font Bundles

Font Bundles is a great alternative to Urban Fonts. According to their website, they have ‘gone to the ends of the earth to find the best fonts and designs from some of the most creative and talented font designers’. Font Bundles might not have as many free fonts as some of the other sites on this list, but you can save up to 90% on most of their commercial fonts!

Craft Bundles

Craft Bundles have a wide collection of free SVG Cut and DXF that anyone can download instantly. This resource is a must for all aspiring designers because all of their graphics come with a full commercial license. Whether you’re a complete newbie or an experienced crafter, you can surely find a use of some of their bundles.

Design Bundles

Design Bundles is a great alternative to Craft Bundles. This platform was built to cater to independent crafters and design companies who want to purchase top-quality resources at the best price possible. Some of the bundles that can be found here can be bought for up to 95% off but most are only available for a limited period of time and if you miss a deal, it’ll probably be gone forever.


One more popular platform for downloading free fonts is DaFont. Most of the fonts you’ll find here are strictly for personal use but you’ll also find some fonts that come with commercial licenses too. Our favorite thing about DaFont is their flawless category system that allows users to browse font collections based on different themes (ex. Gothic, video game, valentine, Halloween, etc.). This allows users to quickly find appropriate fonts for different types of projects.


If you can’t find anything on most free platforms for downloading fonts, why not create your own? FontStruct (as its name suggests) it’s a font-building tool that allows users to create their own fonts with geometrical shapes. FontStruct can generate fonts that can be used for literally anything you can think of. The site itself contains a gallery of 45,000 fonts and most of them are created by users and all of them are free to download. You can even clone other people’s fonts and modify them.

1001 Fonts

Despite its name, 1001 Fonts includes around 10,000 fonts and their own collection of high-quality fonts. Most of these are available for commercial use and 1001 Fonts is the perfect place to find professional-looking fonts. You can also browse their library according to font size, style, and even weight and quickly find fonts for different types of projects.

Did you like this list of best places to find free fonts? Do you have any other resources we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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