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Tips for Planning a Getaway on a Budget in Mexico

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Traveling can be an expensive endeavor, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. These 10 tips will help you plan a getaway on a budget and still enjoy yourself. Whether your dream vacation is just for you or with family and friends, it’s possible to make your trip affordable when you follow this advice.

Plan Your Getaway Around Off-Peak Times

Incorporating these tips will help you plan a budget-friendly getaway and still enjoy the things that make your dream vacation special. If you’re planning a trip to an all-inclusive resort, check for great discounts on off-season or midweek stays. All-inclusive resorts might seem like they would be outside your budget, but many offer amazing off-season perks that can save money on typical expenditures such as food and drinks while driving down prices. Additionally, all-inclusive resorts can provide deeply discounted excursions and typically offer entertainment and recreational activities as part of their experience.

Buy everything you need for your trip

A crucial part of planning a trip on a budget is buying everything you need for your trip home and packing well while making sure you will not have to make any additional expenses for something you already have or can buy in your hometown a lot cheaper. It’s probably a good idea to take advantage of deals like Rei coupons before organizing your trip.

Learn How To Cook

I know this one might seem a bit odd but you can save a lot of money if you learn how to cook local recipes with local ingredients instead of dining outside all the time. Just ask yourself why don’t you dine out all the time when you’re back home. It’s because it’s too expensive, isn’t it? So, if you want to learn how to cook traditional Mexican rice (if you would like to try this recipe, you can get it here: and some other fabulous classics, you may want to check out this post to expand your culinary knowledge and skills.

Rent A scooter

Taking an electric scooter along for your road trip is going to make your trip extra exciting! Outdoor scooters are the best because you can take them off the levelled path and enjoy riding them on uneven trails along the way. 

However, not all scooters are suitable for outdoor travel. Check out a list of the best scooters to take off-road and take one of these along for the ride!

Get A Nice Travel Pillow

If you’re traveling a lot and spending a lot of time in plains, buses, etc. it’s crucial to have a good travel pillow. There are all kinds of struggles you can bump into while traveling. You might have some issues with misunderstandings due to language barriers or you could even get lost. But perhaps, the most common issue travelers have is getting exhausted due to long trips.

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or car, it’s understandable not to get enough rest because it might not be possible to be comfortable all the time. For instance, while you’re on a plane, you might feel constricted and uncomfortable. This is why getting the right travel pillow might help you feel more sleep while you’re driving or commuting. 

How about charter flights?

We all know that the most convenient and time-efficient way to travel is by private jet. But, with this convenience comes a hefty price tag. Charter flights might cost more but they also give you a lot of flexibility, require less planning, less wasting time on waiting, they’re safer, and have no transport limits.

Using Money Saving apps like Uproad

This mobile app started in California and has already expanded to 18 states so far, covering 175 toll roads. With hundreds of tolling agencies operating in different states, Uproad is a convenient one-stop solution to make your tolling experience quicker and sometimes more cost-efficient.

Once you drive through a toll point on a toll road, the app sends you a notification called a Toll Alert. The alert lets you know that you passed a toll point and how much you can expect to pay. 

Simultaneously, toll agency cameras take a picture of your license plate number and generate a toll bill. The toll authority confirms the necessary toll amount for your car, and that amount is paid from your account balance or from your credit card.

On the Pro plan, when your balance gets low, your account will auto-refill using one of the payment options that you link it to – Venmo, PayPal, debit or credit card. Alternatively, you can pay as you go with the Basic plan with a credit card.

After the app is installed on your smartphone, you can add your vehicle and be on the road and paying tolls the next morning. The Uproad app will help you save not only time and effort but sometimes also money through their lower, negotiated toll rates than some cash rates. Toll payments are delivered to the toll agency on time, helping you to avoid their high fines. 

If needed, the app lets you manage your business and private expenses separately and keep track of your toll expenses over time. With the help of the in-built Trip Calculator, you can see estimated toll costs before you hit the road. The app allows you to manage up to ten vehicles in your account. You can track all account information from the app, and even download activity reports.

