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10 Easy Ways to Earn Money While Travelling

10 Easy Ways to Earn Money While Travelling

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While travelling is certainly an enticing activity, it is sadly quite pricey. Sure, there are many ways to save your money while you travel, but have you considered earning money during your trips? Sounds unrealistic? Well, let us reassure you – it is definitely a doable thing. And to prove our point – as well as help out a fellow traveller – we are going to list here a few surefire ways you can earn money while travelling long-term. Let’s get rolling!

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1.  Rent Your House

Since you are going to be away for quite some time, don’t let your house or apartment idle away. Use this asset to bring in some money. Add your habitat to Airbnb listings and you’ll have a guest right away. Worry about the mess your guests might leave behind? There is nothing a cleaning service can’t handle. 

2. Get Freelance Gigs

If your line of work doesn’t tie you to an office or other specific place, you can continue working remotely. Just imagine this – lying on a Bali beach with your laptop, seeping cocktails and actually bringing in a few bucks. The easiest way to get a freelance gig is through the likes of Fiverr and Upwork

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3. Work on a Cruise Ship

This is an excellent way to make money while discovering the world. And it wouldn’t hurt getting some pretty solid work experience, right? Cruise ships are usually big and host a large staff, so there’s a job for everyone. 

4. Become an Au Pair

Is there any chance to mix your love for travelling with your love for hanging out with kids? It’s being an au pair! You’ll have a steady income, will be surrounded with kids at all times, except for your days off that you can spend exploring the country. Wondering if you are eligible for the job? Then check out to find all the answers.


5. Try Travel Blogging

If you have a thing for writing and know how to tell about your adventures in a thrilling way, then a travel blog and your talent is a match made in heaven. You may start with writing articles for travel sites until you build yourself a reputation. Then, once an established author, you can go solo.

6. Teach English

If you are a native speaker – or just fluent in the language – make a little difference in this world by teaching kids a little English. The money might not be that big, but the hours are flexible, leaving you enough time to explore the country. What’s more – the demand for teachers is high so you should be all set no matter where you go. 

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7. Sell Your Travel Photos

If you travel with your camera and consider yourself to be an accomplished photographer, make some money off of this. Sell your shots to Shutterstock or other sites or try your hand at shooting portraits of local people. Just make sure that in both these cases your images look professional. In case there are some flaws, you can easily fix them in post processing. If you prefer to steer clear of Photoshop for budgetary reasons, then consider going with PhotoWorks. This is a smart photo editor with pro tools and easy workflow that is both affordable and undemanding in terms of hardware.  

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8. Take On Volunteering

While this isn’t earning money per se, it is still a wonderful way to travel without overstraining your wallet. And what’s more important – volunteer work is a way to make this world a tad bit better.

9. Get Odd Jobs on Spot

Consider yourself a jack-of-all-trades? Then consider taking a short-term job at the place you stay at. Just a few hours of work per day, and you not only get a quick buck, but maybe a meal and a room, too.

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10. Deliver Packages

Because why not! There are tons of people who do not trust postal services, but still want to see their packages delivered. If you have at least a vague idea of your route, offer your delivery boy/girl services. It won’t pay that much, but you’ll heal a fellow human out and still get to travel. 

So now you see? Travelling doesn’t have to suck your wallet dry. Instead, it can fill it. So try some of our tips – or all of them – to earn some money while on the road.   

11. Doing Accounts

Being your own boss often means you’ll have to manage your own accounts. Fear not however, as there are plenty of free tools on the web, for example, free invoice templates to get you started. Accounting can be notoriously difficult for small business owners to manage, it’s also time-consuming and those who are inexperienced are at risk of making invoicing mistakes or handling the payment process poorly. By embracing helpful software and invoicing tools such as invoice templates, small business owners can establish better habits and processes, creating high quality and accurate invoices whenever they need them. Once you start to scale your revenue you may want to also consider investing in accounting software, which will let you manage all your accounting and financial information online and in one place.

12. Social Media Manager

I know you must think that this is easier said than done but with all modern tools like SubscriberZ this isn’t hard at all. subscriberZ is the main engagement market for agencies and influencers that prefer to use social proof as a way for Instagrammers to attain the find out web page quicker whilst additionally attracting manufacturer deals. The platform lets clients purchase a hundred percent real, engaged Instagram followers as nicely as likes and notable views.

13. Graphic Designer

A large percentage of digitatl nomads and freelancers today are graphic designers. In the digital era, the demand for people who can create appealing marketing materials for their clients’ digital marketing needs is incredible. That’s why so many graphic designers have the liberty of working from wherever they want. If you have some knowledge in this area, you can try venturing in this field. And if you’re worried about finding all the right tools to do this and even some ready-to-use designs that you can use and reuse, you can explore websites like Design Bundle.

14. Trading

The financial markets represent a truly global entity, and one that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

Markets such as the foreign exchange are also highly relevant to travellers, as this allows for the buying, selling and exchange of international currencies through online brokerages like Oanda.

There are numerous trading platforms on Oanda, each of which offers you direct access to forex while providing a raft of technical indicators and real-time analytical tools. You can start by researching about the best trading app for beginners to consider opening, and start trading from your phone to make money anywhere, anytime.

15. Language trading

Since English is spoken in many parts of the world, English teachers are in demand. Of course, there are many other languages that you could teach. As a language professional, you often do not need to stay in one place and can find jobs that will put you on an international payroll in the country or city of your choice. You could either work with a chain of language schools or you could apply directly to a local school. There is also always the option of working online and taking the opportunity to travel with your laptop.

16. Interim manager

This is one job that is not often considered when it comes to professions that allow you to travel. As an interim manager, you could assist companies that are going through a transitional period. Your job could also be to lend your expertise to a larger project in an organization. Many interim recruiters work with international firms. Depending on the location and opportunity, this may allow you to live in many different countries and cities for several months. 

17. Make use of your spare time

Without additional hours spent commuting or being dragged along to after-work social events, remote workers are finding they have more and more spare time. Putting this spare time to use while travelling means you can see and do more. This could mean working on the train on the way to sights or taking your breakfast meeting in a café somewhere scenic.

18. Claim your work expenses

Your work might sponsor you for any work-related travel. There may be different ways for them to reimburse these expenses. Most businesses have to submit a business activity statement (BAS) and list all the ways they’ve spent money in a given year. Thus, they’ll likely reimburse you before BAS due dates.

You can also claim certain work-related travel expenses to gain more of a tax fund as an individual. We’re going to respond to a few questions you may have regarding your travel expenditure.

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