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6 Best Apps to Save Money on Your Trip

6 Best Apps to Save Money on Your Trip

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Traveling doesn’t have to be overly expensive. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to visit a new site or have fun with your co-travelers. There are a lot of apps that can help you organize an unforgettable journey and minimize your expenses without any traveling agencies. Today, you will learn about 6 apps we think are worthy of your attention.

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This is a free app for iOS and Android users, which will help you pave the cheapest way from point A to B whether you are traveling locally or internationally. Rome2rio has a database of public transportation routes, car share and rental options, airfares, etc. Thus, you will have several travel options to choose from, the booking information, and the duration of your trip. Just enter your starting point and the destination.

Passport Photo & ID Maker

Dreaming of visiting some destination abroad but your trip requires you to make a new visa or some other travel ID? One of the ways to cut the expenses for the application process a bit is to prepare your ID photos yourself with Passport Photo & ID Maker for iOS. Here is how it works: upload your formal photo and choose the needed ID type. The app will auto-crop your image, and you will be able to print it shortly after. Check out some more cool passport photo apps for Android and iOS if you want to know your options. 

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Music streaming apps

Many travelers, especially people who travel alone say that having something interesting to listen to while traveling can greatly enhance the travel experience. A lot of people I know buy Spotify streams before going on a trip. You’ll never know if you belong to this group if you don’t try.


This is a must-have app for car travel enthusiasts. First-time users will get $0.1 discounts for every gallon they purchase from GasBuddy partner stations and a $0.5 rate discount for every following fuel-up. The built-in Trip Cost Calculator will help you figure out the approximate amount of money you will spend on gas while traveling to your destination. 


Getaround is a free Airbnb app for cars. It will help you earn some money if you own a car, which you are not planning to use for a while. The app claims that you can get $1000 per year or even more, depending on the type of car you have and the frequency of rentals. If you want to rent a car using this app, you can do so at a price starting at $4 per hour, which is one of the cheapest options on the market. 

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Want the best traveling deal possible? Kayak will help you find it. This app compares airfares, car rentals, hotels and offers the best available prices. You can also set the preferred costs yourself, and the app will find the best option for you personally. What’s more, Kayak will notify you via email or text messages if the prices decrease. This way you can get the best bargain. The app often has package travel deals which you can get at a 32% discount.


Have you ever gotten into inconvenient situations because your flight was delayed or your hotel booking was canceled? Service is an app that will stand your ground the next time you face such a situation. Sync your email, and Service will contact the organizations on your behalf to file compensation claims. This will not only save you money but also a lot of time. The app is free, but if it gets you compensation, it takes 30% of it. If you get the $49 annual subscription, the app won’t charge anything extra. 

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With the apps listed above, the preparation for your journey will become a lot less stressful. Besides, you will be your travel agent, which will make your trip even more exciting and adventurous. We hope that you find these apps helpful and wish you unforgettable traveling experiences. 

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