Book Smartly

If you’re looking to travel on a budget, especially when visiting more expensive countries like France for example, there’s not much that can be done to save money. However, you can also find many low-cost accommodation options like farm stays or free stays for volunteers (if you’re that type of traveler). But this isn’t the only way to find cheap accommodation anywhere. You can find some of the best accommodation deals in your destination by using websites like Ebooking.

Fly During the Shoulder Season or Off-Season

Flying at the right time can be an excellent way to save on airfare. For instance, Tuesday and Wednesday typically have lower fares than Friday or Sunday because there are fewer people looking for flights then. Flying overnight is also a good option since this departure time isn’t as popular as a mid-morning departure, making it less expensive.

Sign Up for Newsletters From Your Favorite Destinations, Airlines, and Hotel Partners

Newsletters from airlines, tour operators, and your favorite accommodation partners are your best friend when it comes to saving money on travel. Airlines always alert their loyal fans first whenever an incredible sale or deal pops up. Resorts often offer discounts, specials, and last-minute opportunities to book a vacant room. These low prices usually last only hours before they’re gone, so you’ll have to act quickly if you want them! Don’t forget to subscribe to your favorite travel blogs as well — these sites regularly share their best hacks and share terrific discount codes.

Consider Staying in a Place With Fewer Amenities

Often, choosing a hotel across from the beach rather than on the beach will save you hundreds of dollars. Look for discounts on room choices too — ocean-view rooms are usually considerably more expensive than garden-view rooms. In addition, accommodations with more modest amenities will add to your bottom line and free up dollars for you to spend on extras like a local excursion or a night out at a popular local restaurant.

Take Advantage of Free Activities Like Hiking or Biking Trails

Planning a vacation can be so much fun, but it’s also essential to research your destination and make sure you plan excursions that won’t break the bank. Hiking trails, local beaches, and off-the-beaten-path destinations are always worth visiting because they don’t cost anything. Take the time to plan; you’ll have more savings to spend while you’re away from home!

Make Use of Public Transportation for Lower Rates Than Taxis or Uber/Lyft

When you go to a new place, get lost in it. Ignore Google Maps and the GPS on your phone; explore by foot or bike like everyone else does. You’ll see things that tourists never do — local cafes, shops, corners of town where locals live their lives but that are hidden from sight for those who only follow set paths when they should be getting off at each stop instead!

Public transportation is an easy way to save money on travel costs when going from one place to another without having your budget consumed with parking fees or gas prices. Take advantage of these low rates today!

Consider a Dry Vacation

All-inclusive resorts are becoming increasingly popular, but it’s important to ask if alcohol is included in the package that you’re considering. Some may not include any alcoholic beverages with your purchase, while others will have both domestic and premium brews available free of charge. Paying for drinks can easily tack hundreds of dollars onto a single person’s trip, so be sure to know what you want before purchasing! If you are a non-drinker or only prefer a glass of wine at dinner, you can save by choosing a different package.

Pack Light

A light suitcase is easier to travel with and saves you baggage fees. Pack early so that you’re not in panic mode, put some thought into matching tops and bottoms (rolled instead of folded), wear your heaviest layers on the plane, pack as few shoes as possible because they add weight. When in doubt, it’s always better to leave something at home.

Share the Love

Romantic getaway? Newly engaged (or plan to be)? Honeymoon at an all-inclusive in Curaco? First vacation without the kids? Tell everyone about it! Mentioning that you’re newly married or engaged to flight attendants, waiters, and hotel managers can yield upgrades such as complimentary drinks (including wine), extra surprises for couples like private balconies overlooking beaches, and romantic dining experiences at exclusive restaurants reserved just for those celebrating their love life.

Go as a Group

Traveling with others is a great way to save money and make memories! Splitting costs with friends, family members, or another couple can be a great way to save on hotel rooms, transportation, and meals. You could split the cost by renting a multi-room suite, ordering tapas to share when you eat out at restaurants, sharing the expense of hiring a private chef for the evening.

Vacation getaways don’t have to be a burden on your budget. Follow these tips, and you can still enjoy an affordable trip that feels like luxury without breaking the bank!

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